April 26,2009

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Dharma is not a well known or understood word. Dharma means that there is universal law and order. Nothing happens by accident. Well known by hindu and buddhist culture Dharma is showing us the way to appropiate behaviour. This means that our activities in this world become conducive to our and others wellbeing. Dharma is opposed to the materialistic worldview that holds sense gratification and temporary achievement as the only benefits of life. It is meant to make us good people. To encourage us to respect others pains and feelings as much as we wish others to respect ours. The laws of Dharma teaches us details about every part of life. What is our duty, what are our responsibilities towards the earth, our air and water, towards the birds and fellow animals, towards the insects and the trees. What does it mean to be a leader, an agriculturist, a father, teacher etc. Dharma explains everything in terms of truth and common sense. It does not allow injustice and is rare in our current age due to the influence of materialism. But all know intuitively that Dharma is the right way of action. How to keep our kids away from drugs, our girls chaste for their marriage, our youth with so much enthusiasm that they won't even get the idea to kill their bodies. Our babies to be safe from being aborted by shortsighted people. Our earth protected from chemicals which will kill birds and humans after a short time. Our minds safe from the gambling greed. And how to save the animals from the factory farming which turns the world into a place of systematic cruelty against all animals. Dharma shows us the way to do things well, balanced and according to time place and circumstance. How to keep our society from littering garbage into every river, ocean and street. Our trees safe from illegal logging and we must get people to reforest the land. Our world from the arms race and the terrible exploitation of irresponsible leaders. Science is unfortunately used by those very same irresponsible leaders for increasing their selfish gain. And the business community sells out frequently to their profit thinking and not their vaisya responsabilities in society.

Who are we?

All those who care for planet earth and the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the planet are members of our association. In the wisdom of Asia this attitude and proper behaviour hasbeen known as Dharma. Action which decides which way we go in live has been called Karma. In scientific terms that means the law of action and reaction.

Action/ Karma has been devided into:
Vikarma = unfavorable action leading to sufferings.
Naiskarma = favorable action leading to piety.
Akarma = selfless act as devotion to the orginal source of all which brings no material reaction at all but promotes us to eternal existense.

There is also in india a process called Karmakanda which teaches us to reach higher destinations and counteract mistakes we committed in the past. From scientific point of view we know that if we do not clean up our action we will be held responsible for so much destruction of the environment and general values. Dharma and science is a joint responsibility of all conscious and responsible human beings regardless whether they believe in the laws of karma and reincarnation or not. All can join by spreading the consciousness of our different campaigns.

Dharma and science?

Dharma - the traditional teachings of avatars and great teachers to preserve a healthy life for the benefit of the practitioner, others and our mother earth.
Science - the research of how to adapt our surroundings and new findings to the benefit of all and our mother earth.

Both of them have to work together to get the job done. Faith and new developments are subject to be reviewed whether they benefit all beings and mother earth. Faith and new discoveries are good and necessarily part of the human path of development. But independent of each other and misused for selfish gain they become the danger for the survival of humanity and the cause of losing valuable treasures such as our health, morality, family and the envirorment. Therefore we shall make every possible effort with respect to all beings and all manifestations of constructive faith and discoveries to combine our efforts to improve the situation. For this purpose we welcome all contributions of which we will highlight outstanding sayings of wisdom and conscious grafics in this campaign. Quoting the source you may make free use of this material in your own campaigns to awaken the consciousness of mankind, his spirit of greatfullness and compassion.In the service of the truth, of the laws, of divine love and of universal all embracing love.In your service. What is "the Original Kingdom of the Spoonrevolution" and what does the Dharma & Science campaign have to do with it? Vegetarianism is a great tool to counteract many of the problems of our world. The OK-original kingdom is a humorous approach to encourage people to change some of their habits which endanger our planet. Dharma & science wants to reach that same joyful cooperation amongst all to help solve many problems of modern materialisticlifestyles.


How to motivate people to accept frugality, less use of plastic, stopping abortion, face the challanges of life instead of commiting suicide, living organicly without GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds and living without slaughtering innocent creatures to get unhealthy food? That is the question. The approach of giving discounts to members of the OK, the collectible Okis/Omis to raise awareness were really practical and entertaining ideas which was adopted by the Dharma & Science cooperation for the welfare of humanity. Thus we have a group of activists from all over the world who favor the natural organic and nonviolent lifestyle. Also to invite all artists and intellectuals to freely contribute to the thoughtprovoking material of the campaign is welcomed by all. As a matter of fact OK events and Dharma & Science events will join together with conscious artists and expositions of Vegetarian Cooking art to practically promote a Higher Taste. We look forward to work together with all of you.

Spread the message of Dharma through OMi posters and flyers. Spread the message of science through OKi posters and flyers. Spread sanity to all corners of streets, schools and colleges through these thought provoking messages of truth. Let the truth be known and approved by everyones heart.

Let us show that the spirit to know the truth and benefit the world is still alive within us.It is so easy. Just copy the material and spread it in any way that you can think of. We suggest: Copy and paste on billboards, windows in public transports, behind car windows, public announcement areas, via E-mail, web sites, newsletters, etc. Give out small Oki/OMis through member businesses, to every customer so that they can collect them and gain prices for their collection. Discuss the OMi s and OKi's in forums and schoolclasses. Spread the idea of the OK - Original Kingdom where O are K-illed. That is a program promoted together with Dharma & Science, which tries to create a network of houses and busineses which respect the needs of nature and expand the "Meat, Fish and Egg free zone" of the Original Kingdom. Every such area of the kingdom is either an embassy if vegetarian embassadors live in a house, or if the house is a center for OK activism it is a Ministry and the activists are knows as Ministers of the Original Kingdom. But some intelligent scientists have discovered that dharma is the natural course to follow, that beyond matter there is spirit and that we have to respond to that universal spirit of whom our soul is one fragment. Quantum physicists have discovered that the vedas said it all along. Science has to align with the beneficial teachings of Dharma. Then together we can guide humanity out of that dark hole which is swallowing up the sanity of our life. Dharma & Science do approve of the vegetarian approach to solve many problems of our world. Thus other subjects like the OMi declarations are also included in this effort to create places where animals and our environment is respected. We are looking for artists, movie makers and writers to fill the atmosphere with our vibration. The only way to advance is if YOU become part of the solution. We want YOU to start a Ministry of the Original Kingdom at your home. Dharma & Science is the platform to take this message to India, the place where Dharma is part of the heritage. And we hope that intelligent people born in Hindusthan-India will come forward and re-establish the glory of the sages by sharing their light with the world.

Welcome from the core of our heart and our concern for all.
The Dharma & Science team

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