Pray and Sing Forever 10/2/2011

From Peru:

Reverences to all whom are present,

On this Sunday chat, we want to share with you a report from the educational training seminar of Vrinda Family held this week in Eco Truly Park. However, before the report we wish to announce that this morning the installation of deities of Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra will be held in Colon temple. We will be conducting a live transmission via

Here we will share with you a message sent by Srila Gurumaharaj in relation to the day of his Vyasapuja:

Dear Devotees,

It is a pleasure of being a member of our family. All those feeling that have been expressed to me via email for my birthday are very loving and belong to Srila Prabhupada because he rescued me from being useless so I may win his company and yours.

Money cannot buy a heart to heart relationship and what to say of demanding pleasure such as intoxication, illicit sex or fame…this do not have any importance. And Srila Prabhupada saved us from becoming involved in these activities that are a waste of time.

Without a doubt, the material world offers many situation of conflict but in association with devotees it is easier to surpass them.

I am profoundly grateful for all the amorously confident seeds which have been planted and nurtured around the world by my representatives especially sannyasis, maharanis and temple presidents. They have made it possible for our spiritual family to exist that is why I appreciate thos devotees who are ready to take responsibility to help and protect others. I wish you good health with all my love and gratitude. I will continue my life of pilgrimage to stay as active as possible in the service of Srila Prabhupada and you; a big hug from the bottom of my heart and always dancing in the sweet kirtan of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga. Vaisnava Dasanudas.

The Istadevs of the Vrinda Vrinda Family are very important. This morning I heard my spiritual teacher sacredly, speaking of skeptics and said we have nothing to do with it, the skeptical person will not want to see the reality of the beauty of divinity and the tasks that accompany them, because if there is divinity, there is homework, there are compromises. Practically the authoritative philosophy is born from skepticism; nihilism is something in the system.

We are misfits in this world; we are the misfits, unfavorable thing, incompatible, where there is no link, something that makes you feel out of place and empty, but of course because you are poor and others rich. Krsna is very merciful, he creates paradoxes, India is a country of paradoxes. We are eternal spirit souls, but we are in a body that could die at any moment, there is no anyone can claim that they can’t, although we are alive at any time it can be cancelled. I am in the world of the living but I have to die, a misfit in this world goes from every point of view because you do not belong, be honest and don’t say that you are well when you are much more uncomfortable here. Accept that you are not well, you failed , you were born, one is and is not, you wants to be and cannot be, you want and cannot have, and when you have you are already tired of that ...

Happiness cannot be bought anywhere, in this world of misfits, we are the ones that make it messy. We even have to fulfill certain tasks here, and that fact is that you are no here by your own account because above you there is someone who fixes things but you do not want to accept because you're a rogue. They say, I come from a primordial soup of energy of the original nuclei; we are experts in inventing flowery words in chemistry, physics. Then one becomes a sophisticated man who can’t even understand the words he speaks. Rogue you are nihilistic and have to be humble, you have to accept that you have not decided anything, if you were given free will, you have to answer to your maker with that free will, and it is not gratuity, you must respond.Happiness cannot be bought anywhere, this world of misfits, we are the ones that make it messy. We even have to fulfill certain tasks here, and that fact is that you are no here by your own account because above you there is someone who fixes things but you do not want to accept because you're a rogue.

Then when you are born in Peru, for example they call you for military service and you say do not bother me with this, but if you’re born in Puno then go do military service, when one is born into a material place they are obliged to do because you were born in a geographical location. The material world is full of compromise, if you want to consume then pay then government. This material world is full of compromises, the birth from parents equally, they want you to do things in life, strange things, and they usually want good things for you but not always. They can exploit, sell their children, you work you study, you're famous, you know God, and learn to love God. In a play parents say that’s my son said, my friend, mine, mine, mine, it does not end. You are dependent, dependent on the air, the farmer, agriculture, people who organize the school where you send your children. You do not do anything and you are dependent on all and you are an integral part of something that is not known why or to where ... it is complex. But the essence is simple, the authority is the truth, the law is obvious, the truth and the law are for everyone.

