Report from Ecuador Premadhama 26/2/12

Office GM:

Hare Krishna
our humble obeisances
Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay
Srila Atulananda Acarya ki jay
Sunday Chat of Vrinda family ki jay.

Dear devotees, from Premadhama Mandir we send our obeisances to the entire community and a special greeting from Gopal Krishna Prabhu who is here monitoring this week’s Sunday chat. Gopal Krishna Prabhu is the director of SEVA Ecuador, one of the major protective missions of Guru Maharaj in Ecuador and now said, also supplier of avocados (avocados) to bring happiness to all the devotees.

The correct understanding of Vaisnava philosophy is backed by some of Guru Maharaj’s advice: to be willing to preach in a way that not only for others to know the philosophy but for others to fall in love with the preacher, that the person wants to be your friend for the rest of their life and primarily serve the devotees. If devotees are happy with your service then rest assured that your spiritual life is on track. Guru Maharaj emphasizes personalized sankirtan.
The motto is: "not only deliver a book but encourage with your behavior so that the person wants to read the book and be your friend" in that sense it is more important than selling a book. Make contact with the person and ask for their email and establish a connection for life
In terms of custom sankirtan, after a while, you'll have a whole list of friends each time seva launches a new product, you report it to all your friends about it, email is key.

If you manage to get an email from a person and that person is interested in your message then you will have someone you can preach to for a long time, for years and you can invite them to Vaisnava Academy events, inbound tours to India, send promotions of Seva, inform them of new publications, music CDs, etc.. Connect them to many programs like House of wisdom, Volunteering, spoon revolution, etc. If you have more information about the person for example they are a doctor you can connect them to the network of conscious physicians. If they are psychologist you can put them in contact with Oida Therapy. A professional in general can be connected to the House of Wisdom. Also you can connect to them to the office of Guru Maharaj and occupy them in a service such as translation, editing, video editing, etc.. Guru Maharaj does this every day, all the time, in the city he is in at present.

Vrinda mission offers many services so many of them we forget, for example, yesterday, a devotee did a drawing of Krsna, really beautiful, Visvarupa prabhu Bogota, realistically beautiful, a very sweet face of Krishna. Gurudeva connected him with the conscious art school and asked him to draw a whole series for kids page,, an important community service of Vrinda.

Gurudeva always ask: What are we doing for the children? What programs are being organized? It is a daily theme. Well, by some chance Guru Maharaj has a large audience of children in all conferences, including at the head of his conferences.
Children running, playing happily with happy parents who forget that Gurudev is giving a lecture on philosophy. Gurudev says in a humorous form: it is my karma, but his statement reminds us that in all yatras there should be a systematic program for children. In some of Guru Maharaja yatras visits, I saw that it is there. For example in Venezuela Azulita they have a program for children, devotional figure drawing and painting. That requires some attention as blank pages, many colors, one that encourages the drawing, some drawings of downloaded and printed, a special area for Children with healthy sweets etc. It can even be more sophisticated with a devotional film like little Krsna or Osmosis Jones.

On this tour of Guru Maharaj, Gurudeva found that in almost every yatra children do not know the movie Osmosis Jones. Guru Maharaj said it was a movie that all children should see unless it's like a conference, after seeing osmosis jones, any child is very clear on the effect of consumption of meat in his own body and can explain it to others.

Well, this was a short introduction on the report of the recent tour of Guru Maharaj through Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. His Divine Grace is in good health. He is always surprising everyone with renewed energy and enthusiasm. There is a large group of devotees accompanying him around 20 to 30 devotees; something new for this tour is the presence and ongoing training of the group of devotees of the CBA. CBA is the Brahminical Gathering Center.

The CBA does not have an office in a specific location. It is a traveling group of devotees with specific roles visiting the temples, they are servants of the temple, and the temple is enriched by a visit from the CBA. The traveling group consists of mother Mohana, Prabhu, Hari Sankirtan, Madhumangal Prabhu, Prabhu Thakur, mother Vedavadi. They are being trained personally by Guru Maharaj to train local CBA, presidents of temples and Sannyasis. Thus, leaders are also part of the CBA. The CBA has specific services for example:

1. Mother Mohana is a financial professional, she has the role to train up leaders in accounting and management standards in the temples.

