Keep Moving Forward 9/18/2011

Please accept my humble obeisance’s, All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gouranga, His Divine Grace is giving his wonderful benedictions to our brothers and sisters in Chile. The devotees of the Chilean office have arranged everything for this Sunday’s chat in order to give us Gurudev's enlightening message. We appreciate the effort that every devotee is making to connect with Gurudev and his message

Dear Devotees, Greetings from Eka Chakra, Chile,

Devotees are extraordinary beings and that is why we love sadhus with all their faults because they are of devotional nature. Of course, there is no need to wrongfully interpret this; I’m not trying to give a minimized justification to negligence because the struggle is internal. Each and everyone struggles to progress and go to mangala artik everyday that is already an overcoming yogic feat but it is personal when the devotees have setbacks. In reality those are moments of reflection that can push one to find refuge in spiritual practice, so in fact it’s not bad. What a devotee values in life is not really valued in the material world for example to follow the regulative principles, abstinence, control of the sense, but in the material world it’s rare that someone doesn’t accept a cup of beer. And perhaps a person looking to get out of this world, doing their best effort has a debilitating moment and falls. For example if you drink a beer visiting the family etc. it’s a fall from an orthodox view within the platform of following vows but it doesn’t make one a bad person for others. It only shows us that we can be weak against the material nature but one faulty error doesn’t make us any less spiritually potent. We can actually learn from it and progress always and especially when it’s something you're not repeating intentionally outside of your control and sincerity. What I want to emphasize in this context is that a devotee, including those who may commit error is a good person none the less and he is a good person for others.

In your personal life you still have to polish things but in your duty to others, you are a well wisher a devotee doesn’t do any wrong for animals or mother earth. What is to say if someone puts forth effort and takes responsibility in their seva to their spiritual master? That is showing their fight with their internal propensities

Although to commit mistakes and continue to go into material world to continue to commit such mistakes is not very intelligent and is less helpful to you. A devotee is however in a superior position, fighting to correct his own faults in a kirtan, in a class, in his chanting, in his seva it’s a positive struggle. Including a fallen devotee, doesn’t live his life bitter over his fall or criticizing the fall of others. Before coming into Krsna consciousness you already had many failures and falls and you still may have to touch the floor, more so when one is proud, but get up and keep fighting

that is the advice of this philosophy.

We still cannot forget about the bathing of the elephant and we cannot stay in that routine. What our teachers suggest is different, it is called mercy, it is called opportunities and that is why initiation is a second birth.

One time a very comical man gave me an instruction. I was at the point of buying very beautiful land, big, situated near the city but I was lacking Laksmi so then we went to the Hindus and found a large an amount of Laksmi

and selling the land were nuns. When we arrived to do the papers, came out a colonel. After paying I had no idea what to do. When I was returning to temple a true paradise appeared and crazy enough I stopped and I asked who the owner was. Mr. Emoc, a rich man who bought all the forest of panama and who lived up in a zoo. I told myself I’m going to speak with him. I was in dhoti, and a woman came out to receive me. We went in and in a wheelchair there was an old man surrounded by young women in the middle of a zoo. He told me "what do you want?” And I treated him as if he was a senior devotee and I told him my sad story and that I had complicated myself with the land that I couldn’t buy from the nuns. After telling him the story, he said he learned from his dad, "what do you do when you fall off the horse? Do you stay on the floor or do you get back up on the horse? He asked, "What are you going to do?" And I told him, "I want to buy your land", but he said, "My land costs more". Then I said, "But I only have 10,000 dollars". He said, "I like your attitude", and later said, "I’ll sell it to you for 100,000 dollars, you give me what you have, and the rest you pay within 10 years" and he said, "come tomorrow”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Mr. Emoc wanted to help me and sell his paradise that he had, the rest of the story is not so important

One has to get up, whatever happens despite anything that may occur so the papers were signed that Monday, and when it was time for Mr.Emoc to notarize the papers, he was in the hospital. He was very sick and was taking bath water of the deities and was hearing from Srila Prabhupada and he did a service to the devotees. Something good came from Krsna by his desire to serve and that’s how he left this world. Later on, the daughter didn’t recognize the contract her dad made. She didn’t accept, "go pick up your money", she said. And then I was left on the floor for a second time. Later on we bought a house for Krsna that was nothing like the paradise territory but that is life

you have to get up despite all odds.

