Everything Krsna Does is Perfect. Mayapur. 12/7/14


My dear devotees
Preachers of love,

In full marathon, the first week. And the result is exciting that Thakur Prabhu in Peru and his group have obtained. At the same time, there are several important events of the marathon, like Kiwa in Colombia and the tribunal against the abuse of Mother Earth in Peru. A concert of our friend Hector Buitrago in Lima in the margin of the People's Summit. A lot of service. While here in India we have already presented four plays successfully at the Ekachakra villages in Kattwa and Navadvip. We are now being invited to other places like Ambika Kalna and other sacred sites of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya. Who can understand it? Pure mercy.

Krishna knows what he wants. When things get tough in my life I take refuge in two sentences: "Everything that happens that Krishna allows is perfect, it must be so ... if not, it would not have happened": And when circumstances still seem ugly, I take refuge in the phrase "every cloud has a silver lining" and with that, I calm the mind completely, otherwise how will I calm the mind of others if my own mind is agitated.

Therefore, by calming my own mind I extend my hand to the people who are still sad or agitated so they can also feel the protection of reflection and thus can begin the process of harmonization with the prayer "vanca kalpa tarubhyas ca ...: apologizing to all others who may have been offended by my conscious or unconscious behaviors in the past. With this attitude of humility one can go into battle again, in a pleasant and appreciative way. And by doing so reach goals in a transparent manner of what I should give to those around me.

Of course, when something happens that I do not like, I should complain to my authority to harmonize things. Because harmonization is possible when one receives the authorization for it. At certain times of conflict in the world it is necessary to consult the guardian of both sides. The guardian who is accepted by both sides of the conflict. However, preaching is our life. And preaching brings conflict. And in order to grow one must experience conflict ... or rather, when there is growth conflicts will appear. Each new child in the world means a new problem. Each new temple, it means new challenges. So when we preach we are inviting new problems. Secondly, to avoid problems there should be transparency, especially if a program handles Lakshmi, for many reasons it should remain transparent.

We are in Kali Yuga and there is a lot of envy. Now we need to realize this so it does not remain as just a theory. And so we do not have to learn it again. I send you a hug in this marathon that you are having there. With love I say goodbye from Mayapur Dham.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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