Report of these days. 5/6/12

In continuation we share the report of recent weeks in the lands of South America.

Dear spiritual brothers, please accept my humble obeisances. Sunday Chat of Vrinda Family ki jay, Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay, Gurudeva Atulananda ki jay.

Thanks to all the devotees present in this maha chat every Sunday.

Guru Maharaj: We are not a mission of quantity, not a mission of numbers, we are a mission of quality, a mission of relationship of heart, a mission to form leaders who put all their energy and love to help others, in fact there are not many of these, they are pearls and these pearls are looking for other pearls.

Guru Maharaj is now in Goura Mandal farm, in Arica, Chile. He is in good health, always full of energy and love for all. His Divine Grace arrived yesterday arround 9 pm at the farm, after 12 hours traveling. It was an adventurous journey, full of nectar, beautiful mountains and in the end a beautiful full moon.

At this moment the morning seminar has finished. Guru Maharaja has presented all new materials in the mood of seva sankirtan. Many of these materials have already been presented before in other yatras. For example, the new Oidatherapy's general book, the Spoon Revolution products, the Okis envelopes for sankirtan, the DVD of Inbound tours, the new music cds, etc.
Guru maharaj energetically questioned once more the lack of culture and consciousness in modern society. Loudly he once again disarmed the mediocre systematic way of people today to appreciate the great need for a change.

Amongst the most important materials that Guru Maharaja is promoting is the new ecological chaddar produced in the India office. He greatly appreciated the work and effort mother Gandharvika put into the production, coordination and distribution of various materials such as the chaddar, the magazine of the World Vaisnava Association and service of Vrinda in cleaning Vrindavan.
Guru Maharaj: Do not think I'm an aggressive salesman, I am a beggar. Don't think I will work day and night for you not to care about it. It is not because I encouraged, it’s because it may cause a revolution in the consciousness, a revolution of love, it is for the future, for your children. They do not know how many nights Gandharvika spent working on this material for the chaddar. Why do you think I do this? to sell? No. It is for your children, for them not to eat junk food, to awaken consciousness, so that your children have culture. I too can stay and rest in India, doing parikrama in Govardhan chanting japas, but instead I spend hours on this so you don’t become fools. (Guru Maharaj said with humor) and children today are fools because their parents are fools.

Guru Maharaj was strong at this point in the context that children today are bombarded by television and are not aware of all the garbage that is instilled in their minds. He said in high pitch: it bothers me if you do not care about this message of consciousness, not for me, it is for the planet, is for your children, for a healthy life with values.
Alexis is a conscious activist dedicated to promoting a healthy life and destroy the lies of the consumer society. Alexis lives in the midst of renewable energy, clay oven, constructions with recycled materials, etc. The friend said, among many topics, that the whole Chile consumes in large percentages vegetables from Azapa Valley but the whole valley is being irrigated with water contaminated by mines, contaminated with cyanide and arsenic. He explained the case of the tomato. Almost all tomatoes consumed in Chile are high in arsenic. But such things are not said in the news; it is not spoken about because there are many interests involved.

We live in a intimidated society, silent and distracted by so many lies and programs of entertainment, almost stoned addicts in not wanting to see the reality of the world. With much love and conviction, Alexis enjoyed the presence of Guru Maharaja and Gururdeva Atulananda. Our dear Bhima Prabhu had the mission of bringing Guru Maharaja from la Paz to Goura mandal. But due to lack of updating some papers, Bhima Prabhu could not continue the service at the entrance to Chile. So we took a bus that was passing by and had free seats.
We made the transition quickly and began the journey around midday. About 6pm, near by Goura mandal, the bus was stopped by a car and it was the same Bhima Prabhu who made quite an effort to execute his day’s service. It was really admirable the service of prabhu Bhima. Guru Maharaj had many hours traveling in uncomfortable conditions. And the most surprising was that Guru Maharaja arrived with a lot of energy and joy by seeing so many devotees that he began working on many projects like the development of the new construction in Peru. And so he was until 1am reviewing materials and new publications.

Today in the morning he started very early and tonight, in less than 24 hours, we travel by bus to Antofagasta. The pace of Guru Maharaja has always been very demanding and intense. Thats why we always ask the devotees to organize themselves as best as possible so then Guru Maharaja would have the maximum or minimum of facilities.

