THE PREACHER 9/11/2011

Dear devotees and friends of my soul,

Success and failure are always dependent upon two elements. From one side misery and the other the effort one invests into something. Of course, one can consider karma as well but in the greater scheme of things our effort is justifiably that which our fight is for a positive future. Counteracting our negative karma of the past our fight is also our purification. And our reward is depending upon on our attitude of that fight. The accumulation of karma, good or bad (in the case of a sincere devotee, sukrti which is particularly accumulated in preaching), the reflection of a good job is that there are people that want to support you. It’s that people become fond of you and they are aware of your sacrifice until the point that they become inspired and also want to help. The one who wants to sacrifice something of their own egoistic world for the support in your seva, that which is the grandeur of devotional service or devotional life. If someone does something sincerely for God, they deserve the support of others. The one who does things solely for him/herself, with personal desires doesn’t deserve the support of anyone and only depends on the mercy of God for him. Mercy of God exists for everyone, through that you can see how many egoists have success in their companies.

Returning to the theme of preaching or the preacher, he is a man that through his seva has the propensity to sub serve others, if you have a store for Krsna, you must favor the cliental. Attending everyone in an amiable form and giving them access to numerous spiritual materials, which in turn helps your store becomes extremely successful. And he can give classes to his friends or send them to a class of other devotees nearby. Like the famous saying: the client is king, also in the service we do we must achieve a positive atmosphere, either way, with negativity, politics or of that nature, envy, degradation of others won’t produce anything successful. If you work in a ecological farm for example: An eco village, or one of our eco villages the reception must be beautiful, clean, and harmonious. The realization with the devotees and the potential retreat groups should be organized excellently. The administration and the kitchen should be well organized in any project. Who wants to do seva where there is no prasadam?

And the sadhana program also must also have validity, be amiable, headstrong, willful, enthusiastic and never with an unfavorable atmosphere. We live, finally, of our japa and philosophy, it’s the only thing maintains us sane. And those in other aspects are like children who do not know what they should do. The leaders of the eco villages should have already planned for proper function. Of course, that also is ability, a talent and without doubt requires sacrifice but imagine, compare how it is to work with volunteers or no volunteers. Perhaps without volunteers, it is less of a headache, but knowing how to enthuse others requires volunteers for everything you want to develop. While the volunteer program is effective, you will have a better example to give them and that is a benediction, in this way they engage in devotional service and they support you in your seva as well.

And who are those who give orders to the volunteers or the devotees or new devotees or the clients? They are sent directly by God for engaging you in your service. They are the embodiment of the Lord's mercy in your life. For example, someone who does sankirtan, goes to the street to look for what? He is not going to look for money. He is searching for those he can serve, with whom he can connect, those who he can provide with the monthly bulletin, to those who he can give a book (sankirtan personified),taking everything which your spiritual master has given you. In sankirtan personified, the person on sankirtan becomes the maximum representative of the vaisnava solidarity and at the same time, the maximum well wisher to his supposed clients which in reality are our friends, friend of the soul. To give him the best thing he could come across in his entire life, the sankirtaneer does not sell things that have been invented for implementation of consumerism and selling unnecessary or illicit things. Everything which a sankirtaneer sells or represents is a product of maximum benediction for the soul. They can even save someone from repeated birth and death. For the sankirtaneer, contact with any persons he comes to speak with him, they become so important as if they were speaking to or working for their very own mother. A sankirtaneer who works in this consciousness never becomes neither frustrated nor unmotivated and subsequently success will come. Which success will come?

Well, my success, for example, is if I can achieve one way or the other, that the devotees initiated by me, friends, members of vrinda family. Give me the mercy to hear, read, study my Sunday chat, my message from my heart and try to assimilate or absorb in their heart, this is my sankirtan. It is my intent to touch the door of your heart of each and every one of you. Now that I cannot see each one every week, in each door, to embrace your heart, the motivation to continue in the path of devotion, my personal advice and hopefully including sharing with you in your seva one day to give you new advice and new ideas. All this has led to me dictating this message, this Sunday September 11 2011, from Lima Peru, where observations of impact are made of the plans we have had in the past and how they have fructified up to date.

Today I find myself with a rock group known by Lima to encourage them in their participation of the spoon revolution. They are going on tour through Europe in the following summer. The group is called Pony Asteroids. Here in Lima, the devotees are in a feverish struggle fighting to prepare everything for the installation of Lord Jagannath for Mela, which is to arrive in a couple of days There are 30 volunteers in eco truly park despite that the climate is still cool, displaying the tremendous success that this project has, when the majority of the temples of the world do not have even 30 visitors in their temple. In this farm there are 30 people from different parts of the world supporting the cause of eco truly village and giving donations on top of that. Imagine 30 potential bhaktas. Who does not become enthusiastic by knowing this, has sickness in the head or they forgot that the mission of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in his mission to provide the message of the Lord.

These are all gifts of Srila Prabhupada. Quality, quality, quality. Quality means that which you have in relation to others. In quality there is success because your sincerity is what produces your quality and the lack of quality in your relationships with others reveals the lack of sincerity in your desire to serve for the purpose of Sri Krsna. Even a successful egoist seller for example has to put much quality in his relationships in order for someone to buy something from him I beg you, to help me make this chat successful. Print it weekly and give it to other devotees who were not able to read it. Grant me permission, to maintain the connection with those whom I love most. Those who have faith in Srila Prabhupada, in the holy name or even those who are sympathetic to this service and its effort, I need you very much. Because I need to see you happy, I need to see you successful; I need to see you as experts, very sincere with the well being of everyone else. Only in this way, the abundance of spirituality will rain over you without doubt and always.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay!

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