august 16,2009

Jay hare krishna please accept my reverences.

Guru Maharaj is in the farm Varsana in Colombia.
He is with all devotees because the sunday feast is starting. Many devotees have come from diferent parts of Colombia,Venezuela and Central America Prabhu Pancatatwa is going to send us a report from varsana,about the activities of Guru Maharaj during these days in Bogota,Colombia. Report. Gurumaharaj arrive to Bogota,Colombia on tuesday in the morning he came from a long trip from Germany,with a scale in Miami.The devotees from Colombia organized a nice reception in the airport They made a nice kirtan,Gurudev was happy Gurudev said it was so important to receive the spiritual master like this it is necessary Because many devotees come to the airport and never show up again during his visit Also Guru Maharaj said he thought it was very good the impact that has this kirtan in the airport, also to the policemen they always receive the kirtan with joy When he arrive to the city, he made a meeting in the Seva to coordinate de oficce bap bogota in charge of kirtan manjusa dd and the seva bogota in charge of Risavdev Prabhu the mothers of the office present their proyects in video and web design Gurudev was very pleased with the accomplished work in a short time they are trying to reactivate office bogota the matajis that are participating in the office are very young,they have between 17 and 20 years and they are very inspired and cheerful working in several proyects also check some important proyects with the advances of the colection of the vedic wisdom the promotion of okis in bogota the sistem of personalize sankirtan with a exposition of Sri Hari prabhu,who is reactivating the sankirtan in this city then Gurudev went to the restaurant Loto AZul of Yogingra prabhu and mataji vrinda where he dictated a lecture with lot of devotees in wednesday gurudev started to work early in the morning in the temple of Sri Gournitay,in the morning was a reunion of oidatheraphy with Paramananda prabhu of chile,who is in colombia soporting the work of oidatheraphy Gurumaharaj dictated some theraphies to applicate in oida,soon they will be share with all the teamwork then Gurumaharaj have a reunion with stoka prabhu who is going to make all the designs for the graphics of OTMs Gurudev has revealed more than 400 phrases for the meditation of oida theraphy wednesay night Gurumaharaj gave a lecture in the auditorium of The National University with good assistance of professors and students the conference was focused in faitheducation Gurumaharaj asked to share with the community this lecture then we are going to give after this report many people in the lecture were very enthusiastic with faitheducation wednesday after the lecture,Gurumaharaj went to Varsana to received Janmastami in company of their lordships since very early in the morning Gurumaharaj participated in mangal artik with all devotees and share some nice words about janmastami that can be read in this link during the morning gurudev was reading the beautiful pastimes of Krishna ,book writen by Gurudev Atulananda also remember to Kanka prabhu of argentina his dear spiritual brother that left the world just one day before Janamatami Janmastami Guru Maharaj wrote a nice letter to kanka prabhu family that can be seen in this link the in Guru Maharaj started a parikram around the park of krishna " the conqueror of obstacules " remembering the pastimes of krishna in this day Gurudev made a question to all devotees Ask for 5 things they do not understand about his spiritual master the devotees presented this doubts to Gurudev,instructions they did not understand so Gurudev with so much love explained one by one explaining all devotees why he give some instructions to some devotees and others no why gurudev support devotees who have commited mistakes they were intimate instants with Gurumaharaj In the night started the program of Janmastami,pure nectar,a very special kirtan of Gurudeva the next day Guru Maharaj was very early giving us words about srila prabhupada was a very funny lecture when Gurumaharaj remember pastimes of his spirtitual master the devotees made and altar at the feet of srila prabhupada remembering kanka prabhu then was a nacional meeting where it were exposed the proyects of Gurumaharaj in all the Mission,that are importants also to Colombia at noon was the inicitation of a new sanyassi in our spiritual family BV Bon Maharaj he enter in the order of renounce saturday in the morning Guru Maharaj depart from varsana and went to Bogota,where devotees have prepared all for the Ratha Yatra in the city many devotees participate in the festival Gurudeva was interview several times by Television and different media by the afternoon we went to party room devotees rented where the 25 years of mission vrinda in colombia were celebrated the room was very big with capacity of i thousand persons it was at its full capacity full of devotees and friends Guru Maharaj gave a very inspiring conference about the Vrinda Mission during these 25 years remember all devotees that have supported this mission telling us the pastimes with them He also recalled times when he was taken prisoner by the Colombian police, problems with their spiritual brothers in a special moment Gurudev give thanks from his heart to all who have participate in the mission during this 25 years and offer his respects to all the assistance it was very nice all the assitance fall in dandavats at the same time Gurudev make the point that the important in this 25 years is not institution,is not the