You must continue in the direction of your ideals. There’s moments that seem like you can’t continue any longer, but that’s not true, life is chapter after chapter until eternity. With whom do you want to find yourself after death? Hitler, Stalin, Pinocchio? Imagine, we don’t have another option, we have to keep moving forward until perfection, you have to keep on the path, whatever may happen, without arms or hands like a snake, you have to keep going, and every movement has its destiny. A devotee is he who always is going to give you a hand. He will never deny his hand. He will always help you to move forward, to help you up, and to instill enthusiasm in you to continue in this tremendous path. In spiritual life you have to find that which makes you eternal, surrender my friend, you already are eternal. There is nothing to do with that, but the eternality that is missing is eternal bliss, where you develop you infinite potential. It’s not sufficient in just being an eternal being. Develop eka chakra. Eternally we want to continue our ecological fame. Do not building too many houses, better to open up more houses spaced out over different places. We don’t want to be another Santiago filled with vaisnavas with metro and everything else. It’s better to have places where we find tents, there are no problems. In reality there is never any problem that only comes from our demented minds. In reality our lives is a life is a life of service to our own ideals and our own ideals are the search for purity and to be out of the mode of contamination and conditioning. Now, regrettably, we are contaminated souls, but the process of bhakti yoga, cleanses the heart, cleanses your life. If today you are less in the mode of tamasik, rajasik, it is because of the devotees. Devotees by nature are not inconsiderate. They are friends of others, well wishers of the devotees, to residents, to everyone. That is why it’s important to live with devotees. The nature of a devotee is to be a well wisher, he wants nothing of nothing, or wants service in proportional form, he wants everything for everyone else, even a materialistic desire Krsna will arrange and give you. He is married to the goddess of fortune. You think Krsna has a problem giving you an IPOD? Or land? Read the news, recently they found a wall that could have been a hidden door; there they found a treasure so big that never in history was it found that metal was valued at 12 billion, hidden in India by the Englishmen, three hundred years ago. The treasure was astonishing. Stored underneath the temple were deities of Lord Visnu. We don’t even have that problem, we don’t even use real jewelry for the deities, if we did we would have robbery problems because that’s how it was before. What do we want jewelry for if it isn’t even for Krsna? Krsna has unlimited infinite opulence’s, galaxies, novas, etc. your house is nothing in comparison. if you have material desires, Krsna will give them to you, but how much of that will you have in eternity?

The devotees see krsna everywhere and they become happy. They do beautiful things while they can, look at the famous Chacra and ocean. Even though one thinks in only making a mud house in front of the ocean, well you know, constructing mud houses in front of the ocean, Krsna inspired this. And now we have it beautifully in front of the ocean. We even have photos even if it disappears. We have a nice memory. I thought about it a lot and decided that it is something in glorification of Krsna. That is how life is, if the ocean takes the house, that’s how it is, like your body. The important thing is doing something nice for Krsna. When the vaisnavas do something that is something that continues to stay even after we are gone. Or we simply come back to continue with that seva. Vrinda Devi does beautiful things even more beautiful than the day before. What I admire in the dress of the deity is the love that was put into making it. What distinguishes everything is love. The garland, the altar, the bhajan, the love of the devotee that wants to sing beautiful songs for Krsna, that’s love.

Children are made into zombies by the television, stupidity comes from television it is no joke. Its proven so many times that TV takes away your creative ability, leaving people in a catastrophic state. However, Krsna has given us so much opportunity to become involved. The involvement and opportunities within Krsna consciousness are so beautiful and we want 50, 500, no 5 million sannyasis dedicating themselves to the betterment of others. When I was in the Nevada Mountain with the Arawaks it was such an illuminating visit. They are beautiful people with an environment and modality that have existed for the last four thousand years without arms or without desire for money. They live preoccupied and worried for mother earth. Devotees go over there to enrich themselves internally and to learn how to make other happy. The devotee doesn’t even live so focused in the territorial. He lives in what he always wants to do, look at our philosophy. We are so crazy that we want to continue associating in the next life and it is not impossible, if we want we can all go to Goloka Vrindavan. If each one of you follows your path of love, surely you will see. Each one of you is a beautiful individual because the Lord made you beautiful. Everything we have, everything we achieve is because of the mercy of Sri Krsna. He gets the credit. Nothing was made just like that, to think like this is ridiculous. You haven’t even made your own hair that’s on your head. Krsna's design is so interesting, everything is perfect, and there is no need to complain. Each and everyone is the maker for their own fortune. Everyone has developed their own karma, but it’s only a temporary panoramic view we have here.

