Project of Gouranga Radha Vrajesvara From India 10/27/13

Dear devotees

Because you are all Vrinda Family members, today I will talk about one of the major projects we are developing : The project of completing our offering to Their Lordships Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara . This is an offering, most of all, artistic and loving, despite heavy expenditure involved in the construction and development of the ceilings, etc. . , it is completely a gift of love from the entire mission.

You know, I like architecture of natural style, simple. For me, we should all live in natural caves, but there are not many caves for it. Only Siddhanti Maharaj in Spain has a cave which is a great temple in Palma de Mallorca, we also have a temple of Sri Nrishimhadeva in Eco Truly Park, but not enough for all to live there :) Also, in cities like Medellín we have built our own caves or oasis of Krishna Consciousness . However, the temple of Gauranga Radha Vrajesvar is different , because it is the birthplace of the Vrinda Family and therefore it is very important.

By Krishna's  arrangements and unexpectedly, as it was , the idea of making an offering a temple to the Worshiipable Lordships that, and at the same time, it is an art installation with the pastime of Gopakumar travelling history . The same way that the realization of project of the Yoga Planetarium in Peru which came years ago and gave us much joy in its result..It ended up being something very appealing that has touched the hearts of many people . Now that the Vrinda mission has expanded to many parts, it would be a very nice service for everyone to identify and participate in one way or another in this great task, with the heart in the service of Sri Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara . It does not deal with Lakshmi or arts themselves , is something from the heart , as we are building this beautiful temple with no employees, only with devotees who are currently involved.

The temple of Sri Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara is the site of many important meetings, for example, now in January next year we will host the international meeting of the Eco Villages of America, where all the people who are seeking a more natural life come and are going to gather in Varsana. Before that, in December will make a kiwa (meaning the temple of the heart of Mother Earth ), a temple style that originated in ancient Mexican tradition which will towns will participate throughout the Americas . It is of utter historical importance that the people of America come together and build a temple of worship to Mother Nature in Varsana , 8 meters from the Temple of our beloved Lordships. Sure, we support this and gave all the facilities to do so, but it was not our decision , it was theirs.

Then , we must realize that Sri Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara is opening another dimension to touching the hearts of people around the world, so the temple construction work is crucial, whose importance has not yet been completely understood by the devotees of Bogota and Colombia, not even by our promoters of Inbound tours who are very good but have not yet grasped the value of this project for the Yoga process itself. It is so important because the aim of this Yoga Planetarium is to demonstrate the development process of love of God, Bhakti Yoga , which will cause a lot of impact on people . It will help to involve people in the development of consciousness, in spiritual growth, commitment to Mother Earth and animals. It's as if all eyes are going towards to Varsana . It's of so much potential that it can unite the loving spirit to protect our planet.

You can see something important and Varsana is a sanctuary to the Huisca tradition, a place of worship that is very important even for native people. And the formation of stones we have in what is now the park "Krsna, the winner of obstacles " is also of great importance . It is a Huisca sanctuary Huisca also. When I was in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia and met the shrines of the Arhuacos I realized that the Varsana site was really important and the mamos and the grandparent huiscas confirmed it as well. As a place of prayer, invocation and payment, it is always a very special place .

Therefore, the act of putting the story of Gopa Kumar as an offering to Mother Earth into art made ​​by a sincere and wonderful group of artists is something very special. Artists of the stature of Braja Mohan prabhu, Yadu Kumar, mother Radha Vilasini and many others of great capacity. A group of true artists of a spectacular category in skill nor do I know where they appeared from, but they were sent by Krishna . They are truly of level and quality. With all this you can see that it is a very special project .

Sure, the Vrinda Mission in Colombia is not alone, we have centers in Italy, in Germany, in Spain, over here in India with Paramahamsa Maharaj but Varsana is the center of our mission and there are key sites there such as the Samadhi of Srila Harijan Maharaj and many historical sites that mark our family .

