august 9.2009

Jay reverences !

In this moment Gurumaharaj is in Berlin,Germany.
He is in the sunday festival. We are going to give before the chat today a text Last wednesday we celebrate the 30 th appearance of their lordship SRiGournitay in Bogota,Colombiaz and the 31th took of sanyass of our Gurumaharaj. Here is the text.I took sanyass 4 times in my life First as a young boy realizing the love between men ans women wasnt the love i was searhing for. Then i took sanyas of my dear srila prabhupada in a dream in 1977 a few moments after his departure i have asked to him a year before in vrindavan. it was real with danda and mantra but when i wake up i forget the mantra then i took officialy sanyas in brasil in 1978 of my spiritual brother the day of sri balaram. then in 1984 in the day of the desapearance of Srila prabhupada i receive sanyasss of srila bhakti raksak maharaj in Navadvipa in riveer gangegs. he gifted me my name of sanyasy Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti.
Then i have as my guardian of sannyas to srila prabhupada,srila sridhar maharaj and lord balaram. is like this I have 31 years of my small effort of being a rennouncer server of you. Sri Gour Nitai ki jay !!! what can i said. this beauty lordships are the owners of my life is for them i have Bogota as my capital of the world. all was mercy they were already in bogota when i arrive expell of brasil. they gave us varsana, they gave us Gouranga Radha Vrajesvara. they gave us vrinda family. they always guide me.under his protection manifested the reform of the mistakes commited in iskon. after the departure of srila prabhupada Goura Nitai have the infinitive mistic. jay sri goura nitai !!! gdvkdd: Jay!! !this is the end of the text that gurumaharaj sent. Now comes the todays chat. :)
What ever happens never loose your sence of humor.
So it is my recommendation to you today to not loose your sense of humor in life. I know my spiritual master he was very joyful and he also told us sometimes some very funny jokes. Of course when he told a joke there was a very deep meaning inside of that joke. There were not silly jokes to waste your time. There were jokes to uplift your consciousness. So sometimes in life things go pretty wild, but whatever happens think of Krishna, he is probably smiling behind the scenes about our childishness, about our silliness, about our ego-attachment, and how it hurts to our ego when we think that we loose The sense of humor of the lord can even be a little brutal. But his brutality is for the upliftment for the souls. It is not actual brutality. Yes you are listening right, the King of heaven was cursed to become a hog, and why, because he became lusty for Sachi, she was the wife of the spiritual master brhaspati. And because he had some lusty feelings for her and he made some advances to her while his guru was on journey and the reaction was that he was born as a hog. Hogs do not discriminate with whom they have sex. This was the appropriate chastiseness. Then there was a problem in heaven, because indra was a good administrator, like a temple president. Like when the temple president is gone and nobody substitutes him, the temple becomes a mess. So the denizens of heaven said that we have to get Indra back. Brahma said, okay I will try, he went down to the hog shed, he spoke to indra, come your curse is removed, I will take you back to heaven. Indra looked at him like he was a very strange person, why do you disturb me here, he asked. Can t you see I am happy living with my wife and piggies, we just got few new piggies, having a good time here. And who are you to disturb me here. Its funny, regardless how miserable your circumstance is you are trying to get a kickout here.Everybody manages, like the workers who work for such a low salary, they can hardly feed their families, and then they are protesting and protesting, and then the owner of the company says, ok, I give you 10 percent more. Then they are celebrating. And then all the prices in the market also get raised 10 percent also. People are trying to get a kickout of what they are doing. And if they cant do it then they go and get drunk. Then they want to forget their misery. Then this is their joy. In this way in the material world we never want to admit I am a big failure. Everythings went wrong, I did not serve my lord Hari. I did not help my friends either. I did not realize that I am a spirit soul and I have gone down with my karma all the way to be born in berlin.