mission but he sincere and loving relationships between devotees aradhya prabhu presented a video as a remember of the vrinda mission during this 25 years as a offering this days have been of much nectar gurudev has a very close agenda many devotees came to him and share some minutes gurudev is always sorround of devotees giving instructions about the farm about the proyects in colombia ,how to improve the preach,about the office and the seva ,about the vaisnava relationships there are two special guests that are traveling with Guru Maharaj one is mataji Gandarvika from Austria who is deligting devotees with his sweet songs adn mataji radha govinda from Switzerland this days gurudeva has remember much to kanka prabhu,telling pastimes he had with him and named him Kanka maharj ,for his big dedication and for his desire to surrender completely to Krishna Consciousness as renouncer also gurudev has left many instructions to kirtan manjusa dd about office bap bogota and about the coordination of his proyects with lima gurumaharaj confirm to nishpapa prabhu in his service of getting toguether vrinda family in bogota and give the service to aradhya prabhu to be his right hand a good news is that kirtan ras prabhu and mataji vrinda has accomplished the dream of Gurumaharaj of reopen the temple of cartagena they also buy a farm in totumo that gurumaharaj will know this week this days Guru Maharaj has given much importance to the masive distribution of the okis in all the meetings Guru Maharaj has explained how to distribute the okis he explained that the little okis in form of flyers has to be distributed in all parts for this ,has to be used the last versions of the ones that has a text in the back because in this text we invite people to collect the messages and exchange them for a prize when someone collect 100 okis of diferent messages wins and entrance to a concert of cart music and a class of yoga with 50 okis a lunch can be exchange a vegetarian luch in our vegetarina restaurants and when one collect 200 he earn a special gift of the original kingdom with material of the campaigns Gurumaharaj have insisted that all temples,restaurants,farms distribute the okis also can be printed in posters in A4 size also talked about in all restaurants have to have the poster of the promotions of discounts of the passport and to give the discounts to the persons already have their passport Gurumaharaj tomorroy is going to visit vrindavanita and on tuesdat travel to medellin still to weeks of tour on colombia and then travel by car to ecuador adn continue to visit south amercia in the mela of september in the eco truly park here ends the report of pancatatwa prabhu about the activities of Guru Maharaj in bogota Now mataji satti is going to give a chat about proyects of offices bap and then a lecture of Gurumaharaj about faitheducation Mataji satti: Jay reverences we are going to start talking about the big proyect original kingdom we were working in this proyect in wich many devotees hace participated and day by day more persons are working in this proyect Gurumaharaj have the idea of the passport of original kingdom to could promote more the vegetarianism and every vegetarian mus have one in the summer gurumaharaj said: Announce that anyone who does not have his passport did not receive prasadam in temples" so important is the passport to aquire it is very simple you just have to complete your data in and approach to the closer ambassy the passport allow to identify you as a member and you will have many bennefits the bennefits depend in every ambassy and every stablishment however most of the benefits include discounts in this big campaign we are creating diferent medias of diffusion we invite you to download print and spread the poster that promote the used of the passport you can download it from however most of the benefits include discounts yo can download it from ttp:// in other side we want to invite you to visit the portal of spoon revolution this portal is very important because promote all the sites connected to the activism and to he big campaign called dharma and science this portal is updated by mother lakmi priya of chile we have to be comunnicated ,constantly more material video and posters ,web pages blogs etc, are emerging the ambassys need the support of all if you want to have more information please contact lima office we also have a program named anonimous carnivorous for people who dont want to leave meat and to encourage them to do it the persons who want to help more direct to this campaign please write to ed-activismo(a) red-activismo(a) mataji nitai pada is doing a big work of encouragin people to participate in this proyects so the invitation is open to all spread the materials, print them and paste them thank yoy to all Now chat about Faitheducation is going to start.! this was given in bogota,colombia days ago. Thank you very much to welcome us in this hall of National University of Colombia, a research center, a center of education, a center for experiencing the despair that exists in the people of releaing from confinement of its actuall historic structures. It gives me great joy to present to you the issue of Oidatheraphy through their latest developments through faitheducation. Education on the basis of faith, regardless on faith. Education that has a great responsibility to human beings, not only in the viewpoint of social welfare, or from the standpoint of welfare physical or mental well-being but as a transcendental being. The oidatheraphy is in this circle. the oidatheraphy appears in this