Help repair damages to Vrindavan temple 4/16/15

Dear devotees of Vrinda Family:

I send my love.
A few days ago the city of Vrindavan faced an unprecedented storm that caused the total loss of the roof of one of the lodges and the new yoga room. A surprise that caused great disaster throughout the city. Some years ago I was in a storm during the winter, but the ice was small and did not cause any damage. This time chunks of ice the size of a tennis balls fell. A real danger. Hardly any roof tiles were left undamaged. We never miss this kind of surprises, but it is definitively Kali Yuga.

So I want to ask for help with donations to repair the damage. These spaces must be repaired before the rainy season begins. It would be a nice gesture of solidarity if every temple of the mission can donate two or more tiles for our ashram in Vrindavan because by serving our home in India it puts us in touch with this sacred place, almost as if we had visited.

Please contact with Vrinda Kunja to find out about the best way to support this. Mahatma Prabhu will take care of sending a budget of repairs. If you are unable to help do not feel bad, anyway try to address these issues together do not forget that we belong to a large family.

A hug to each of you,
Swami B.A Paramadvaiti

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