Why do I want to meet with you all life after life? Because from the beginning that I knew you, I had a good feeling and I never liked the idea of never seeing you again. To never see Atreya again is a gift from Krsna. Be thankful that the others exist. This is true love when you cannot live without devotees and when you want to live with Krsna, the only place where we can be together. It is a good desire and when it is strong, Krsna will grant that because Krsna too has that same desire to see us. That is why He expands Himself as Paramatma in each of us. Poor Krsna, how much patience He has in being in the heart of Hitler. Krsna has so much love that He accompanies us even in the moment of degradation. Ultimately we are on the stage at the grand theatre, at time the theatre of creativity, of love, of lust. There are different scenarios. For example, the love of a mother for her son is eternal because it is not contaminated, it is an unconditional love. Krsna’s love for the gopis is eternal; no one will ever separate them. Krsna is attached to his eternal relationships. Love is the criterion and that love is so great that you can celebrate it within a community of people whom love one other. We are very happy within people who love each other when there is success, of each thing, of each person, each project. It is better said that if you all are not relatively happy then I will be a bit worried. That is why we have to console one another and dry the tears of all. That is life, it’s not pure ghee every day. There are inundations, just look at Krsna lila, forest fires, demons, trees, demoniac birds. Sri Krsna arranges everything. For his devotees Krsna will do anything.

What is Srimad Bhagavatam? It’s a history of love, of intense love like Krsna’s happiness with mother Yasoda. If we take him away there would be problems. There is mischeviousness to love. The gopis do anything they can to make Krsna happy. Mother Yasoda comes to complain. It is better said, Vrindavan is very much in love with Krsna. The monkeys, peacocks, bees sing of the glories of Krsna and the parrots, the trees, even the bamboo. There are commentaries concerning the bamboo. How is it possible that Krsna kisses a bamboo if it is only a stick? That is what they are speaking of. The land of Vrindavan shivers and faints from ecstasy just like the air, the clouds, everything there is conscious full of love. What to speak of the love of the gopis? Krsna becomes completely restless over the love of Srimati Radharani. She says, “this Krsna gives me a headache.”

Vrindava is Eka Chakra and is everywhere that devotees are. The devotees always want to live in Vrindavan. They are so attached and that for me is the maximum satisfaction. When I go over there I’m always with them too because love is not limited. It is not restricted and its not even minutely obstructed by something material. Nothing can stop our love. Maya is always putting things in our way but we will not permit this and we are going to see how the whole world comes to Krsna. This is the heart of the devotees and I don’t conceive it differently because different would be indifferent.

It would be impersonal. In the effulgence of Brahman we would not realize who is who and who is there and who isn’t there. That’s a bit boring. Krsna made something so personal because the only thing one does is greet people in Eka Chakra. Therefore, because of the principle of the heart, our well wisher Sri Krsna will never abandon us. And within each other we also will not abandon one another. That is the duty Krsna gives his devotees and that is why we go do sankirtan. We do sankirtan to look for our family, brothers, sisters who are lost with a bottle of wine in their hand, forgetting about the divine love that awaits them.

So I finish my message like this today. Many beautiful words and wishes. These concepts are elevated and I am grateful to Krsna who made everything so personal. He is a jeweler who makes everything brilliant and each soul is brilliant. Krsna did not make anyone with a dimming nature to only create minimal illumination. Each one of you is a marvel of Krsna and we have to discover that within us for our own good and the good of others. We should demonstrate our brilliance not our grudges, not our egos; it is our brilliance which is what we are generally looking for. The biggest wonder is that of surrender, surrender to Krsna without caring about our impurities. Although we are very unqualified we should put the effort in obtaining Krsna. That is the correct inspiration and we all have this wondrous right. Not only sannyasis or spiritual masters, they are there to inspire. That is life; the spiritual world of Vrindavan comes when we surrender to Sri Krsna. To the extent of our surrender to that same extent we become closer to Krsna. By the grace of Krsna and our Gurus we can always do seva and offer something beautiful. We have that opportunity and it is a marvelous opportunity. Haribol. Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay.

Your ever well wisher,

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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