Last day in India 3/15/15

Dear devotees,
 Today is my last day in India, what can I say about all this time here, what can I say about the organization of mela for the past 6 months. I can not say anything but admirable, as to how the devotees have administered everything here. What can I say about our devotional musicians ... they have kept us all singing this entire time, and what to say about our experiences throughout the various places of Vrindavan, as always, fantastic. When you see that the temple of Radha Gopinath, which is being restored in a beautiful way, one is stunned and has no words to say. What to say about our chefs ... they were fantastic. We did not hear any complaints at all this time, cooks were amazing, really wonderful. This is very difficult to achieve. I could go on and on without end. What to say about each moment lived in these months ... our visit to the temples of Rajesthan ... the dance at Radha Gopinath Mandir, the reunion of the many sadhus everywhere we went, the sannyasis and acaryas illuminating us. Our visit to Berampur, our visit to Bangladesh where people are so beautiful, the visit to Kolkata where we find all those beautiful Vaishnava organizations gathered at a big festival to celebrate the appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The beautiful presentations of our drama in Bengal. What can I say! All this time in India has been amazing, the jewel of Bharata Varsa, we had never before received such a large group; More than 170 devotees arrived to share during Kartik and I must confess I was a bit scared of being able to receive this large of a group. .. and somehow or other we were able to host them all in a good manner. Sure, there were some adjustments. The work we are doing now in Vrindavan is hard work, but very beautiful, we need beautiful energy in Vrindavan for cleaning and all that we need to do to stop the disaster management. These past days we got together and defined all of what we have to do these months. And the Helping Hand program from Vrinda family helped a lot, but we also want to connect people from other parts that can make more changes in Vrindavan.

I am sad to leave. I told Mahatma Prabhu today, you do not know, I'm envious of you. You stay here and take responsibility for the entire project of great impact, of course, this will not be easy ... even in six months perhaps not much is achieved, we get maybe just a little, but our effort will be there.

I can only say that the devotees are very wonderful. One will never repay them for all that they do, rather I stay indebted to all of you forever, we only hope to achieve something for Vrindavan. One can not be in Vrindavan  solely to eat and sleep, no ... I can not accept that as my dharma. So I hope that we can work hard; we have to perform our services very seriously. And increase our connection between India and South America. It is very sad to leave here, but my work in South America intensely called me, as Gurudeva Atulananda says, the dad is in South America :)

With these words I say goodbye today. All who wish to support the Vrindavan protection project, contact Mahatma Prabhu and Ambika, we need everyone's help.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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