Report From Sri Vrindavana Dhama 3/18/2012

Report from Mother Gandharvika:
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga
Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay
Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Vraja Mohan ki jay

Please accept my humble obeisances
Greetings from Sri Vrindavan Dham

Sorry for the lack of reports of these days. Srila Guru Maharaj arrived at India on March 4th He spent 10 days in Sridham Mayapur and returned to Vrindavan Dhama 2 days ago.
As always, there is much to share about the lilas of Srila Gurudeva. At this point Srila Guru Maharaj is sharing a small class with some devotees from Brazil and India whom He met on the way back from his tour of the Yamuna.
In Mayapur, Srila Gurudeva dedicated most of his time in visiting and associating with the acharyas and sannyasis of different Gaudiya Maths. Gurudev worked and continued to encourage the continuation of the recognition of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati as a hero for India project. Furthermore, Subhal and Hanuman prabhu, from Colombia, are serving Srila Gurudeva in this work by visiting different missions and Maths in Calcutta and other cities in Bengal. They show movies on Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, they do interviews with the acharyas and sannyasis, they print material for preaching, and so on. The home page on the internet where all the material is being compiled about the project can be found at Now, the devotees received a grant to print 500 billboards of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta to hang around the streets of Calcutta.
Srila Gurudeva also repeatedly visited Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj who as always, he showed great respect, admiration and tenderness. It is amazing to see the affection between Vaishnavas. Srila Guru Maharaj did a full day Parikram, visiting all the Gaudiya Maths found in the Bhakti Road, the main street of Sridham Mayapur. It was a full day from early morning until nearly midnight. From Yoga Pith to Paramahamsa Gaudiya Math, Srila Guru Maharaj accompanied by several sannyasis and brahmacaris, visited the acharyas and sannyasis in charge of each Math. Among them, they went through Nandanacarya Bhavan, where Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu met the first time. This Math is in charge of the Gaudiya Sangha, the mission of Srila Bhakti Saranga Goswami Maharaj, and the current acarya is Sadhu Maharaj. He also passed through the Caitanya Mission, the math of Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Maharaj, where the current acarya is Bhakti Vichar Vishnu Maharaj, vice president of the WVA.In this way He passed through the various ashrams where He shared with managers, acharyas, sannyasis, giving updates about the project to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, on cleaning the river Yamuna in Vrindavan, on the cleanup of "Friends of Mayapur" headed by Prisni Maharani, etc..
Srila Gurudeva also met several times with BB Badhayan Srila Maharaja, acarya of the Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math, in planning for the project to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, restoring Pandawali Kunja in Vrindavan (Temple of Srila Puri Maharaj at Keshi Ghat, which was donated by Bodhayan Maharaj to the work of WVA). One of the highlights of the meetings with Srila Bodhayan Maharaj was the enthusiasm that Srila Gurudeva put forth in order to see very soon a personal diary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur which Srila Maharaj Bodhayan received as a donation. Maharaj gave this diary to BBT to take be taken care of as it is an original from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta’s time, and in the last 6 months the work has progressed very slowly. Transcendentally Gurudeva was anxious to see that nectar as soon as possible. It is the personal diary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, with over 100 pages and was written before it was before the formation of the Gaudiya Math.
Srila Guru Maharaj also devoted much time to respond personally to each of the devotees who came to Mayapur from different parts of South America. Always renewing services, quieting minds, organizing new projects, with enthusiasm to the devotees.
Also our Mayapur temple has a new team. Maharani Prisni has maintained her position at the forefront of the cleaning program in an inexhaustible manner and very inspiring. In charge of Jahnavi Kunja Gaudiya Math there is Dina Bandhu Prabhu from Chile, and Gopati prabhu from Venezuela, a disciple of Srila Maharaj Avadutha who is in constant service in the garden and orchard of Math. The temple is kept very nice and well maintained through the efforts of a few devotees. Subhal das, Hanuman das and now Auttareya das, who are from Calcutta have dedicated themselves to serving the expansion of the glories of Srila Bhaksiddhanta Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura.
In Vrindavan, the team has also been renewed. Janmastami prabhu came to support at work in Vrinda Kunja with Vrindavan Candra, the youngest member of our Math (15 years old). Eka Chakra Prabhu, from Germany, returned to take charge of Yamuna Kunja with Padmanabha prabhu of Bengal.
The group of mothers led by Kaustubha Mani DD and Bhadri DD. now joined by Sarasvati d.d. from Medellin, who came to help professionalize the seva that the devotees offer in Vrinda Kunja. In the team of mothers there is also Priya Gopi dd who is now organizing intensive courses in devotional dance for mothers of Vrinda to specialize in this art.
Srila Gurudeva wants devotional dance as a profession for the devotees to preach openly about it. So, today He gave the instruction to professionalize Vrinda Kunja in giving dance classes, yoga and Ayurvedic cooking for devotees of Vrinda who can come and train intensively during the time they are in the Dham.
Furthermore, Srila Gurudeva is extremely happy with the result of Chandi Heffner’s work that has been done in the Yamuna. Restoration of that and now everyone can appreciate its beauty, importance and benefit.

Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!

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