february 1.2009

br svami (vri: where there is love, there will be devotion and where there is devotion there is service

br svami (vri: so when we are speaking about bhakti yoga we are speaking about service
br svami (vri: and service is not at all imaginary
br svami (vri: it is something practical
br svami (vri: we can perform it with our hands
br svami (vri: we can perform it with our tounge
br svami (vri: with our eyes
br svami (vri: but also with our mind and intelligence
<<< sati ddasi is now known as sati ddasi - Lima >>>
br svami (vri: means we are using the mind and intelligence together with all the other sense in the service
br svami (vri: the ilusory power of the lord is very tricky
br svami (vri: we may think that we are serving krsna with our mind and intelligence and that service with the other sense is included
br svami (vri: this maybe true on a very elevated level of devotional service
br svami (vri: but for us, we should not thing like this
br svami (vri: we should always be aware that we have to properly engage all the senses
br svami (vri: intelligence will help us to understand this
br svami (vri: and intelligence will help also to control the mind
br svami (vri: and to control the senses
br svami (vri: and then the senses will act propperly
br svami (vri: so in distance from the devotees we can perform some excercises with the intelligence
br svami (vri: we can read the philosophy
br svami (vri: we can try to understand the world around us
br svami (vri: we will come to the conclusion, that if we are not serving with the senses, then the senses will serve themselves
br svami (vri: this is called sense enjoyment
br svami (vri: means we will be working only to fill our belly, to buy nice clothes, to go on holiday or whatever
br svami (vri: to have a nice car
br svami (vri: we will be very busy organizing our life to survive and enjoy
br svami (vri: propper intelligence means to understang the difference between exploitation, renucniation and dedication
br svami (vri: service is on the level of dedication
br svami (vri: sense ejoyment is on the level of explitation
br svami (vri: and renunciation is a symptom of frustration
br svami (vri: after enjoying so much and after feeling tired and exausted from material enjoyment, some desire for renounication will come
br svami (vri: we can find all this in the world
br svami (vri: exploitation is very much prominent
br svami (vri: and then follows renounication
br svami (vri: but dedication is very rare
br svami (vri: selflessness is rare
br svami (vri: so we can think and try to understand this principles
br svami (vri: this is the propper use of intelligce
br svami (vri: but it does not stop there
br svami (vri: selflessness it not the full objective
br svami (vri: we can act selfless and give our time and energy to just anyone
br svami (vri: we can dedicate ourselves to a cat or a dog
br svami (vri: we can dedicate our self to the poor and the needy
br svami (vri: we can dedicate to the environement
br svami (vri: humand rights
br svami (vri: or to many other ideal or objectives
br svami (vri: all this is possible and we can find many nice and good hearted people dedicating themselves for a good purpose
br svami (vri: but if we analyse further with our intelligence, we will understand that we are still acting on a material platform
br svami (vri: we can do god deeds a a godless consciousness
br svami (vri: so this is not the purpose which we have heard about from our teachers
br svami (vri: they have taught us, that we have to dedicate ourselves to the supreme lord
br svami (vri: and that we have to dedicat ourselves to others, but in god consciousness
br svami (vri: knowing krishna to be the source of all what exists and propperly learning the science of krishna consciousness, as it is explained in the bhagavad gita
br svami (vri: we will come to the right conclusions
br svami (vri: we will understand that service to krishna means service to the guru and it means service to the vaisnavas
br svami (vri: and we will understand that service to all the beings on this planet earth and the mother earth will be included in this service
br svami (vri: as it is said, by pouring water to the root, the whole plant is being wateres
br svami (vri: watered
br svami (vri: so the same way, by serving krishna thourgh the medium of guru and vaisnava, we are serving everyone
br svami (vri: and serving guru and vaisnava means something very practical