The reception of the devotees in Arica was impressive. Many sannyasis, devotees from various cities came to be in this day with Guru Maharaja. This morning at the seminar Guru Maharaja, was presented the magazine of the World Vaisnava Association.
Guru Maharaja said: This magazine is a presentation of the Vaishnava culture, if you don't have this magazine you will not be able to present the great wealth of Vaishnavism. I wish everyone to have this magazine at their centers, it is in English but it is a photographic portrait, so the photos speak for themselves. My job is 60% mainly in Spanish but this magazine is aimed at all international Vaisnava communities, so we could also have it in Spanish but that will come later, the need for unity and glorification of the efforts of the devotees is urgent.

This magazine, the chaddar and the poster of the teachers are important, they can ask for it at the India office. There is a whole team of matajis working for the community.
In a detached way they are working selflessly for Bolivia, Africa, Peru, Argentina, for Brazil, etc. So I want you to place orders to the office India. And by that also support the production of more materials.

Guru Maharaja told the story of the temple in India which was international news this year. The story is about the temple of Trivendrum. Devotees of the temple had needs to maintain the temple and asked help to the government. The government responded that yes, they could help, but they asked for papers, etc. Devotees to attend the orders began a search around the temple and got to the basement. There they found a hidden room, and inside it the most incredible discovery. They found a treasure valued on billions of dollars, deities with gold, rubies, etc.

Guru Maharaja told this story to say that:
"We will not hide our treasures in a basement, our treasures are these (pointing to all the seva materials) other wisewe will go out to sankirtan, your treasure is to go out to preach, your love, your compassion, your solidarity to carry these messages to the world.”

Guru Maharaja: Do you know what is the use of these materials? Damdoara Maharaj: to open doors. Guru Maharaja: Exactly Maharaj. Many things we do today are intended to open doors and to open doors is something fundamental in Krishna Consciousness. We are activists to raise awareness. It is an unprecedented program that had not been on earth before. The Spoon Revolution campaign is something unique in the world. I have seen many presentations on vegetarianism and animal protection. Many are very strong. I appreciate the style of each one and I don't want to compete but I say that the Spoon Revolution is unique because it combines love and revolution very well, an inner change. Our motto is: We also love those who eat meat also, but if you stop eating meat, we love you more. Nor will we end the meat industry, but we will take away customers.

Guru Maharaja's visit to Bolivia Yatra was very special. I will share some nectars with you.
Guru Maharaja received in our family two very special souls. They are brothers of the culture Quero, one of the most important pre-Inca cultures and unfortunately there are not many of them at present except a few that still maintain in their blood the sacred heritage of their ancestors. They are from Peru and traveled to Bolivia to meet Guru Maharaja. Very simple and innocent people, from places where there is less contamination of the consumer society.

They are very friendly and healthy in thoughts. They shared their music, their culture, their art, their work and especially their awareness of love for the land, to care for the natural values. They did not speak much Spanish but understood Guru Maharaja well. Guru Maharaja said they did not understand much of Krishna consciousness, but they understood, better than us, topics as the relationship with the earth. They wanted to connect with Vrinda family. Guru Maharaja said they came to me and wanted to be part of the Vrinda family, I received them with much love and gave them a spiritual name and pre-initiation.

They are now Sadhu Sanga prabhu and Bhudi prabhu. The first Queros devotees of Vrinda family. They promised not to consume alcohol, that they previously only did at parties in the community, and promised giving up meat. They said it would be very difficult but they were going to try. Guru Maharaja planted them the seed of Krishna Bhakti and encouraged them to work for a better world by sharing their values of appreciation and respect for the earth.

Guru Maharaja was very happy with them. They shared many moments. They attended the conferences and made offerings at the Sri Govardhan's Abhisek in Shantidwip.
Guru Maharaja remarked that this is the nature of Srila Prabhupada's family, to embrace them all. The essence of my message is what Srila Sridhar Maharaja said: We should all be happily engaged to Krishna's consciousness. The essence of all Vedic knowledge is the happiness of the souls, to raise them to a state of spiritual awareness.

