The Secret Music of the Soul 10/09/11

Dear devotees

This conference is called "The secret music of the soul". The "om" is the mantra of invocation. Srila Prabhupada awakened a spiritual duty in my life; I was saturated with work for all my life. Then I met other teachers who also gave me the secret music of the soul. This grows more and more, and never stops, it mystically expands. This is called samadhi, that is to say, you are no longer aware of what is happening outside, you no longer need support from outside, you're full on transcendence and supreme dedication.

This vibration (manifested in feeling, thinking and willing), when it becomes a devotional sound, you get to feel the secret music of the soul. It is a vibration of the heart, you can project your life to hope, is not necessarily a sound sung. It is in line with the mantra: satyam shivam sundharam. It's something that makes the heart feel at home, coming after a great career at home; feeling a world of love, and beauty completely dominates everything. This is very great, as great musicians you all have developed many technical abilities, but if the heart does not vibrate in the experience of the secret vibration of the soul at the end of the concert (which is supposed to be experienced in fullness), you end up getting drunk or drugged. Because your heart is not full, it has no inner satisfaction, and it throws you to the ground again and again.

The secret music of the soul is at another level, it is one in which you meet the supreme love, when this seed is manifested (as vine) planted by a lover of God, it becomes very strong and takes hold of you, your world of thoughts, attachments and so on., are affected. Attachment is good when it is for the good (and vice versa), the attachment that causes your sadness can be the cause of your liberation. Attachment to stand firm in your commitment and your personal votes can save you.

The person whose heart has been captivated by casual music, it causes experience in the universal love towards all his brothers in a much compromised form. She is the one that frees us briskly. In an effort to find a love outside yourself, you make many mistakes, the love you seek is within you, you have to look and feel the music vibrate secret within you, this is like giving you a strong safety and satisfaction, this does not cost, it is free. The mantra has purity to clean, it is not something that is vibrating in your mouth, you feel it in your heart.

The seeds of love are dealt with music, if you're willing to tune it, through a humble attitude and seek the shelter of your being, all spiritual secrets will be revealed automatically in your life, and this is great. The meaning of a word, a mantra, transcendental feeling is something that is hidden within the heart of the person who is carrying. He or she must have a predisposition, this is pure mercy.

The secret music is perceived when one yearns for it. Minded arrogant, defiant, you will have no connection to the divine vibration, it is said. It is open to the one who will prepare for it. It is revealed when your hearts wants it to enter totally in this vibration. When these secrets are made accessible, the person is filled with a boundless joy, their desires are satisfied, and he becomes a channel for this seed, a doctor of souls.

Have an open mind and never disturb others. See the beauty of the enthusiasm and sacrifice. Be open-minded to see that God has many names and feel compassion through this, there are many invitations.

The soul becomes a musician forever. This is the worshipful meeting we want; a hug sweeter than honey. When this whole world is striking you, it means that you are absorbed in the secret music of the soul. This is expanded, you feel so lucky that universal love seizes the heart of one and you want to start to love everyone. I want to serve; I want to be with you.

Today young people are disappointed, depressed and so on. We begin to see an increase in abortions, drug addiction, suicide; this is very serious, because a person who commits such acts cannot be happy ever. The secret music of the soul is non-sectarian, the call is not owned by a group or person, it is something that occurs when the Lord is pleased with you and gives you the opportunity to be a conduit for this. God gives us the opportunity to reciprocate his love and vibrate the infinite message of love, just singing, praying you are connecting.

The music makes Mother Nature, the instruments are made of wood, shells, etc... The most sophisticated instrument is the voice of man, you can do wonderful things with it. Oh Lord I want Your voice be of Your pleasure to carry the message of love to others, my life has no meaning without it. It is she who can carry the message of hope to others. It is not a matter of great knowledge, but rather the feeling and the willingness to distribute the nectar, it is God who gives the secret music of the soul.

Srila Prabhupada ki jay jay.

Your always well-wisher

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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