br svami (vri: it means participating in the mission of the spiritual master and means doing the needful
br svami (vri: this is the all in all
br svami (vri: of course, but this service, some internal things will happen
br svami (vri: anarthas will come to stop our service
br svami (vri: or they will try to stop it
br svami (vri: if we are sincere, they will not succeed
br svami (vri: gurudeva and the vaisnavas will protect us
br svami (vri: so many things will happen in the service and all is meant to help us progress to help us to be purifed
br svami (vri: i have just heard, that gurudeva is sending his message for today
br svami (vri: so lets here his instruction
br svami (vri: they are meant for our purification and encouragment
Traduccion: dear devotees
Traduccion: sunday festival in varsana
Traduccion: the mayor of bucaramanga the day before yesterday came and he promised me a property to the outskirts of Bucaramanga
Traduccion: he wants the bioferia for the city of bucaramanga
Traduccion: program that is already working in Bogota
Traduccion: we send to all devotees in the vrinda world a nice greeting from Varsana
Traduccion: there is a nice saying srila prabhupada said
Traduccion: if you do not have problems is because you are not doing anything
Traduccion: if something is done
Traduccion: troubles you will have
Traduccion: the best example in this is having kids
Traduccion: if you do not have kids as grihasta is borring
Traduccion: what is the use of a family if there are no children
Traduccion: if you cant have children you come to the guru and take care of their children ,,,he has to many
Traduccion: if you have children you know they are going to get sick ,to fight, and maybe they do not even appreciate what you have done for them
Traduccion: maybe they may blame you " you are guilty for bring me here"
Traduccion: so kids can bring lot of problems
Traduccion: i can conclude " what is the use of a life without problems "
Traduccion: and we in our vrinda family
Traduccion: we have to learn the most difficult in kali yuga :solidarity
Traduccion: and solidartiy with sistems
Traduccion: you know ,our latinamerican town is historically divided
Traduccion: divided in social clases,etnics and divided even in the family by selfishness
Traduccion: and authorithy ,,,,,no one wants to accept authority
Traduccion: autorithy only is accepted when they do not have anything else,,like the militar system
Traduccion: and even they accept that authority they always mantained rebels searching how to kick them in the head even to the buss
Traduccion: that is the product of people of colonization that European brought to this continent
Traduccion: our conditions are not easy for making something toguether
Traduccion: if you compare this with asians for example
Traduccion: koreans chinese
Traduccion: they are meticulous humble and submissive
Traduccion: they simply colaborate with authority
Traduccion: in japan is very commun that a person always mantained in only a job for the resto of his life
Traduccion: it could be said they married with the company
Traduccion: for example
Traduccion: the koreans the took the business of supermarkets in new york
Traduccion: for a lapse of 2 years
Traduccion: in an apartment they live minimum 20
Traduccion: they work in a marathon 14 hours per dat
Traduccion: per day
Traduccion: an invest all the money in super markets
Traduccion: this same model or others for applying in southamerica is very difficult
Traduccion: i do not say impossible because it is said that word is in fools dictionary
Traduccion: all what srila prabhupada left us will feed all
Traduccion: we must be very shared in common
Traduccion: we are not throwing away the towel
Traduccion: working with the seva in our heart
Traduccion: with our vaisnava producers in total consideration
Traduccion: trying to put the best articles to the best price always trying to give them the best use
Traduccion: and for this the support and intelligence of you
Traduccion: for this I put a team of advisory to the seva ,to the system of distribution
Traduccion: we are traying to take out something so good and so well organize that the piracy or the pirates,,,will have trouble of copying our products
Traduccion: they are not making it anymore and if they can do it ,i hope they will do it with the purpose of give pleasure to our lords guru gauranga radha vrajesvara
Traduccion: is a very ancient purpose 500 years ago
Traduccion: talking about colonization ...