2. Hari Sankirtan Prabhu, media and professional journalism's role is to train the devotees as activists, it is a broad field that it includes establishing ministries to train devotees to use all promotional tools such as the use of the passport, etc. .

3. Madhumangal brother of sweden yatra, is part of Hari Sankirtan prabhu’s team that looks at ways to promote and raise the standard in the temples in the areas of activism, and everything sankirtan and the CBA. Prabhu won the marathon in December 2011.

4. Vedavadi D.D., has a role in evaluating the fiscal and accounting and treasury systems that are transparent in the temples. She has a group of assistants.

5. Prabhu Thakur, lawyer by profession, has the role to set and raise standards in all farms, connecting them with the volunteer program, train leaders to offer more services and to make every self-sustaining farm have a strong commitment to the environment, organic and active.

6. Acintya Prabhu, Professional in Statistics, has the role of promoting all the materials of SEVA, as director of Seva Colombia, has the role of bringing the nectar to all the temples, and establishing training of sankirtan as well as more Seva shops. The Prabhu won the marathon in Colombia.

The CBA is a body of support for the temples, they work for temple. Considering that Vrinda mission has over 100 temples so you can imagine the importance of a CBA and the great efforts made by them to travel to visit each center. Guru Maharaj gave specific service areas. For example: Madhumangal prabhu is in charge of Pasto, Ipiales and Ecuador, Hari Sankirtan is all South America, Thakur prabhu now accepted the challenge of traveling to all the temples also. Acintya prabhu is Colombia, Vedavadi mother works mainly in Colombia and Ecuador, Mother Mohana also Colombia and Ecuador.

In Ecuador Vrindavan manifested a CBA meeting where everyone shared the instructions given by Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj gave them a travel itinerary to each of them. This tour of Guru Maharaj is primarily meant for training of this group. Some details of the CBA for better understanding:

It is self funded, each CBA collects for their own tickets, but also accept donations,

It is a group of devotees in continual training and expansion, they now travel with Guru Maharaj and represent Guru Maharaj's instructions. All Sannyasis and temple presidents are CBA. CBA is not an independent group, it is part of the office of Guru Maharaj and they report to Gurudev through mother Mohana. Mother Mohana is the traveling group secretary and spokesman of the CBA as well as the communication link with Guru Maharaj's office to report progress of the group. Each CBA is independent and represents all the roles of the CBA, so there is continuous training including, for example:

Tahkur prabhu, on his next visit to the temples of the south will represent and implement the roles of other CBAS, the group will visit temples not as a group, but as an independent member. And reinforce the role they see necessary in coordination with the other CBA .You may receive a temple visit from all CBAS at different times, a temple that would be very lucky, but because of the distances and costs, you may only receive a visit from a CBA.

The CBA should receive full support from the local leader of the community. Their primary role is to train, encourage the group with all instructions of Guru Maharaj. For example, they will see if the temple is current in the payment of taxes to the government, to check that there is a good Sadhana, Chats reading of Guru Maharaj, have all the materials of Seva, etc..
So, you can see the importance of such a service that the CBA will be doing.

Guru Maharaj completed a marathon record within nearly five hours and from very early on Srila Gurudeva gave the meditations for the project of House of wisdom: Sounds to heal. Guru Maharaj revealed his deep philosophical meditation for all those people who are in difficult moments of life such as a deadly disease. The project is very nice. It includes the production of a set of music CDs that combine several sounds from mystical traditions with spiritual messages to encourage people. It is music for relaxation and inspiration with messages. The production team of this material is the Seva Ecuador, including Vidya Tirtha Prabhu and Prabhu Vaisnava, a promise to produce this work in a marathon a month or two.

So soon we will have much nectar, this material is very important for all projects of House of Wisdom, in reality there were many attempts before but with little result or poor quality. The themes of sounds that heal are:

1. What are we?
2. What is our nature?
2. What is the purpose of life?
4. Why do we suffer?
5. How can we be happier? (And healthier)
6. How can we live our spiritual nature in everyday life?
7. How can we connect with our own source of happiness?
8. How can we truly help the people we love?
9. How can we use every day of life to the fullest?
10. How can we heal the pride, anger, envy, lust, sloth?
11. How can we stay pure in an environment so polluted?
12. What is most important in this life?

Those were the themes of this morning
Guru maharaj goes to the farm Gaura dham in Yaruqui.
Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay.

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