august 30.2009

hare krishna

Hare krishna reverences the chat is going to start now.
Gurumaharaj is now in Ipiales,Colombia

Dear devotees A good president of temple worth gold,worth diamonds worth all the things that are in this material world a big house do not mean anything if there is no one eager to preach inclusive sometimes devotees make business to increase krishna consiousness or to mantain the temple but if this business is not fully in krishna consiousness they become nests of disharmony and of envy
and even the one that is managing it advanze spiritually and even the one that is managing the temple do not advanze spiritually for this today in the occidental world to mantain a big and nice temple is not east thing you think: Now we will have a small restaurant and you open a boutique or things like that and that's not bad and more than a temple with sane people has worked well we have taken economic progress for example the boutique of Ibague send 10 thousand dollars for the construction of the farm in Varsana and things like this Everything depends on the consciousness of the devotees as they run the thing, but is the leader, but not only the leader in presidency, but the vice president, the treasurer, the accountant, the chief of bhaktas,the receptionist a loving temple really works depending on a group that love each other and makes meetings to discuss any details on where the temple can fail who are always attentive and feel this as a personal concern, this place, this sanctuary to be a refuge for the souls who arrive anyone come to temple and be disappointed, for this the highest moral, the highest transparency,the high quality of lectures inclusive the execution of of sweet kirtans for a temple to be exellent there are many requirements many requirements and this requeriments are our job I travel from temple to temple to remind devotees: hey, what was missing? why there are problems? how we can overcome this ? Who is a little cranky?
For example in the administration there are always people who get cranky better to go and cultivate the earth or something where they can get angry with worms but not to create bad atmosphere, because there are people in this world really cranky. Of course, poor of them , agitated by lust or whatever. they were treat bad as children or whatever invention they have, or whatever apology or excuse they have if they want to explode or show an ugly face to others, it is invalid, one needs to be a kind person and the president who maintains this atmosphere of love is a genius this is what we need and he has to be will to learn always the mayority of us we arrive to krisha consciousness ,no well prepare ,well,someones studied a little the mayority of the devotees or specially in temple management we have to studied in the land of action just there is a saying : is more easy to manage a country than a temple In a country you have a number of employees who suck your socks because you have the money, but in a temple is not so, in a temple you have to inspire everyone not like in India people come to temples, ,wealthy people come and like what one does there and they help paying things and build more things, that's perfectly normal, but here in the West do not have that type of supporters, here you have to earn it better said book by book begging people for a little interested in Krishna consciousness. Sure, in a way is better , because if a rich man comes and gives a big donation and no one goes to preach door to door, there happens to be a beautiful temple, but people do not know and can not get to know Krishna and devotional service This is very important that Prabhupada and Krishna arranged for us in the west, so we really need to get the batteries, that is the process, get the batteries for our temples are sanctuaries We always talk of the land of Krishna, Vrindavan, Vrindavan then is so beautiful, so special, the sacred land of Krishna and Vrindavan every altar is vrindavan sri sri goura nitay is gupta vrindavan,this is mayapur there their lordships are dancing and there is vrindavan too there lord nrimha and srimati radharami are this days we celebrated radhastami there are the deities of gouranga radha vrajesvara this is vrindavan is varsana,is like the sacred land but obviously as a house, it has its restrictions, limitations, as when in a neighborhood we can not sing anything you want because the neighbors start to complain when it gets too loud so in the same spiritual life one has to adapt to make vrindavan in everywhere vrindavan means "land of love" so the temple is vrindavan because is full of love
Love is in the kitchen, in the reception, in isthagostis, in worship, at lectures. That's Vrindavan Land of love. so we have to be loving at he most high degree this is our task the gift that krishna has given to us for me,training leaders is the true porpose in life is more,,for example the grihastas the grihastas are very enmeshed in their family to see how they maintain the home, that's fine, even in your home can make namahatas and preach to purify ,in their homes can make branches of Vrindavan of the loving land of your spirtitual master in other words grihasta ashram ,or it is beter said grihasta brahmacari ashram A sanctuary where we practice it is an ashram, is very nice, a great advantage. Because of this, all our isthagostis, our meetings are designed to encourage us to expand the Krishna consciousness the consciousness of Vrindavan. fo example in popayan,Colombia the house is very luxury ,,imagine how many beautiful temples are ,and if there are meetings,istagostis what blessings for Popayan one maybe can make devotees but you can send devotees to other temples in one way or another one can participate in krishna consciousness beautiful this is the point and what is happening with the others? What about single mothers? Where to go? What about singles with no temple? They will not go to a grihastas house not because they gget no encouragement , no dare, because no association, no challenge. what about our old men and old ladies? Some will come to vrindavanita, or preach, or do something else, but we're going to be anold men and old ladies , what are we going to do? well the sanctuaries and ashrams Of course, these are more austerity, but that austerity is best for you because when one is already old, one will want to stick to a sofa and think,: this means all pay,food,electricity and water, I no longer have to worry about anything. LIES. In the material world the one who are interested in the money behind the money are always always remain so, they are always concerned, in other words where is the money consciousness ? ,always anxiety , there governs anxiety.