Traduccion: the effects of colonization for the empire
Traduccion: have left with discouragement with the proposals of capitalism
Traduccion: and if is not like this because the people that vote in latinamerican have the tendency of chossing the left politic
Traduccion: the chinese socialism,fabrication of cheap products for occidental capitalism
Traduccion: they are not copying
Traduccion: at last do not want to copy
Traduccion: because the chinese organization by havind the lower prices bring us the conditions for living
Traduccion: as a colombian or chile will want it
Traduccion: as socialism brings cuba an example infront of american capitalism
Traduccion: is the pet proyect for the rest of communist where the repression is so intense through the neighbors commitees where there is a secret policeman in every block
Traduccion: that bury to any member inside the block with receives visits of stranges
Traduccion: better said
Traduccion: you are being watched ,experimenting the system of watch in your house, you can live in cuba
Traduccion: and this model is not the dream of a southamerican
Traduccion: so we have between a socialpolitical economy situation that is between frustration envy ambition and greed
Traduccion: and violence when they want to
Traduccion: and the overview in guatemala is worst
Traduccion: toguther exploted by the rest of the world
Traduccion: when it is said something about crisis we are speaking about the people that losses
Traduccion: the people that are winning are not talking about crisis
Traduccion: and capitalism is a type of crisis and communism is a type of crisis
Traduccion: better said
Traduccion: they are always the ones that losses and the ones that wins
Traduccion: the answer to this phenomenom is krishna conscious
Traduccion: es the evolution of consciusness
Traduccion: really the politic system is not the one that brings the answert
Traduccion: the solution
Traduccion: the unique solution is in the expantion of the consciusness
Traduccion: or called it take responsability and support for this purpose
Traduccion: we distribute many maha prasadam and of course books,lectures of the spiritual master
Traduccion: the beautiful paintings of india,that brings the images of india to the people houses
Traduccion: and products that generates consciousness
Traduccion: better said
Traduccion: the vaisnavas allies to the spoon revolution ,they make the proposal " we are becoming conscious consuming products of consciusness"
Traduccion: is an ambicious task
Traduccion: but is beautifull and neccessary
Traduccion: better said i do not see other way
Traduccion: and i give thanks to your participation
Traduccion: we want to be happy but this hapiness do not exist if we are not trying to make happy others
Traduccion: srila prabhupada seeded in our hearts the spirit of solidarity
Traduccion: but this solidarity was 100 percent for the happines of all the town
Traduccion: the sankirtanero is not a businessman
Traduccion: he will go to other country where he can earn more money or could sell products more inauspicioys that exist for this but he do not do this
Traduccion: but the sankirtanero is saturated by the compassion of srila prabhupada
Traduccion: they go up into buses and knock doors
Traduccion: visit companies
Traduccion: travel town to town
Traduccion: as harijan maharaj
Traduccion: carrying books to the markets
Traduccion: as radha govinda where he told us his first experience as a sankirtan traveler with harijan maharaj
Traduccion: to cucuta
Traduccion: they went to make kirtan at the market place and suddenly start rainning ,potatoes,tomatoes
Traduccion: people was throwing them
Traduccion: with out beating the devotees by miracle but beating other people
Traduccion: and they also hit them with vegetables
Traduccion: and start a vegetables war jajjaj
Traduccion: and radha govinda wanted to go only he had 8 days with devotees
Traduccion: but harijan maharaj said; cant and dance without fear
Traduccion: and suddenly stop singing harijan maharaj, and start talking
Traduccion: and all books they have finished in a moment
Traduccion: this is the mercy srila prabhupada seeded in harijan maharaj
Traduccion: always acomplishing the task
Traduccion: he gave us many reasons to be solidarity between us
Traduccion: he gave many reasons ,because this story in cucuta is not the only story
Traduccion: this is the daily living of sankirtan
Traduccion: under all class of conditions always giving krishna as it is
Traduccion: then, the commitment of the devotee is with all
Traduccion: and the only thing that they want is to give the spiritual love and to give very important service
Traduccion: because when you give service you allow a person to enter the confidential group of the servants of krishna and prabhupada
Traduccion: when I invite a devotee to a service, is to experiences the greater thing in this world that is to serve
Traduccion: any other way is illusion
Traduccion: those that wastes their life rambling in the illusion do not have idea what it is compassion
Traduccion: so the task of to be perenne work and work
Traduccion: to have a pension they put it to one like a carrot to the front of the donkey nose, saying see pensionate, you will have good health with the system and the thief went away running
Traduccion: for their house the majority of thieves, presidents ministers who have the frying pan by the handle
Traduccion: and the steal
Traduccion: multimillionaire sums, and soon request political asylum in others countries t
Traduccion: to Pablo escobar wife never denied the visa to the United States because they knew that the money was with her
Traduccion: this is pure hipocrecy
Traduccion: but by the grace of Srila Prabhupada and the devotional service you have the option to live with the truth or against the truth
Traduccion: there is no other
Traduccion: or rather if there is , is to serve lovingly and spontaneous to the truth
Traduccion: this is what the sankirtaner do
Traduccion: well my friends of the heart
Traduccion: the solidarity starts with the temples where every devotee carry the message of what other devotees are doing
Traduccion: by sankirtan
Traduccion: by ex. in the temples always one due is to speak of the farms and what is offered
Traduccion: we have to invite people to the farms ,to walks ,to buy products
Traduccion: take prasadam
Traduccion: oh krishna oh krishna this is posible
Traduccion: to send bulletins ,emails,we have to contact them by seva
Traduccion: we are starting a nice day of work in varsana
Traduccion: i hope this will be contagious and always have nive festivals of love
Traduccion: thank you very much
Traduccion: bap - varsana: sri sri guru gouranga radha vrajesvara ki jay
Gour Nitai da: jay!
