february 22.2009

my dear devotees

i send you this message directly from vrindakunja again krishna was so mercyfull with me that allow me to reach here again and for the first time i am seeing the caitanya caritamritas in his original version although is pure nectar is for advanze people my opinion is we should do a very sistematical distribution of this book the quality of the book is exellent thin paper like the bible and a good presentation i suggest you protect always the book with his aditional title page in this way this book will last all life the most important of this book is the love gurudeva atulananda put in its production and this loving spirit said me this book is going to reach deeply to the heart of our brothers of spanish language imagine dear devotees the devotees of lord caitanya have heard 30 years ago in south america about this great personality of sri caitanya but never has the acces to this beautiful biography the study of caitanya caritambrita must be very specific is like the study of a master about the life of lord caitanya so lord caitanya give his mercy to the latin town what a beautiful and fancy presentation without doubt will touch your soul i have a big aprecciation for the caitanya caritamrta specially in this version although gurudeva didnt tranlate all the commentaries make the important message could reach to us i consider it as a master piece i feel as happy when the confidential science of bhakti yoga come to our sevas is another book i have to editate again there are no so many classics like this for the srimad bhagavatam we should invent a sistem of only one book edition this exists in English with little tiny letters now we have a new deity the caitanya caritambrta to glorify we should have this book in pdf so people can download it from internet one can argue the sales of the book will fall down but i do not beleive in this idea when some thing is so public in many ways the people want to know it more and a nectar like caitanya caritamrta should be known in all possible ways for example i am a collectionist of books the fact i have a book in form of pdf do not take out the idea of buying the book and for sending to a friend to other side of the world a book i prefer pdf and the most difficult part of caitanya caritamrta is to find readers that really apreciate it this potencial readers are our treasures i want to congratulate the devotees in Sweden they have done many prints here in india fir his preach they have a library of yoga with 30 vedic wisdom they are so well presented with a new design we have very nice designers that have made a cook book of spoon revolution named no one has been killed new elements of preach are getting out day by day the mercy in form of literature this days we have prepared many jobs in vrindavan then we are going to mayapur i feel so lucky when i can carry a soul of this world to vrindavan i hope they attached so much to this place so they can say i lost my heart in vrindavan this is possible more than one already lost their hearts but when i arrive to india i always feel nostalgie of not being with you sharing in different sitees this is the special mercy of union of separation we can be together in service and separate in the body this is called gopi bhava when is about krishna and the gopis although krishna is far away they are deeply united in the heart and surrender to his will never forgetting his love nor his service to him so when we are surrender in sankirtan we are so close to lord caitanya and obviously to lord nityananda and srila prabhupada and the gopis became famous in all human history for this blessing of worshiping to his lord in separation and if we consider srila prabhupada started this mission carring books of srimad bhagavatam door by door as caitanya mahaprabhu said we can see that the essence of the mission is preach srila prabhupada in porpose start his lila with this sacrifice nowadays we have so much beautifull temples and farms for spiritual retreats so people can associate with devotees and we should keep working so people can chant hare Krishna and read books the encounter with every person is the encounter of a lost brother if you feel it like this and live like this you are in the nectar of sankirtan and them will feel it like this the life in temple is not easy and take care of people is not easy too and is the goal of our istaghostis to give to people pure dinamic programs with the spirit of sri caitanya mahaprabhu

bap - vrindav: Sri Vrindavan Dham Ki Jay
bap - vrindav: Sankirtan yajna Ki Jay
with this words i say good bye
srila gurumaharaj ki jay !!!

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