Chaski Fest Promotion 2/22/2015

From Miami. We connect with you with all the affection of the heart. We just arrived from Mexico which is always a marvelous thing, and that after so many months in India it is good to touch Latin soil once again.

And we have newly awaken our full awareness of the great struggle for our Holy Mother. Man is so busy in their struggle for worldly things, and they forget the horrors that they commit for the sake of fighting for such worldly things. The responsibility that man has is to strive for spiritual things, few people are aware of this and this is the work we do. The World Conscious Pact is actually a spiritual struggle, not a struggle for worldly achievements.

This morning a talk with Ati Quigua stressed again very clear, the beautiful struggle for Mother Earth is fighting for Vrindavan, for Radharani, for survival of life on this planet, and I want to stress this to you that the mixture of both is not a speculation on my part. As it is known the Bhumi Puja in India inaugurates any project or temple. Bhumi is representing the supreme femininity, all divine femininity such as Sarasvati, Bhakti Devi, Sraddha Devi, Laksmi Devi, Vrinda Devi, are expansions of divine love and has only one purpose of heart and that is to lead souls to their ultimate destination of Divine Love. And that makes me very happy.

 When we are preaching to the materialistic people, the settlers, just to call them so, they do not understand anything until mercy drops upon them and they become devotees and they begin to understand something. But with most of the native people the thing is very different. They understand before hand and fully agree that materialism is a big mistake that caused such devastation on the planet and that the rescue of values ​​of common sense, which in turn are spiritual too, is the only sensible and right path to proceed. Some details to clarify obviously are there, but the main things at the moment are already clear. We will fight together for our Mother Earth, our rivers, so that the resources that has given us life is not depleted. Just as we defend the rights of Mother Nature, we defend Vrindavan, Braj Mandal and the Yamuna River. That's part of our task. However, the fight is slow and not as directly palpable as the arati, rounds or Srimad Bhagavatam classes.

Union is strength, bonding connects all sensible beings who are sensitive, loving and grateful to Mother Earth. And suddenly we discover that we have many more things in common, for example, our fight in defense of preventive medicine, ayurveda, naturopathy, and many other branches of natural medicine who are persecuted as practices of witches in other parts of the world. While allopathic medicine manufactures 34 billion in the US alone poisons the head of America. And it's proven to be a marketing  business where doctors receive commission from producers of medicines to prescribe to people these poisonous drugs that put them in cases much worse than before they went to the doctor. It is a corruption of incomprehensible dimension. And from there the doctors take astronomical sums of money for their pockets and who fights against it? Well, the devotees and the ancestral villages, naturists, honest people. And those who struggle in this world so that we are not poisoned with pesticides everywhere.

Srila Prabhupada pioneered organic farms, strictly ecological communities without chemicals, as Prabhupada taught us, glorifying the concept of self-sufficient. Imagine Prabhupada's vision, there were only small communes of hippies trying to do the same. But theses communes fell to pieces, they did not last 10 years, except for one or two. And now we need the ancient wisdom of how to cultivate the land and what is permaculture.

We have good news for Mexico, a great ally in the struggle to defend Mother Nature, the deputy of Mexico Cesar Madruga and his wife Saga Colibri. They fought hard to establish the rights of Mother Nature in the city of Mexico and managed to establish as law. As part of the movement for the rights of mother earth Alberto Coyote Ruz was defending her with Munta, Ati Quigua and others.There majority of devotees have no idea. A great sacrificing person named Robin Milan launched, using their own savings, the International Tribunal for the Defense from abuse for Mother Earth.

We witnessed this in Lima, Peru last year as well as another in Quito, Ecuador but for the latter we did not participate. The next trial will be in Paris, COP21 2015.What is this tribunal all about? Robin created a court  of prosecutors, defenders, judges, and everything you can imagine, as well as popular important people and accuses the principal crimes that are made against humanity and Mother Nature like Bellomonte dam, mining the open sky in Peru, Colombia, etc. About 10 case studies. All this is documented and reported by the open press, and serves as a great show in the defense of Mother Nature because in reality these trials should be conducted in the international court to protect the Earth, but it is not possible because this court belongs to the multinationals and their personal goals as well as the governments that rely on these multinationals.

Robin Milan dares to launch this court on their own, or by the movement for the rights of Mother Nature. I have the last report of the last court, 25 pages in English, and if someone wants to get it then you can ask Pancatattva, or if you want to get all the laws from the M.N. in Mexico or the emotional treatments, these are PDFs that can be obtained from Pancatattva's office. So that you become informed, print it, disseminate and advocate it locally in discussions with your political administrators in your district or city or country. Because you can suddenly encounter a deputy like Cesar Madrugo who is an advocate of Mother Earth.

On the other hand I want to make an additional comment on my part towards the members of Vrinda, Chaski Fest and our duty to Mother Nature. Dr.Vandana Shiva ordered me to build international citizenship (World Citizenship) which was a methodology to encourage people to identify themselves as citizens of the planet to protect the whole planet not only their pockets. I acted upon her order, I designed the passport and offered it to the doctor, who received it with great pleasure. I took it to India. After the WCP was founded, and I made a new version of the passport that combined the WCP and Spoon Revolution. The special purpose of it is that we are one of the environmental movements, the one who puts on its agenda with the main point of needing to reduce consumption of meat in the world, something that others have left aside or only slightly mentioned . For more information I recommend the movie "Cowspiracy". Which is in English and would need to be translated, something that is badly needed.