Today, in this sacred precinct of Vrinda Kunja in Vrindavan , I was inspired to invite you to be part of the wonderful project of offering a temple to Radha Vrajesvar Gauranga . In truth , I'm not much to build great temples, I like to build sanctuaries to Mother Nature, build communities, build homes which are of rather pleasant atmospheres . I like the temples in big old houses with courtyards and gardens where you can grow and make a nice community. But in the end, the place where devotees chant the Maha Mantra and hear the Srimad Bhagavatam is a temple, whether it is a garage or anything . A sanctuary is the site of where sadhana is performed. Also, the temple of Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara is a site of sadhana where Nitya Kirtan Prabhu  is protecting the Yoga monastery, a sanctuary of human quality .

From Vrinda Kunja to Varsana I want to send this message to inspire one another about the wonderful things the devotees are doing ther. Varsana is the name of the place where Srimati Radharani lived , then the mere thought that our main temple has that place can transform the heart of anyone. I invite each of you who are reading this message to think about how they want to participate in the project of the Yoga Planetarium in Varsana . Personally I guarantee that all donations that are sent to it will be handled carefully and transparently. This is not a fundraising methodology, but it is an effort to unite our hearts around a beautiful cause .

Varsana has a long life and next year we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Vrinda Family, which was born in Varsana with the appearance of Their Lordships Sri Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara. This is what I share with you . You can participate in many ways, even spreading this same message. Thus energy and focus can help finish this offering . That would be something beautiful and wonderful you will be very happy because you are connecting with something that is really worth while. There is something that you have to remember and that is that the opulence of Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara is in all places where you carry the holy name of Krishna, it is not solely in Granada - Cundinamarca , but it is in any Planet no matter how far as long as the message of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is there. The opulence of Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara are all of you and the message that is being preaching in connection, in Santa Catarina , in Majorca or wherever  Lord Krishna has sent you, either as brahmacaris as grhastas as vanaprasthas or sannyasis, all that matter is that you are to be connected to Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara  and where Krishna has manifested for us , this is even difficult to understand for me, but Sri Krishna one can not understand, one can only admire, adore and be fascinated with Him.

My dear , the project of Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara is a bit slow, because there are many details to cover. Practically what we need to finish are the following:

- Finish the floor around the planetarium which is a very large area.
- Complete 16 secondary altars that mark the journey of Gopakumar and his teachings and a meditation on Krishna Consciousness . Each of these altars is double-sided (front and back)
- Finish the main truly and the main altar. Currently is at an early stage but already has 1.60 meters, which is a great start . Vijay Prabhu and Bhakta Prabhu who are building there are very dedicated devotees with special ability to do so. They have been very courageous in carrying out this project .
- Finish the job of every truly ceiling. We have been thinking about different options for these ceilings , there is nothing definite yet but recently commissioned some materials to try. Something a little modern but very nice that we can decorate .
- Complete coverage of the entire area of ​​the Planetarium .
- Produce gardening work throughout the surrounding area .
- Organize the parking area and reception.

That's more or less what is left to do is lot of work , but our way of building has been as "a living art workshop " therefore anyone who visits can see the Planetarium and also the work that these artists are doing. We do not want to be a construction site, but a large art studio where they can see the artists in action. So everyone is invited , from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego to participate in this beautiful offering. We are keeping all the records of those who have participated in one way or another, either as personal or representing their Yatras .

A beautiful divine plan, a plan for Krishna .

Today, from Vrinda Kunja , I wanted to share with you the hope that this project vibrates with our whole family, in every corner, with the greatest joy of life. Just as today we are with so much joy doing international Braj Mandal Parikrama this year has been totally blessed by many devotees who purchased economical tickets and could get here. That was a great mercy . Everyone talks of crisis, the crisis here and there, but with all crises and we have over 70 people in India doing parikrama . These are Krishna 's plans. The only crisis we have is to lose the desire to serve and lose the desire to chant Hare Krishna. That is a real crisis. The rest of the material world crises are usable by the department of " every cloud has a silver lining ." So we hope you are encouraged . You are invited to Varsana , if you want to drop by and give a little hand, we have volunteer groups organized by Prabhu Askalita weekly.

Thank you very much to all of you for sharing these words today .

I leave all my affection from Sri Vrindavan Dham .

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your Always Well Wisher,
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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