Continue giving all your effort in your individual struggles... 2/9/14

From Ekachakra .
Dear devotees.
A hug from Chile Yatra. Happy in the company of my dearest brother Gurudeva Atulananda.

First I want to offer my obeisances to Srila Prabhupada, who changed the world, who sent me to this life with a mission. With a mission to fulfill, that mission is the mission of finding spirituality for myself and to share it with others.

The materialistic man is busy with all their toys and even though man has so many giant things, countries like China, Russia, USA, a fairly powerful world where everything is huge, yet they can not seem to solve their problems, it seems that man creates more problems than solutions.

There is very little coordination, there is little progress in understanding a situation of cause and effect. To avoid the negative causes and its effects, you would think that when you know something hurts that it should be removed to avoid causing further damage. So one might assume that the man would be very handy, especially in terms of food, pollution, but that is not the case. Man can not even advance much in that manner. For Example:

Currently there are many modern diseases and hospitals where new systems of medicine, surgery, etc are invented and there even exists computers that can run surgeries. One says, " how smart, look how much power man has." Actually the problem is simple, man has forgotten spirituality. Spirituality is the only way that one has to understand the difficulty of the material world. With the material one can not solve problems, the spiritual gives one the power to understand the essence, the cause of everything. The spiritual master always has doors open for everyone to grow and all problems are solved humility within the heart.

On the other hand, the idea of economic happiness or economic security is something that is naturally created in this materialistic environment where if everyone wants to have something then they have to have money, but they have forgotten that societies existed before without money and sharing was natural. ..
For example devotees share everything they have.We have a new farm Inkawara, 60 hectares in Bolivia which will be the light of the Incas, and it is a paradise. It has many butterflies, the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life, water everywhere, orchards in 60 years that have not been touched or better to say that have never ever been touched.

This land is also yours because you are a devotee of Krsna, because your dad is the owner, because the owner is Krsna, He has made the most beautiful things in the world until men come and they exploit it and destroy it. In other words, wherever Krsna may be that is also your place, that is divine socialism, and if we need a big roof because we are a lot of people we are also capable of making a large roof and if we need blankets because it is very cold, we will also be able to get them so that there is warmth.
So simple living and high thinking is not fictitious, it is not illusion, but you must be detached enough.

One of the founders of Ikwashenduna said : you all talk about the money but that is something very bohemian to decorate the walls, that is to stick on the walls, you see money as something important but it is only to decorate, but that is for doing something beautiful, but when you see money as the most important thing and you are neglecting your relationship with God that is very grave. Therefore, Srila Prabhupada was very gracious, he gave us the world, he gave us Vrindavan, that was raised by the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

All the banks and financed houses cannot even  afford to pay for a pebble of Govardhana.

We know that our lives are there to serve, learning to serve with or without money, no problem, the issue is to serve, but when you forget to serve you want to become the served, that's what happens in the material world, everyone wants to be served, served by others, ignorance of others. Even when you say " I love you", that has become selfish, if people say " I want to serve you " that's fine, but people really mean " I want to enjoy you." So you must be very careful with this phrase "I love you ".

We are very fortunate when we look for the goal of life and it comes to us through the form of the spiritual master and you now can serve in a loving way. And it is better you understand this anyway because everyone is the architect of their own fortune. Some have heart and not others. Those who do not will not understand anything but those that are, will build a temple of the Lord in their heart. They become well-wishers for all others and want to make temples in the hearts of others also; they become builders in the hearts of others even when uninvited. I see that your heart is in a prison, a place full of worries, you should remove those bars to be free and then I will enter there and build a cozy temple.

Everyone has to build a temple in their heart. They are constructing doctors of the soul, and there are many ways to see it, but the concept is very nice; that someone comes into your heart and will start constructing sa temple, that is rather advantageous but nice. Because really to build and be constructive one needs materials, and these are the materials of Seva. These are the materials to build temples in the hearts of others, there are cds, books, all to create the perfect consciousness and to have favorable environments especially when speaking of intelligence and speaking of the mind. There is a subtle construction needed, in that place there is no longer a need to handle bricks or mud. To build on them one must be quite prepared. When you install the books of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudeva Atulananda's conferences in the hearts of people, a temple is insured. Only the Lord knows what you 're calling, you just have to change your heart and call, you have to call, I install the line but you have to call, and if not, that is alright, because we will also call you, but hopefully you answer.

All things are lessons to grow, to learn, to rejoice, the value of this world is to feel that our brothers are happy, and so practically the happiness of Krishna consciousness is knowing that there is Krsna consciousness.

Our life, our path, our road, our task is to spread love, and we do not need anything else, we just need love, and one who does not have much love then you must chant the Hare Krishna mantra, that is why in a temple the maha mantra is installed to activate that love that everyone searches for :

"O my Lord let me be an instrument of your love."
When you have time to sing, that is activated. Then the Lord's devotees have a duty to activate the holy name and install the worship of Ishtadev. Everyone should be involved in the worship of God, even when he is an atheist.

One has to be a sankirtaneer, sankirtan leaders for Srila Prabhupada, equip yourselves and do not go without material. Equip yourselves to preach without the false ego, without thinking that you are the doers. We are nothing but instrumental pawns. Those who are doing it all, are our Gurudevas, Srila Prabhupada, Srila Sridhar Maharaj, Srila BP Puri Maharaj, we are the pawns. And there is much more work to be done. I see that many communities are being activated through the leadership the devotees are taking.

My message and desire is this: to continue giving all your effort in your individual struggles and change the community around you.

I wish you the best with the blessings of Srila Prabhupada.
Haribol .

Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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