Personalized Sankirtan from Mayapur 1/11/2015

Dear devotees
Happy New Year.

I want to thank all the devotees who have took part in such a beautiful marathon. This year something very interesting happened. On one side there were warriors tremendously giving all their efforts in the streets, distributing books and magazines with Gopal Sundara winning this beautiful competition.

Sankirtan has one purpose: to awaken the love of all for all. And another thing beautifully happened during the same period of the sankirtan marathon, the biggest collector of person to person sankirtan, utilizing yoga courses, our beloved Rasikendra of Bogotá, who gave us a different style of sankirtan which now confirms that it is a super productive tool. I decided that this could not compete with the more common form of sankirtan that was done on the buses. But at this moment I want to recognize Rasikendra prabhu's tremendous efforts and stress the importance of what he is showing us. A good lesson on personalized sankirtan.

I invite him and Sundar Gopal prabhu from Dominican Republic to share their secrets, in the form of an interview for the page, to encourage others in following their wonderful examples.For me, the marathon in India was mostly based on the production of websites and literature. The traditional form of sankirtan is of the utmost importance because it can be applied in any town in the world, not only in large cities where there are many buses where one can do sankirtan. And that is so important because the devotees have to go to every town and village in the world and with personalized sankirtan materials they can make good collections and keep their temples, that's the most important message.

This morning I was giving the order of visnu priya to mother Prabhupada kripa in Veni panca and just behind her there were fishermen, getting a giant fish net into the river, and I remembered what Jesus said. He said we are fishers of men and women. Taking the vow of renunciation, going on sankirtan or giving lectures at universities all share one purpose: to bring souls to Lord Krishna, to fish  them out of the ocean of material nature in which they are suffering.

Thank you to all of you for understanding this and for participating in it. And with this message from the heart I say goodbye for today, praying to always implement all the wisdom that Srila Prabhupada gave us.

A recommendation for readers. Please read Vaiyasaki's book, my spiritual brother, where he did a tremendous job of defeating the materialistic judgements of the atheists; this book will be available because it's almost completely translated into Spanish by our translator star from Cali, Gopal shakti.

Jay Srila Prabahupada ki jay

With much love from Mayapur dhama

Your always well-wisher
B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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