circle is not exactly something new but something of an observation Victor Frankl, in his contribution of Logotherapy focuses much the meaning of life. He says that man who do not knows nothing of the meaning of life, naturally expresses despair and much later alterations in their welfare This response is very interesting compared to the psychology of adaptation to circumstances which seeks to position the man of this world to the different circumstances surrounding it. Psychology as a study of the welfare of society, within the family, which seeks to guide the person toward the highest productivity within human society, Countering all the discomforts that can occur for various imbalances and frustrations is a function that falls short from the standpoint of oidaterapia. It's like a pain that one seeks to remedy with a pill. Just trying to ignore a situation that has bases earlier in the depths of our being. I therefore invite you to understand the roots of education according to the so-called unity conscious phenomenology.I therefore invite you to understand the roots of education according to the so-called unity conscious phenomenology.I therefore invite you to understand the roots of education according to the so-called unity conscious phenomenology. Conscious unity, or rather: you and me. We have a great responsibility and many skills. But it is so little we know about ourselves that we often forget the responsibilities that we have been given by the very fact of being conscious beings Conscious awareness, ultimately, knowing, learning,discriminating, analyzing, identifying, taking steps forward in our lives. Awareness drive motor. consciousness drive motor Observer awareness, foundation of the doubt, of research, the foundation of the happiness and progress. Buscar Conscience, gift of a field with its own criteria, where does this emerge ? Here we go where anthropologists and can study what they observed when analyzed the lifestyles of past centuries. What happened when the being began to adress each other? What happened when the conversation emerged? Which was the first proselytizing in this world who told another person, YOu know? I have an idea. Is this and this and this , as I think you also should obey because it is the best way to lead life. And the other might have said: I do not think so Or could have said: Fantastic, this will be my new faith.
Where?, Where the faith emerged ? What is faith? What is its root? What is thought? What is the word? what is the sophistication? How the ear works and the tongue to speak? Which is function of the the mind that works in a unimaginable speed equates it in circumstances and decisions that are transforming it into transformations in faith? For example: you give me an apple and I accept it, I mean as I have faith in you and the apple. It is an act of faith, eating, Walking is an act of faith. There are different types of faith.
All that is called faith is an acceptance process, necessary for walking, need to grow. Without faith the being can not be anything at all, Oida is euk idos. Socrates said: All I know is that i dont know nothing It is a very nice and humble phrase of this philosopher. That made him be loved and looked by the philosophers. Not that he said: I know everything and you have to follow me in everything, in fact the thought is an expression of our being ,of our conscious unity, whichpractically identifies a being as a child of the antimaterial capacity. La capacidad antimaterial es algo muy importante. If we do not kow the difference between matter and spirit, then we will enter into complex contradictions that will lead us to the same thing happens to the modern man: a situation where one knows where to go: either there or here. One does not know that it is good or bad. One does not know how to continue and come in very serious problems. Define antimaterial: for the evolutionist who believes that life does not make sense, he believes that the circumstances are just accidental that in due course led to a development in a case of a mental power that developed the first thought ... Imagine is the most important: When and how did the first thought emerge? one hear something and said : it has a meaning, I have to think about it and come to a conclusion of its meaning? This phenomenon is crucial to understand that it is fatiheducation, if we are convinced that all emerged by accident ... and had the ability to reproduce sistematically and inclusive founding the national university, which manifests like this. If that conscious unit have no other explanation what they say the evolusionists and Darwinists that is just for survival of the strongest of by selection system .. For them, the phenomenology of the mind and intelligence are unexplained mysteries. waht to say of the phenomenology that emerges when we entered on the field of faith, of faith in transcendence. To feel committed to accomplished as conscious beings,what to say of accomplishing something as the karma, to know of reincarnation, in moral and ethics, connection etc. A whole bunch of concepts that arise in connection with this assumption of transcendence as a backdrop to all that is I want to talk a little bit of Darwinism: which suggests that consciousness is something that comes by accident. I come to think that spirituality is a fantasy of the unimaginable being I remember as a child and went to school they told me: one day the monkey walked by the mountain and watch the sun was born and saw this golden globe and the monkey scratched his head and said: who have created this phenomenon.