Guru Maharaja: This is what I want and look for when I meet every person, so as we can serve them in their Krishna consciousness. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu received disciples from many cultures, faiths.
Many of the activities of the Vrinda mission are not proselytizing. Are activities to awaken consiousness and to relieve the world situation from the state it now is found. For example I see a child destroyed by television, or a young man destroyed by drugs or a couple destroyed by lust. How can I stay with my arms folded?
Srila Prabhupada sent me to preach, to help people, not convert them to a religion but to introduce the rich Vaisnava culture by being an example with my own practice. That means to win hearts, that means to do everything possible to open the doors of their heart and for this reason we have a lot of doors in the Vrinda family.
The Oida therapy is another door, it's House of Wisdom's foundation. I have only established or organized ideas but it is you and the world in general the ones whom have to discover the great potential of this research. I will not write the Christian Oida because it does not corresponds me and 'cause I am not dedicating myself to this tradition, but yes, I want them to realize that what they seek is the same as what the Vedas seek, but we speak in different language, different rituals, etc. But the common language is the Oida therapy.

Yesterday on the way here, Guru Maharaja had a long meditation on the importance of a family in a Vaisnava community.
Guru Maharaja: In the raising and education of a child, more important than studying in school is the connection they may have with the spiritual master. Why? For the strong reason that all material knowledge is temporary and does not enable us in the essence we seek. If you bring children into this world, please do not think that you had the ability to make this child, it was God who did it. All the mystique and power to bring a child into this world does not come from you, comes from God. You don't have this power. Parents have to realize this: a child is a present from God, it was not you the one who did him/her.
A spiritual family is established when the union is between three: husband, wife and spiritual master. It is a marriage of three. It is to base an institution to form values. It is a school where students are guided with prayers and blessings.
When a Vaisnava couple help the mission of they spiritual master, say for example by financing an ashram or a vishnu priya ashram it is so very blessed that I myself have seen over all these years how they grow in their spiritual life. When a couple is in crisis, I am one of those children, and what to say if this couple gave me their children to educate and love them in Krishna consciousness. The worst thing a couple can do, in difficult times or in confusion, is to take away their children from the spiritual master, because by doing this not only you put them away from Krishna but you cause a trauma on the child from not knowing where to find shelter or relief. Just as it is a big trauma for a child the separation of their parents, it also generate another trauma to separate from the spiritual master and what to say, that themselves don't understand it, that they are just taken away for no reason, just because the parents choose to do so. At the time, I must defend these children because often parents go crazy in their selfish world, if they wanted solutions they would be closer to the mission.

Guru Maharaja had also long reflections with Gurudeva Atulananda on the future of the mission, the importance of promoting these common platforms for many Vaisnavas families. It is confirmed the next meeting of Guru Maharaja with Jagad Guru Siddhasvarupananda in September. Jagad Guru is acarya in a very active Vaisnava mission in the World Vaishnava Association and financially supports projects to clean the Dham. Guru Maharaja is very happy to this meeting with his beloved spiritual brother from Hawaii. We, Vrinda family, have a beautiful connection with the family of Jagad Guru.

Yesterday on the trip, in the bus, Guru Maharaja read verses of Srimad Bhagavtam to Gurudeva Atulananda. It was very special to see our acaryas studying together the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. The visit to Bolivia Yatra was full of surprises. Guru Maharaja said "it was my dream a large house for their Lordships and, now it became reality and it is much more than I imagined".

The new home of Radha Raman is a downtown building in La Paz, near by the central square and very well located. With 33 rooms, this place was before a backpacker's accommodation. A funny note: this place is the same place the devotees rented to welcome the devotees at the year of 98 in the first mela of Vrinda family. Guru Maharaja said "it wasn’t for nothing that the devotees had purifying this place so much that Radha Raman wanted to stay here". So many know the house already and Guru Maharaja wants to establish a convention center, a conscious dental clinic, restaurant, cultural center and the main mandir for their Lordships with a Vishnu priya and Brahmacari ashram. All this already works some how.

Guru Maharaja emphasized the great service of the local leader of the temple Lila Suka prabhu from Chile yatra. Also the Mahantas or the protectors of the Dham and beloved senior devotees as Bhima's Prabhu famili and mother Shanti, who financed the purchase of the house, prabhu Nrsimgha and mother Laksmi, who are now responsible for establishing professional dental clinics and Nitai Gauranga prabhu, former bank official. Also the great support of the Vishnu priya ashram, mothers leading the project like mother Priyesa, mother Prema Dana, mother Katyayani, mother Srinkala, etc.