Or maybe rimini, or passewalk, but deep deep down in kali yuga and I am quite miserable, I don’t like the education, I don’t like the tv programs, I don’t like the politicians and what they are doing, I don’t like to be an addict of drugs and alcohol, I don’t like the food they are selling in the market, I don’t like the economical crisis. I don’t like the fashions and that you are supposed to every six months were a different type of dress. I don’t like smoking, I don’t like the competition spirit, I don’t like the anxiety. Actually there is very little things I like, but I am in the middle of it, so but I will not tell anybody, if they ask me how are you, I will say I am fine, everything is good, I will not admit my real condition. And in my loneliness I will try to find somebody to help me to overcome this loneliness, and first I have to lie to him or her, and I have to say that I love you more then anybody else, and if she or he believes me, then we make an attempt of 2 big egos living together, usually it does not work unless one of the egos says trample upon me, I will tolerate. Then maybe it goes on for a while. So to be very hones and please bare with me, there may be some exceptions to the rule, people don’t like their wifes. And wifes don’t like their husband either. And brothers don’t like their brothers or their sisters. And parents don’t like the way their children behave. And children they don’t like their parents commentaries or their parents orders, it looks like in this world nobody likes nobody, if they get closer to each other. You can like somebody who lives in india, oh, he is so nice, and it is so wonderful that he lives so far away from me, so we never had any fight, imagine. Because I don’t fight, I am a good person. What about your parents, oh sorry, what about your brothers and sisters, oh sorry. Anybody disagrees about this point. Of course there maybe some exceptions to this. Sometimes people still living in a romantic dream, But not that they really say, I am the luckiest man on earth, I love everyone.
So indra he said I am very happy. Can’t you see my wife. This beautiful fat pig, and this beautiful little piggies and you say that I have to leave them, you must be a messenger of adharma, that you want to destroy my family. Brahma said, indra, wake up, this is just a bad dream, that the king of heaven becomes a pig. What you mean a bad dream, leave me alone. Brahma did not know what to do. Then he took one piggy and killed him. Then indra said what are you going to do now. Brahma asked are you coming now. No. then brahma had to kill all his family, and in the end indra saw that he was alone and said he is coming. Our ego attachments are like that. I know that you are not like this, but I am talking about some serious cases. So people in this world get attached to something and angry. Although it is meaningless, but people are so attached to the image they see.
They say, this beautiful me, what is happening. I have to do something about it. Let me go to the hairdresser. When the people become elder, jewelry becomes important. But it does not help, you cannot change the history. You are growing older. Your beautiful body is taken back slowly. Because I don’t want to accept that I am in the material world. I want to make this the spiritual world. But to go to the spiritual world you have to give up the attachment. This is not for me. You are talking to the wrong guy. I am very busy with my attachments. I already have plans to spend the next 100000 euro, I already spend it in my mind. Don’t tell me I have to become detached. This is all the different ego situations. Lord brahma got indra back, and indra was so ashamed. What happened to him. That’s what happens to the leader in this world. If they don’t behave properly then the world will put them in a completely shameful situation. Like in the school, if the child was naughty he will have to stand in the corner, and all the children look at him, this is so embarrassing.
They don’t do that here, this is old style. What they are doing today, they are sending the child out of the class. Very embarrassing. So we have to maintain our sense of humor in this world. The Vedas teach us through humor as well. Even when they slap us, durga is smiling, now what you think about that slap. Well cant you understand that you were silly. I guess yes, are you ready to change, I guess no. take another slap. Maya, why you hit me. Because I love you. But why you hit me when you love me. Actually I am not hitting. You are hitting yourself by your karma. Don’t make others responsible for your sufferings. The great sage Srila BR Sridhar maharaja used to say, the environment is perfect. The only one wrong here is you, yes, you. Yes, I was looking at you. Yes you. The environment is right. The environment means the cause of action. So in this material world there is many reasons to be sad. But there is many more reasons to be happy. There is many more reasons to be grateful, there is many more reasons to do something wonderful in this world. So Murphy said smile, tomorrow will be worse. So smile today. That’s a bit sarcastic. It means reality. Or are you gonna be better tomorrow. Or are you going to be more healthy or younger or prettier. Anybody. We have another answer. Smile. Because you are spirit soul. Smile because you are eternal. Smile because god is in your heart. Smile because you can chant the holy names. Smile because you can go to the temple and do service. Smile because there exists so many sadhus who like to help you. Smile there will be prasadam after class. Smile because Krishna loves you. Smile this external world is just the dreamy state of changing causes and effects. And your soul is the only true reality. Smile because we are making