And that was the birth of the first Homo Sapiens, or rather: the first thinking being From there they began to fantasize more, the amount of people have invented religions and the rest of the mafia appeared. All this say that happened with our life,the evolutionists. And as you know there is not much to do in this matter, because those who run the world today are not necessarily those seeking welfare and respect for other citizens. We are more in jake mate , in difficulties caused by materialism. Materialism means that if have the matter im fine, and if not I'm wrong So that you do not have a concept of responsibility, it puts one in a very desperate situation. We, as conscious beings have the impressive capacity to observe the matter . is that matter is watching us? I think not, no? As observers, we have a greater position to matter. Worse of course, our assumption is that the inferior has produced the higher : the non-observant, as the material, and has accidentally produce the being that have been his observer all this time Imagine, we here have at the university microbiology, physics, doing study after study to learn more of the substance, the substance that we do not know what it is.
A quantum physicists recently said that no such material exists, it is only a dehydrated state of consciousness, because the background of the subject is aware of one way or another. This is one of the theories of quantum physics actually, but it is something that one Goswami confirm when he said that really the collapse of the evolutionary circumstances may arise from the intervention of an consciouselement , and not vice versa. the self conscious is superior to matter, we must come to this terms to enter to the the phenomenon of faith. In advance, we must understand that faith is faith in myself, in me as consicous unity , and then I find that you areanother conscious unity and have faith and we get to talk: how are you ? And you tell me: well, here I am. And I wonder where you come from? And you tell me: i dont know and i ask you : where you are going ? And you answer: i do not know either. That rare thing, no? We are two consious units that are getting in touch in this vast cosmos. have You heared something from which we can come from or if afterlife exists? And you say the truth, I have not heard anything. So we began to compare, suddenly there is some power of our hearing or tongue thta makes us raisemakes us be born. We do not know exactly how or where or when, but it happened before and is still happening. I am talking about and you are listening, then you are going to ask questions and comment and I will listen to us to make progress, so that you have not wasted our time coming to this conference and to take a step forward in investigation of his own being and his own way. So, we starts here untill a person who said : that I have seen a light. a light ? yes a light...the sun light? answer : no ,,but how ? a light ? a special light? yes a light that is called internal light.The internal light according to school Brahmins is the light that lets you see the light. yes a light that is called internal light.The internal light according to school Brahmins is the light that lets you see the light. What is light?in oida cames the de word vid: vid is vision is why do we see ? why does ther is the sun ? what is the sun? what is the astro king ? what is the marvelous star ? in all the natural religions adn the ancient cultures have worshiped the astro king of course yes, also worship to our mother earth Ancient cultures had a lot of respect, not like today that it is thought jsut to be a bit of land, while the materialists seeking only gold. Then with the land we do what we want because thought we had much until we realized that the calculation was wrong, because now we have problems with water, trees, etc.. we do problems to our environment Then the man watching the earth, watching the sun was impressed. The sun gives us light, but also gives us life? no he is not the element that fisically give birth to me or you who was then ? was another strengh diferent to the sun this is the vid the vision that form part of the self as his consciousness the consciousness is so incredible that capacitates us to see the sun see the sun if you dont have eyes ? you cant for this is so important to have eyes to see the sun there are two cissions the vision of the sun of the soul and what is called oida; i know in india oida come from the word veda and means truth So we try to define truth, we as humans always have to define truth. is like a human adiction .For that we have the judicial system, where the judge says that everything must be harmonized on the basis of truth and the same witnesses say: I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
So the truth is very important, is what we really want to see. Veda is the vision and the truth or the science of the soul. You know another word that means science of the soul? Psychology. Is the science of light, the science of consciousness and that is where we need to open up and make a quantum leap A bit detached from the previously accepted notions and preconceptions that have been incorporated into our modus vivendis, most of all as a justification. As in the material world we do many things but one always wants to justify As if the mind is a machine that produces excuses and justifications. So for our materialistic and selfish life our lives we need a justification, and materialism is the perfect justification But if we look a little history of the faith, we will see that the man was very mistic before the rise of crude materialism of today. I hope you can meditate a little on this. the importance in the faith is in education and the faith in our lives.
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti
jay srila gurumaharaj !

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