The engines of the worship of the deity and the orchestra men: Bhakta Seva prabhu from Chile, Govinda Caran prabhu (professional designer), etc. I personally want to thank all the devotees who went to great lengths in serving Guru Maharaja it was all very special.
Special greetings to the devotees of Coroico Mandir, also the family of Dwarka prabhu and mother Gopi, Prabhu Sridhar and mother Srinkala, Prabhu Druvanath who went visiting and enchanting everybody with his transcendental charango. Also Prabhu Indranath now debuting as a new dad and the new Vrinda center in Oruro. Also to our friends Jaga jivan prabhu and mother Campakalata who bought a house for preaching in Sucre, they are good friends disciples of Srila Bodhayan Maharaj. Mahadeva prabhu for organic crops in Shantidiw, Guru maharaja was impressed by these crops in the middle of the Titicaca Lake. Bhudhi Manta prabhu of Peru is working to establish Copacabana Mandir near Shantiwip. Well, Guru Maharaja emphasized how the mercy of Sri Radha Raman was expanding in Bolivia.

Pity for the people who lost faith in Evo Morales after passing the entrance of transgenic in Bolivia. Something that was part of his repertoire or political menu during the elections and what led him to presidency. The Bolivian people had faith in him but sadly he disappointed them all by creating a political scene of many protests in the city center. Guru Maharaja said "now there is no peace in La Paz but at least we can bring peace with the message of Prabhupada". In the midst of social and political chaos, protests and repressive militants around the center, Guru Maharaja came to give the holy name at the streets of Bolivia.

Guru Maharaja spoke at the UMSA about the importance of a revolution, but what is it worth it to change others if one is not a living example of what we want to change? Guru Maharaja spoke about a change of heart, to promote solidarity among people, but like everything, it starts at home, by turning off the tv. When will you be able to practice solidarity if you live prostrated in front the television?
Solidarity is the solution for the cancer of selfishness. The more we work together, more wealth we will have to give to others. Guru Maharaja, always being example, was attending mangal aratik programs in Bolivia, together with Gurudeva Atulananda they sang and prayed to their Lordships for the true peace and fortune of the Bolivian people. It did not matter the weather or the obvious discomfort of a newly purchased old house. The nice cold weather of Bolivia or the icy water are not conditions for a vibrant community in explosive growth. Many friends come every day to put their heart into the center. Guru Maharaja said "it is the moment of glory of the mission here".

Guru Maharaja: I would stay here but they are waiting for me elsewhere. So I ask you to study all these instructions in group. Our meditation is how to make others happy. This is was the message of Guru Maharaja in his last conference, the appearance day of Lord Nrsimha.

Guru Maharaja: The most important realization of a leader is "I cannot do it alone". A successful leader is one who has the art of connecting everyone, of inspiring sacrifice and dynamism. This leader may not be the temple president or the greatest devotee, but is the most important leader, the one that makes the projects grow. A project of Krishna may reach an unimaginable success when it finds a leader who devotes all his energy.
Many times I find this leadership profile in devotees or very young mothers who take Krsna consciousness seriously. To me, they are also senior devotees and representatives of Srila Prabhupada. I am yours.

Guru maharaja, is his "free moments" is working on different projects such as the presentation of Father Canciani's book, the book of the purges of Oida therapy, faith education research, etc. At the same time, attending at about 15 emails a day and lecturing daily to dozens of people. His work continues and we hope that the team on regional office continues to expand to help Gurudeva in his mission. The office's doors are open, and now we celebrate here in Goura Mandal the official opening of Mother Sati's new office, a leading developer of Guru Maharaja’s projects.
It is true that there are many errors in these attempts, we are learning on the go and we did not arrive by qualification but out of pure mercy. This is something I try not to forget. And thank you very much those who help me remember it as well.
I apologize for forgetting someone's name in Bolivia or other devotees who participate in a same project. Guru Maharaja emphasized much to contact with the India seva to place orders for materials to preach. Please contact mother Kaustubha Mani in Vrindavan, leader of India seva to place orders. Please do not think it's a campaign to sell products, it is a campaign to raise awareness. For example the magazine of the WVA also can be download free from this link:

Thank you for your attention. Guru Maharaja sends his blessings to all devotees of the Chat. Due to the tight itinerary of today there was practically only one day for Gaura Mandal and to address to 100 devotees.

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