This passport was born and was accepted by our friends from India to Europe and America. But our dear temples and preaching leaders do not stop when I propose something. There are many great leaders who think they are smarter than the spiritual master and think that my protection for Mother Nature is a hobby of mine and because of it never got the passports or Peru or offer it to their circle of friends. Of course, I recognize that my dear devotees are saturated and over saturated, by the saint who are working tirelessly. And I complain with a big smile. However, it would be better for you to pay more attention to what I am promoting, because what I am promoting are tools for increasing preaching, increasing our service to humanity and ultimately also increase the fame of my spiritual master Srila Prabhupada so he be recognized as the greatest benefactor of the modern world, although this modern world prefers to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama.

The last peace prize was given to the European community, community of crooked arms producers for the world, that are used to kill innocent lives right and left and those who ignore the message of Prabhupada. I think this year I can give a speech at Harvard University, they invited me to this event, so we can fight and protest for Mother Nature. And I want to add that these are the  "Diplomas" of the UDSA that we printed in Colombia. The first day we used them we collected a thousand dollars in donation. And who receives them? Those who sign up for the rights of Mother Nature, and activists who promise to care and protect Mother Earth. Is it too much to ask? And to become aware of what is happening to our planet? That is why we began the Chaski Fest. So this year I will send two chaskis, one is Bhajananmrita of Colombia, who will be travelling throughout South America and simultaneously train the presidents, the sannyasis and all the people how to care for Mother Earth, what is the Chaski Fest, what are "diplomas", which is global citizenship, which are the golden pages, and how to promote this, and how to use it to impact your country, how to link up with indigenous people of your country with all these tools to create bonds of love with the most oppressed of this planet, the survivors of ethnocide, holocausts and victims of the colonizers.

A key message throughout especially for the government of Colombia that still has in their name the shame of the colonizer Cristobal Colon. Instead of celebrating the beauty of its original name Cariba, the land of water or Ablayala, the land of America, instead of giving America the name of a colonialist madman. And this poor feat that any can do, the name America was given to the continent. This is called megalomania, when one thinks himself so important that they can do whatever they wants in the world and others must be silent. In some parts they are returning the original names to their sites, trying to wash off the abuse from the colonialists. Why do we remember the call of Evo Morales, for stealing gold and silver, etc. All over the world banks lend money and charge, everywhere armies presumably act against injustice, and if a country has committed injustices they have to pay compensation. If someone is not well informed about this I recommend reading "The Open Veins of America" ​​by Jose Galiano. So one becomes aware of the history around us. We are first distributors love, so we made a collection called sankirtan messages from heart to heart, please print them all, and we have a FB page and are inviting others to increase these heart to heart messages to give people some variation, so they are tailored to the needs of each country.

So Bhajanamrita will be travelling and preparing the temples, so Chaski Fest can reach more people. Also this should be done with local artists. I remind you that you can start with 20 people to 20,000. And we need to do Chaski Coaching to offer support for chaskis to visit your country and offer them stay. Because not everyone can do the temple sadhana and get up for mangal arati at 5am. But that devotees can receive the chaskis in their home. Every community should have a committee to organize these Chaski Fests. Like the Eco Yoga Fest which expanded at an unexpected rate, each Chaski Fest should be selling prasada, conscious art, introduction of diplomas, introduction to the universal citizenship passports, okis, and messages from heart to heart, plus music from a group, or two or more. For a Chaski Fest there does not need to be many musicians, better have one or two groups to establish contact with the audience. The Chaski Fest should have a table of Seva, and a on the table,CDs from other messengers, apart from the CDs of the groups that are performing live. We have great hopes for it. Great singers in Mexico, famous singers, got together and have given much support. Many artists like Xicome, among others. Therefore, Bhajan will train local devotees,because some of them are doing very nice preaching, but aren't completely informed, unaware of what is happening. There is also Quirio, the Mexican group, which is one of the founders of Chaski Fest.

Also I strongly recommend you all have the magazine Varsana and Vrinda in all events that use them to promote the eco villages as places of pilgrimage. Yesterday I talk to Bhagavatamrita of Amhimsavan, Tena, who said, we have 25 volunteers and 10 more arriving and there is nowhere to put them all. An example of someone who has transformed his farm. And in reality it is a site so that people can find shelter. This level is easily possible for many other farms.

Our departments of coordinating organic farms complain that these farms have no one to answer an email, nor answer their own posts, or send photos to promote projects.. And it seems that this is not within the plane of service, and they do not know how to use social networks today where one can multiply an invitation or glorification so that it may reach thousands of people. Our farms should be in full service to mankind, because they are there for the defense of Mother Earth, and I have not purchased them to do business with them, this was never my motivation and I think we get very much mercy from Krsna to do the impossible, to spread love in the hearts of all, and if I use a harsh or prickly words in this chat it is not my intention offend anyone; I do it because I want to wake you up so the princess of preaching can kiss the cursed toad of a mind that is distracted. And awaken the prince of the kingdom of sankirtan that is within you and to joyfully embrace your new life, saved from the life of toad. And that goes for all who have not been excited in the struggle to defend our Mother Earth, who is none other than Radharani in one of Her expansions.

And to finish the chat today. We are in intense negotiations with the organization of defense of Mother Nature, the largest in history, to be in the front of the collection of the signatures and the expansion of these ideas for millions of people. We are making arrangements for all of it. I encourage all of you to become members with Simply open the page, register with your email and start signing for different themes that Avaaz is putting together daily, issues that remain hidden like the subject of poor women. When I was in Mexico I heard of three cases of young women abducted from their home and they disappeared. I guess that they put them into human trafficking which lamentably exists in this world. These things happen in hospitals, they kill people to extract their organs, the world is perverted and one has to guard love. And Avaaz is an organization that has the courage to raise their voice and pressure the criminals or pressure those who turn a blind eye, or are where the criminals are celebrating.

Many hugs to all friends of the struggle. Make sure there is not a single member of Vrinda that does not read this message, because if they do not read this, it is more likely they will remain toads.

Your always well wisher,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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