an eco yoga project in mewegen. Smile because we are going to make a beautiful sanctuary in vrinda kuna. Smile because you can learn the mridanga to play in the kirtan. Smile because you can make yourself useful in helping others. Smile because your life is a chance to make others smile. Their smile is a flower and every flower is a smile of god. And if you smile for god your smile becomes like a flower to attract people to god. So don’t show your stoneface, in south America we say, don’t show your wood face, don’t show your negativity. Don’t try to scare me please. Because if you smile I will more likely listen to you. If you come to me with this argghhhhh, I and everybody else wants to run away from you. When you make this ugly face you are so lonely in this world. Be joyful, be thankful. And laugh about yourself. But really, have a good laugh, I mean a real thundering laughter, laugh about this silly guy who gets angry, who eats too much, who likes to hide behind other peoples faults, who has a big ego although he is a little nobody. What you mean I am a little nobody. Could you explain that a little bit better. Of course I am not talking about you. I am talking about me, that I am a little nobody. Whatever good thing I have to say to you and whatever good thing I can do for you it is only by the grace of gurudeva. Otherwise I am more or less a nuisance. The black sheep of my fathers family. That’s what the great soul Krishna das kaviraj goswami said. He said jagai madai hoite….. jagai and madai they were really big rascals, but compared to me they were not that bad. And as far as the worm is concerned, you know some worms are coming out of the body inside stool, sometimes when you get some cleanup of the system, all kinds of living entities come out, currently renting inside. The worm and the stool is really not the most excellent citizen of the planet, but I feel myself I am worse than him, because I am always an offensive person. That little worm is not doing any harm to anybody. He just wants to stay inside there in his stool. That’s the opinion of Krishna das kaviraj goswami of himself. So we should have a big laughter about yourself. I mean you had some complications in life, your karma was not exactly loyal. And you don’t have much to show for. But don’t run around this world just complaining. Nobody wants to hear your complaints anyway. Like the students complain about so many tests, then the other students say but we all have to pass these tests. You think you are better than everybody else. If they don’t want to pass the test they go out of the school. Then they complain again, I don’t want to have a job, why do I have to have a boss, I don’t want to do that. What do you want to do. I don’t know, I just don’t want to do anything. You are complaining because you have to do something. You are a real exceptionally good fellow, aren’t you. No, you are a lazy bum, even the government knows that everybody has to do something. Yesterday I read a newspaper when it came from Bulgaria, there was a story of a british judge: I catched the drug dealer, he is a foreigner, he is illegal in the country, and I tell now you get to jail and you will be kicked out of the country. But I know that he is not going to leave this country. He is going to be a burden on the pocket of the taxpayer. Why, because when he is coming out of the jail, he is going to say, I am a homosexual, and in my country homosexual are discriminated against, and in England we have a homosexual congressmen who pushed for a law that nobody can be deported to a country where people do not have equal rights. So in this way we in this world we create so many circumstances but we will not understand that we will not be happy.The happiness will only come when you accept that you are not so important. But that you can become important when you serve the Lord. If you get an invitation today, maybe ms Merkel, the bundeskanzler for germany invites you, please come and meet me, I need some advice. Me, bundsekanzler is inviting me, immediately he becomes proud, the bundeskkanzler invites me. That’s why people always talk about their famous friends. You know jimmy Hendrix, don’t know him, sorry, I had hair, people looked at me and said I look like jimmy Hendrix. But in the material world this does not happen, unless you accept that you should associate with the supreme lord, that solves all the problems at once. My lord, you are my eternal friend, now I really want to do something for you. Now I really want to become your eternal servant. Not only that, I am ready to start today. People always say they will do beautiful things but that they will start tomorrow. They are called the tomorrow people. Are you one of them. Are you promising something which you are not doing today. Are you living in that dream. If you only say tomorrow, then you say that you will be happy only tomorrow. But when you say you will start today, then all the difficulties in life will solve automatically. But you should not laugh about the others. One time Krishna was in kusum sarovar and he was hiding in the trees, and radharani was picking flowers, and when radharani wanted to pick the flower Krishna in the tree raised the branch so Radharani could not pick the flower, then Radharani noticed Krishna and became angry. Then Krishna asked forgiveness and requested to arrange the hair of radharani. Don’t forget to chant hare Krishna, because when you chant hare Krishna maha mantra, this makes you soft and humble, because you cannot chant in a rude way. Always chant when things become difficult, and breath deeply. Hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare. Keep chanting and all the problems will disappear.

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