April 5,2009

30 march in the library of the Restaurant of Ekadasi Prabhu


Gurumaharaj send a text after the chat about a meeting of the WVA. He is at the farm now in Italy giving a class Here comes the text. 30 march in the library of the Restaurant of Ekadasi Prabhu A meeting was held between the different vaisnava missions of Italy. Gour Govinda Prabhu lectures about the need of unity. To organize a democratic organization to present the Vaisnavas to the Government. I have the desire to see this to resolve problems The instruments of the modern society have to be Krishnized. I can give special professional advise when that is requirred as a lawyer. After Gour Govinda prabhu end his lecture. Srila Gurumaharaj give a lecture about the history of the Worl Vaisnava Association. Devanath prabhu spoke about Srila Sridhar Maharaj and srila bhakti Madhuria Ban Maharaj. Devanath prabhu spoke about Srila Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Bhakti Madhuria Ban Maharaj.

Gour Sundara das spoke about his spiritual masters glories. A Leader of the islam in italy.

Informed about the recognition the government can give to religious minorities. In italy this is quiet complex. In the anglo saxon concept the religious freedom is the right of every citizen.The relationship is between the citizen and the state. And if the citizen belongs to a church the state takes notice of that. Different in Latin catholic countries the power of the church. Here anyone who wants to be recognized as a religion has to have a church structure similar to the catholic church even if that is not typical for them.The hierarchic structure creates one authority. Official position is the one of the pope. In other religions it does not happen like that. Like in the Hebraic traditions for example. They had to make a structure which traditionally they did not have. o they elected a representative. There is no chief of Hebrews in the US. They have 10 different Hebrew organization.

To make an agreement with the state. In the orthodox church every country has a supreme Christian leader. For Christianity three groups are alalyzed . Orthodux, catholic and protestant. The state has accepted that reality. All have a confederation and an agreement with the italian state. The fact is the organization should represent the maximum quantity of faithful. Many buddhist organization.They do not reach out to have any agreement. They were not able to make a Buddhist council. The hindu situation was also difficult There is no pope of any kind. It is not conceivable in India what to speak in Italy. All the yogacenter etc. Italian hinduistic organization. We can go to court and call us the empire of the east. Some 100 people are the respresentated of the hinduism in Italy. The west majority does not even know about it. Make agreement with other similar groups. Make such an agreement before you present it before the state. What is a hindu confession. Only Italy has such a thing. The vaisnava confession is more specific and concrete. We follow something that is also accepted in India. But if you speak about Srila Prabhupada in india. You do not have to unite any organizations just create a council of the vaisnava organizations. You have to present some documents. But if you have a juristic identity the state wants you to have a certain amount of money. And the organization has to have some kind of property.

You could try to join the other hindus. The many advantages to be recognized by the state. There is the donation that people can give to any organization they like. Avoiding military service or get vegetarian meals in hospitals. Get free days on your religious festivals. Funeral rights. Every year has to be transmitted a list of holidays. Mahapurusa Prabhu coordinated the event. After a fired up lecture of the teacher of religion saying that religions belong to all and not to a specific nation.Balihari Prabhu spoke that being recognized would change the situation a lot We should take it up with great enthusiasm to get vaisnavism recognized. If we are strong it will be for the benefit of all. Please make your choice. The blessings of the Acaryas will be with us. Our cooperation will help a lot. Iskcon alone had difficulties to get accepted by the state. And those who do not want to join we wait for them with open arms. We have gain some realization and have to go on. Let's put aside difficulties Parabhakti spoke for Iskcon: It is more easy for us to speak to other religions and more difficult to speak with other Vaisnavas. In other meetings we discovered that talking with others became a nice experience. in florence we participated in such meetings to make a schoolbook. There were mistakes to correct. They even had written that krishna is an incarnation of lord Siva. When the people. Especially young people hear about religion they want to hear about values. When the people. Especially young people hear about religion they want to hear about values. We welcome the unity amongst ourselves and also with the state. Ananta prabhu from Gaura mandal spoke: we are all Vaisnavas. A Vaisnava can recognize another Vaisnavas. But this is not the ecumensim that we are all son of Gods. But when we speak about our dealings we have different opinions and can't agree. Western culture did not want to accept that we are theists. They already know our theistic position. But they want to put us to be primitive. When the pope send a priest to investigate the priest returned like an initiated brahman and told what we have is a moral religion, there spiritualism is very advanced. So many ideas about indian nonthesistic ideas were spread by the Christians they wanted to have the monopoly to take people back to God. WVA is showing the eucomenic attitude of the vaisnavas. The feeling to be together. Not speculation nor sentimentalism. We can do something together. There is a space open to establish a dialogue. We will start now and wait for those who do not feel as such yet. Ekadasi of bhaktivedanta library speaks: bhagavatam says: If there is proper cooperation the lord will be satisfied. That is the vedic system. Now we are the brahmanas. Others are the ksatrias. Please authorize us to practice bhagavat dharma. We have to ask them to protect us. And for that we need the Dharma+science project related to the sampradayas. I consider registration very important since it allows us to officially represent hinduism. Krishna never rejects the service of anyone. We know so much about each other but we have neglected to work together. Give the association the right name Confederation of hinduVaisnava of Italy . Affiliated to WVA and 4 sam. Mahapurusa prabhu continues that we have to present this nicely. Ramananda roy speaks: People Die, let us go back to our temples and work for Wva. For the welfare of all. We have great responsibility and we can leave any second. Vaibhava prabhu is in agree to form the association with Italy Para bhakti de Iskcon is in standby. With exception of Iskcon which requested to wait for their final decisions all other present missions voted for the advancement of the cooperation in a formal way.

B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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