World Conscious Pact 2/24/13 India

Conference from India.
Dear devotees,

Receive all my affection from the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad. I send this message to tell you about a new preaching project that has been established during our stay in Kumbha Mela.

This program is of much impact on people in which all our temples can participate. It is the representation of characters through conscious costumes that were made for Kumbha Mela. This idea originated in Rio, where we participated in demonstrations that are in favor of consciousness. It involved actors representing Mother Earth to the multinationals and bringing awareness to the exploitation of animals.

Now for Kumbha Mela we have decided to make more characters with stunning dresses and it has been a success. Every day they appear in the press, on television and even famous artists, government officials and religious leaders have been photographed with them.

For South America we have to create a character that represents the Spoon Revolution, full of spoons who have awareness messages such as: Saving animals from laboratory experiments, Stop eating animals unnecessarily, Protecting animals from cruel sports, Protecting essential water sources, vegetarianism is not a personal choice, but a tool to save lives! The style of these costumes are striking; they are very colorful and embody messages where people cannot look away from them. So, for South America we want to do the following characters:

* The Materialist: represents the exploitation and the lack of awareness of the multinationals.
* Mother Earth: full of messages about the abuse and neglect of nature.
* The Mountain: full of garbage and destroyed by mining.
* The Tree: teaches us about the devastated forests.
* The sacred river:has been contaminated by industries and unconsciously trashed.
* The Cow: as a representative of the animal kingdom which is exploited by human greed.
* The Spoon Revolution: a positive message that promotes animal protection and vegetarianism.
* World Conscious Pact: as the solution to all the problems mentioned above.

The costumes of the Materialist, Mother Earth, the Spoon revolution and the World Conscious Pact, have large wings of fabric where the corresponding messages are written. As soon as they unfold their wings it catches the eye immediately, giving the impression of a human being that expands sideways and looks like a butterfly.

The dress of the sacred river is shocking as well because this is a young woman dressed in a very beautiful brightly colored sari with a crown and attractive decorations, while the veil of her sari is filled with plastic trash. There are some changes and improvements that can be made to the costumes for example the World Conscious Pact and the Mother Earth costume is best made with sturdy circular cardboard than with wire and bamboo as we did in India.

Our main idea for these suits was going to visit the Kumbha Mela sadhus and bring the environmental message, but these days we organized a play with all the characters and was very well received, so much so that it was presented at a meeting of Acharyas of  the Mela and at a university in Varanasi. My hope is that these characters play in South America and there can be a play organized with them, where it is used alongside well chosen music and choreography. It is an excellent introduction to Eco Yoga festivals, fairs Spoon Revolution events, water protection, etc. I want the art and theater groups from different churches create different scripts for this work to expand the preaching effort. Temples like Govinda's Medellín, the artistic groups of Costa, Cali, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Lima, Quito, Santiago, La Serena, Antofagasta and Sao Paulo should begin to work now on the costumes and the scripts of the play. So we can participate in an active and artistic event of organization that promotes awareness and respect for nature and all beings, as being part of the World Conscious Pact message filled with positivism, color and non aggression.

I want everyone to prepare for this without any pretext, it is very important that we should be running this everywhere. Report the progress of this project in Vrindanews, with photos and videos of the presentations. I also want to start preparing the scripts for presenting the work: "The trial of humanity" in the same sweet and colorful way, because that message also fits well with the approach of the World Conscious Pact.

(You can find pictures of the costumes in this link:

Furthermore, I wish to speak of a new program in connection with activism:
These are Chaski-fest or music festivals and artfully linked with the World Conscious Pact.

Chaski-fest is one intense promotion of the different activities of the Spoon Revolution and vegetarianism projects in each location, eg vegetarian restaurants, organic fairs, the Eco Yoga festivals. Chaski-fest was born from the need to bring together so many wonderful and varied artists linked to the World Conscious Pact. A Chaski represents the culture of the ancient Inca messengers who traveled great distances to communicate one village with another, well, the current Chaskis are true messengers of consciousness through music and art. A Chaski-fest has no limitations, it can be done on a large and small scale, the most important thing is that it is an instance of enthusiasm and joy where vegetarianism, protecting Mother Earth and respect between people are the main themes.

During this time we have contacted wonderful musicians who are very keen to visit South America, one of them is Vaiyasaki who is going to start his tour in Brazil and reach Mexico. With him you can organize beautiful Chaski-fests. Gita from Hungary is also going to start traveling around Europe and South America taking his sweet music and all the experience gained in India this time. Fantuzzi, Adam Baba or Deepak from California were also invited to participate. When artists such as them come to our farms they should be received with love and the best care, it is already an achievement  because having the likes of them is very important because their presence alone is already a Chaski-fest in action. Those who commune with the ideals of Chaski-fest are welcome to participate and energize cultural consciousness by these events.

What do we need to prepare for a Chaski Fest?

- Having copies (at least) an artist disk. These can be obtained with S.E.V.A. if local produce is not available.
- Print posters of the event depending on the subject or Chaski-fest. The ideal is to make a good promotion of the festival for people to know in time. If your event will be a small scale, at least you should ensure that all vegetarian restaurants and yoga centers have the necessary information.
- Promote the event online, sending programs to the contacts of vegetarian projects, etc..
-Send information to the page festival to be promoted on time and included in the web programming. Once the event is realized send photos and videos to upload to the page. Every year we get to have 100-150 Chaski-fest big and small.
-Bring all related materials: okis,Spoon Revolution, music and all that we are producing for the welfare of people, especially a lot of prasadam to distribute.
- Invite local artists associated with the cause.

- Prepare all awareness costumes and theatrical presentations with them, to make a strong presentation of the values ​​that the World Conscious Pact represents and all promote all related organizations.

Chaski-fest is conditioned not only to big events, there is no limit on it, with well-known musicians and local artists who are just launching. The size is not important, but it is a diverse festival with great enthusiasm and awareness. Every temple of our mission should be able to launch a Chaski-fest, small churches can make small festivals and temples with more facility can make great festivals, everyone should do it. There is no excuse for not making a beautiful conscious event full of joy, music and art. You must be prepared for every time you get one Chaski to visit your city, they can also begin to hold meetings with local musicians.

To begin, it is possible to organize a Chaski-fest in salons that offer municipalities or cities with a very low price or even free of charge. For the large vegetarian restaurants,the space can be used for a festival. Be aware that most Chaskis that will visit will not charge for their participation, but you should collaborate with the sale of their CDs at festivals and with the purchase of their next flight to the temple they will visit next. This whole system should work without a problem.

Just as each templ,  vegetarian restaurant, yoga academy or center has a leader, there should be someone in charge of the duty of the Chaski-fest and be in permanent contact with the Office of Lima and disclose all the details of the event. They have to develop a database with all the musicians and local artists who can participate in the events. While Chaski-fest are clearly promoting vegetarianism, you can also perform Bhakti-fests that are purely spiritual.

With all that you can do something really nice, you just need to make an effort so it can become a reality. This is my wish and I assure you that it will generate increased awareness activities for people. Share this post with the whole community, and contact managers to report their news.

With all my affection,
Srila BA Paramadvaiti

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