There is something more important, love, divine love that has created you as part of Him, when we sing Hare Krsna we celebrate love, truth, and divine law. The most intelligent of all is Krishna, he plays the flute and makes everyone do their things, dancing with the gopis, milks the cows and also when He leaves Vrindavan He has to kill demons, it is analogy. The devotee is the active intelligence; all the devotee does is to please Krishna. A devotee can work as an ordinary laborer, and simply would not mind even cleaning toilets, carrying sticks. The devotee is really simple, everything he does is for Krsna and it is a great satisfaction, he feels compassion for others and sweats for others and it is most natural. He is always willing to sweat for the ideals of love, the devotee is convinced that he cannot save himself, so he sings Hare Krsna saying Krsn I'm lost without you, there is no future without you, save me, I'm disappointed in myself , I’m attached, I’m in illusion and only you Lord Damodara can rescue me. I can’t save myself from the repeated births and deaths, I'm at your feet ready to do anything, I don’t want this false ego, I do not want to be in the world of deceivers. I just want the truth. The devotee is a tireless worker who does not want to be in this world, his is in this world but not of this world. It's something that can be given the gift of pure bhakti, it is a gift, and sraddha is a gift.

One phrase made me become a vegetarian, how many people are preached to and do not understand anything, that happens, that's the big question. If we are devoted because of the gifts, we will determine, and if we have that determination that is also a gift. If we have a good devotee it is a present and vice versa and if not that was the karma of your nonsense, everything good is by gift. In India girls are taught to pray for a good husband, that's sacred tradition in India, pray about everything, but if you're praying for money then you’re a fool and that is horrible. There was an old lady who picked up twigs and assembled them in a large bag and carried them, and when she passed by the side of a kalpa vriksa she dropped the bag and said please God and Krishna appeared, and she said that if He would help her again to carry the bag.

Praying for material things shows how little you understand about how big God is. There was a guy who was carrying heavy things across the stream, a teacher came and told you're a great worker and told him I grant you one wish, and he asked to put mattresses to pass the edge of the river, planet earth, planet full of fools always want to do silly things like Internet girlfriend. The devotee depends on mercy, he says my Lord I am yours do with me whatever you want. No one besides you that can make this beast do something good. The maha mantra cleanses, a devotee cannot do anything to anyone, an excellent grhastra is a beauty in Krsna Consciousness, we celebrate their lives. Continue singing because your sexual excitement can attract you to other women when your wife is already less beautiful with three children. Oh my Lord let me be an instrument of your love u, and if this sounds like work, then stop singing because you don’t want to work, no it’s not like that, that is why you need to continue singing and studying the Bhagavatam in the association of the devotees to remember that everything is because of mercy.

We are fallen and distorted and disoriented, the only thing that makes us intelligent is when we are active in the service of Krsna and even though I am well, still only depend on the mercy of the Lord. If your children are doing well it is because of mercy. It is the only thing that gets us to the spiritual world at the time of death, chanting Hare Krishna, is how we want to leave the body. What do you want? I have no desire to be with Indra, I have no desire for anything in this world of cheating and cheaters. To enter the world of the supreme divinity means to pray, prayer is the greatest no matter what, prayer because there are many situations in life where you do not control. However Krsna does control. Being skeptical is stupid, there is no protection at all, and skepticism is inclined to depression and difficulties of life. Be appreciative and grateful that we have this faith. Our spiritual path is to pray and work every day and do not forget to study, without study one cannot understand things and you fill your head with speculation.

Every time you open a newspaper it is full of problems, is a continuous bombardment, advertising is not made by fools, they know what they do, they have one subtly caught, subliminally, they just want your money, nobody loves you anywhere, ask Valmilki in the Ramayana, with Narada Muni, he met a sadhu, that's the impact. Do not ignore your japa, do not ignore the gayatris, allow Krsna into your body, your mind, your intellect in the last atom of your body in the cells of your body which is home to the beautiful influences of God, that's my confession so to speak, because in true form we only depend on mercy chanting Hare Krsna or if not we become lost, and if we do service we are already in samadhi
So we closed the conference today.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B.

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