April 19,2009

Dear devotees

krishnas americas ki jay !

im dictating this chat from miami meditation garden this morning i heard a song that describe a man who was with his family being observed in a restaurant by another man an hour pass and the man of thenext table get up and tell to the family father you are a lucky man i observed your family, the relationships you have, i can only conclude you are a lucky man and the man who made this commentary get away at the moment then the family father start thinking how a man that dont know me has to tell me i am a lucky man and start looking to his family and realize with shame that sometimes he forgot how lucky he was he has a wonderfull women that accompanied him all his life and his children were very creative and rebels because they wanted to know the truth and why one fight in life and all together form a nice family and he doesnt even remember each day how beautifull and important they are and a strange man has to remember him this see my dear song in the plane arriving from england for miami there was a headed in the first page and said the old united family is a subject of the past nowadays more childrens in england born in by non married parents than married parents and the numbers of marriages have reduce in 60 percents as we see kaliyuga advances and this is the products of tv that promote daily promiscuity as normal and the most fun of bramacari life they do not have idea so i think in all the nice persons i know and those wonderfull families inside our family that shamely fight each other once in a while and i try to mantain them at least they do not abandon spiritual life i realize that most of them do not know how lucky they are and the beautifull persons they have and sometimes they do not remember to take care of them better to take care of the others is an art that has to deal with adhikar of spiritual advanze,with the grade of love one has discover and i attach to this to say to you take care of you,take care of your wife take care of your husbands and your children this jewels are uniques that god has trust you and take care of your spiritual brothers take care of you relationship with your spiritual master and with the deity he trust you to worship take care of your rounds chant your japas and gayatris take care of your offerings of prasadam for not eating boga take care of the study of sacred books and take care of beautifull istaghostis where you program how to make things better take care of the verses you have memorize for not forgetting them but most of all ,take care of your relatioships is so easy to say i leave when some problem appear with less selfishness there is always a solution,learn to get down you head before others do it if some devotee is angry with you and at the same time you know he is very dear to your spititual master ,you beter harmonize ,you better do it ! in the contrary you are going to torture you guru look this devotees very well,how they sacrifice ,how they win the blessing of your guru and the care of so much vaisnavas and before this there are also misunderstandings remember the instruction thay mahaprabhu has given to us i offer reverences to all never ask for respect for you this is the key of success tolerance is the beautifull decoration of humility in this there is nothing to loose and all to win and with no humility there is nothing to win and everything to loose is love the ingredient all we desire to find but if you are a tyrant only solitude you are going to get control the verbal fury,the violence,to intimidate do not intimidate anyone in public thay is under your care the teacher as a servant is going to be judge for the result ,his capacity of deliver the wisdom to their lucky pupils non day non word scapes of the total register and even you do not like it ,it comes to the end and all the bad things you are ,all the mistakes that you make are the ingredients of the life that comes programmed with you is not worthy to complain about anyone,nor father,nor mother,nor brothers, they are the ones that have to deliver your past karma and if you have another chance for not repeating the same faults and reconstruct the lost relationships with this new opportunity because you where some fool student that do not learn with one lesson, the other day i say an ateist complaining he had visited a temple for 30 years and he felt he havent won anything and bravely he proclaimed dont waist your time in a temple,go and have fun but an angry devotee answer and ask him about his family situation he said in the temple everyday we give reverences, in you house dont en the temples we offer reverences,prasadam and lessons of the guru, and now you are a blind person thay thinks you havent received nothing the temples mantain the sanity and encourage to go on without causing damage to others as your mother feed you with her love and example we are fighting with the demon we have inside when you do not go to the temple you go to bars and movies and this make you demon bigger if you havent seen god is because he doesnt want to,you are not qualificated you have to learn to give thanks and share with others the kindness and the education that sadhus offer in this world full of corruption we learn that this life we are blind without devotion i hope this words reach to your heart and support me to mantain you life with dedication and that our temples be santuaries of the solution thank you to be in the fight and i hope you see all soon happy in krishna conciousness i am going to be here for urgent messages wait for the answer because there are to many of if you send them to pancatatwa he is going to give them to me after ... haribol!!!

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