Then our task is to encourage people to be loving leaders, you owe it to me, or you owe it to Prabhupada, or you owe it to you or you owe it to your parents and you owe it to people who will live with you because for something to be beautiful and right and loving, that is the maximum degree of responsibility and I do not care how old you are or what your family situation is , i only care how you would like to serve Krishna and how you like to be more kind more loving, because that of being kind and loving is all, everything is included there, all the success of your life comes exactly there, of your degree of desire to be an instrument of the love of Krishna, there's your success. In the material world there is a thing called the best salesman in the world. Once when I was a new devotee, a devotee gave me this book and said "you must read it". I read a few sentences and I realized it was all mundane, but I said "we should understand this spiritually", because in the end the author says that one must be attentive and friendly, nothing more. For a devotee that should be automatic. Being kind and concern, to make people feel they are home, they are Welcome. The devotee does not see the world as customers, the devotee sees the world as devotees, that is called bhakti uttama. The uttama adikary sees all as devotees, all are devotees, all are potential brothers and no one wants to escape. So in this way kindness has it care when we make mistakes at some point or we have bad behavior, we will apologize and we will correct the thing, because in kali yuga many things happen, is very unpredictable what happens, all The days go by different things that one can not imagine them, but all are very important Thus, we are willing to train these leaders, I say this because Mahadeva is going to inject the joy to Medellin or where he walks. Everyone is in that spirit of injecting joy That's your job, that's president job and you do not need to be a president to do this, but the president has to do so and has to keep the doors open to everyone and always be encouraging others to grow spiritually . This is president duty, but you can also go to temple to give more joy and you can go to your president and say, for example "My dear President, I see that here there is something I think you need more help, I help you?"
The president is happy. At least that is assumed. How about a president who is not happy when one helps, that's weird. what will be ? fear of competition?, Fears the devotees to realize that there is another more kind than him Even when there is a receptionist who is grumpy, older devotees should say : "prabhu, so it is not. We love you very much, you have to be attentive and kind to be here at the reception and have to show them the farm and programs "Rather, for each service there is a list of details that makes service excellent ,in the kitchen there is a lot, you need a good result, because if there is not a good spice , nobody will be happy with the kitchen. in the puja, if the altar is not clean,if there is not attention or punctuality is not correct and if in the ashram people is not encourage ,this is very sad in the ashram everybody has to be encourage in life things has to be done correctly this is the spiritual rule, better said,every selfbeing in a community has to feel a dare,a form to make it better one must feel a certain level of nice competition where you said make it better, do it overcome the limitations of the past and in this way everybody must accomplish the tasks everyone has something nice to achieve. Then Srila Prabhupada was kind enough to conquer us with their friendliness and kindness with the same we must win people That is spiritual life. Friendliness in service. For example, the president of temple when provides a service should also give a paper that explains exactly what it means this service. what the treasurer must do , or the accountant, what the treasurer must do , or the accountant, and if someone says he will do it , also has to show that he will does it reallly . Because if they take a service and do not like it, everything begins to disrupt because nobody does it as it should be. this is called organization when one organizes something automatically things go better because sanysis travel from side to side to bring hapiness and love to temples how to do more service,more love,and this not only sanyasis all senior devotees When you go to a temple where he still is not very familiar, the first thing is to make friends. The secret one way or another to be successful is to be loved. I have to make me loved for every disciple. Imagine, I'm always working on making me be loved and look if someone looks me weird. The other day a girl in cali was in some Maya, she was in the artik, but she didnt wanted to look to my eyes. I was looking at her, but she did not want to look, then, other people distract me and she was gone wtih his son I felt very bad, because I knew she needed support, needed affection at that time and I could not give it, then I got very, very sad and sometimes I have no phone to call the devotees or because there are many people around
I say, it is my task, not that I am a spiritual teacher and do what I want because nobody is going to criticize. NO. My job is making me love by my disciples and then i preach them Then I say, we preach, we will distribute Prabhupada's books, we will open a new temple. In other words, is all in will, love and trust so if have to make me loved,,,so how are you? You think you can walk in there saying "I am senior devout, what happen here, insolent?" The insolent is you... in the spiritual life you must be loved, that is work. If you want to preach on the street has to be loved by people. hi how are you? what do you want? i want to talk to you of what? of something beautiful bahhh what ?
well of your spiritual soul what? i am not soul yes and is very beautiful you want to suck my socks?
no non no,,,i bring you a beautiful book to read it is the science of selfrealization what? yes is very beautiful this means preach we have to make other people love us one is not authorithy if is not through love It is the process of love because we teach people to love Krishna, then we have to be love These children who i have next to me confirmed because they are looking for love like you and me and everyone. to be loved means you have to be a courageous person. It's an effort. I look at someone and say you are well? Okay for real? If you ask the second time, people wonder. "How's that? Will want to know the truth? In the material world everyone says "How are you" and never hear your response because they are not interested, that's just a say. And when the other says "I'm bad" one wants to run away So I am very grateful to all who are willing and those who do or run these temples and these families too, because the husband has to be loved by the wife and the wife should be loved husband and parents need to be loved by children and the children must be loved by the parents as well, being good children. Someones do not know how to do it , but that is what is expected, be loved, not, be fear be fear is not spiritual relationship that is what some people like for to avoid to effort if everybody fears me,i say something and everybody runs Those who want to be afraid are the people who they see others as numbers are very egocentric. When someone wants to be loved means valuing the other person as very important. The Krishna devotees do not fear, they love Krishna, Your only loved and cherished, not feared, because otherwise, the atmosphere is degraded. this is my humble message i hope this get to you to the bottom of your heart and help me make this loving mission because if it is not loveing is not worthy to expand imagine this mission of terror uf no if we want to expand it So if anything we want to expand, it expands like love and you are still young, but you'd better expand love, because you will live surrounded by love. On these points I close my presentation about it and leave it up to you to apply if you see it convincing.

publish it and accomplish it
you ever wellwisher
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti
jay srila Gurumaharaj !!!

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