Gour Nitai da: Guru Maharaj ki Jay!
Gour Nitai da: Now that Guru Maharaj has finished his nice lecture, I would like to offer my dandavat pranams to all the devotees who are present here t.oday
Gour Nitai da: And to make a brief announcement regarding Gurudev's efforts to expand preaching in English.
Gour Nitai da: During his chat, GM mentioned that he had created a system of networks for distributing seva, or service, to all the devotees.
Gour Nitai da: As a manifestation of his desire, he asked us to create a Vrinda Project Network in English, a system where all the devotees across the world who speak English, or English and other languages
Gour Nitai da: can come together and work on projects to help propogate the Vrinda mission through the English language
Gour Nitai da: I have already corresponded with many of you, and have sent you a list of projects that need to be worked on...
Gour Nitai da: some of you replied to me, some of you did not.
Gour Nitai da: I know that I was not able to get back to everyone, but I will very soon.
Gour Nitai da: Anyway, it is already a fact that many temples are working on materials in English
Gour Nitai da: Without the intention of having those materials disseminated throughout the world
Gour Nitai da: but only for use in a specific geographic location
Gour Nitai da: Because so many of the English speaking temples are divided by great distances
Gour Nitai da: like in the USA, Europe, Australia, and India
Gour Nitai da: we must take advantage of this service network to share are efforts with each other
Gour Nitai da: Although our places of service may be divided by great distances, the keys to preaching are the same, namely the English language and the loving message of GM and Krishna being disseminated through that language.
Gour Nitai da: Therefore, any one piece of preaching that is created by you in the English language is valuable in every single continent in the world.
Gour Nitai da: Because English is the most widely spoken language.
Gour Nitai da: It would be a waste to not share that material with others, in fact simply by sharing it, it's impact would be increased 100 fold.
Gour Nitai da: This is why GM has asked us to create and participate in a network service for English language projects.
Gour Nitai da: I have already sent many of you a list of a few critical projects that need to be worked on, such as editing, and translating preaching materials.
Gour Nitai da: Also things like creating blogs and the like
Gour Nitai da: If you have a project that you are working on and need help with it, I would be glad to list the project on the database as well, so that others who are interested can lend a hand.
Gour Nitai da: Many of you have asked me how you can help, but in fact I am not really sure how you can help because only you really know what your strongest skills are and where your true artistic interests lie.
Gour Nitai da: All I know is what projects need attention, and I have listed them so that you can go through and pick and choose to your heart's desire.
Gour Nitai da: But do some service, no matter how little.
Gour Nitai da: Even if you translate or edit one sentence in Europe, or create one drawing, that piece of literature or art may the one that links a jiva atma residing in India to the universal paramatma.
Gour Nitai da: You never know...
Gour Nitai da: So I will be sending out another e-mail this week about this service network.
Gour Nitai da: I am also working on a website so that everyone can see the status of the English projects.
Gour Nitai da: Some of the fruits of your service are already maturing, such as the desire tree and bhakti pedia: www.desiretree.blogspot.com www.bhaktipedia.org/english
Gour Nitai da: the devotees who are working on projects such as this need our help
Gour Nitai da: On a different note, last week was the first Brahminical Parliament here in the U.S.
Gour Nitai da: where many devotees from all over the country got together and decided to work on nation-wide projects.
Gour Nitai da: It was a very succesful first meeting, and our dear Radhe Syam dd established a website www.vrindausa.com
Gour Nitai da: so that we can all participate and benefit from the USA sadhu sanga
Gour Nitai da: If there are other countries who also have many devotees spread about, the Brahminical Parliament meetings are a great tool to bring everyone together in service.
Gour Nitai da: You can read the transcript of our last meeting at vrindausa.com to get a general idea of what the meetings are about.
Gour Nitai da: So, thank you all for you time this morning, and have nice Krishna conscious days!

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