You Are Eternal and Your Love Is Eternal

Srila Gurumaharaj Conference from Vrindavan:

My dear devotees
Once again the year is coming to an end, slowly approaching the last two months.

We need to do to our being in the same present state of consciousness. What else should be accepted if you have not realized what you're doing right now? In other words, just forget about the future. And just begins to live in this moment and its development. Because now is the opulence of what you can expect to come. I'm referring to the opulence of a person becoming conscious in themselves.

Silence of our own mind is something like a hypothetical conjecture, because we never had any experience of that silence or perhaps silence is kept somewhere that we cannot remember.Otherwise, we maintain ourselves in some kind of thought. Krishna says it is easier to control the wind then to control the mind. The power of devotion is that which delivers to our mind a real reason to rejoice; Yesterday we talked a lot about a kind of mix between internal satisfaction accompanied with a kind of resignation in certain circumstances, which have been the best we could get . It's a different state of consciousness where everyone has an opportunity ...

In that state of consciousness about the greatest purity possible of my skills is a type of task, we can say its something like "mission impossible" And very often we can return to some frustration that prevents us from finding our own expectations.

It gives us the possibility to leave everything we have done so far to be completely dedicated to our well being. We see this very often in our western concept of happiness.Unfortunately this includes changing everything, wife, children and many other items, leaving the previous commitments for new ones. This means raising our own dharma. But dharma must guide us to leave the most intense state of ignorance, and that kind of awareness will guide us to different kinds of perceptions, in some way or another. Therefore, we can say that there is a state of consciousness in the material mode of goodness that one can penetrate and not wish to return because it has penetrated the line of divine love.

To be ready to die for our love is another state of consciousness that comes from the world of sentimental terms. If we think of mothers who are risking their lives to rescue their children or the kamikazes, they really have different connotations. Being ready to die for your love signifies the moment of love is more important than the time of life itself. And since life is a temporary thing anyway so why not be ready to die if love is important in itself. That is the love that we seek. That's why Srila Jiva Goswami says in his song of life or death, that forever Radha and Krsna are my only refuge. In life or death, forever, Radha and Krishna are my only refuge.

Our central insight reaches the point of ridiculousness. And we spend many times by the repeated experience of the exploration of the senses. Then we can ask the question: What happens to all the pleasures we had earlier in life? and quickly came to the conclusion that they were only temporary. No one finds something wonderful about the pleasures of the past, only when one has suffered in the past and can recognize that they are not in complete control of things. And we are never really in complete control of things. Sometimes we think we are the drivers but it is only an illusion of the lies. Its like children.

Then when you die to live, when you're ready to die for your love, then you will feel certain that nothing can diminish the joy of the situation. So when you have that feeling of circumstances, we can come to feel some kind of ecstasy. We call that ecstasy: Falling in love, but this concept begins with the word fall, then when you hear the word fall you think something not very good will continue. So let's talk about getting up in love, falling in love. And love can not be an unpleasant experience. It's very spiritual. Eternal love, Nitya Prema.

What should we do with this body anyway? Why have we not sought this love since the beginning of our lives? Supposedly it is the love for which we were willing to die for. Sure, we can also disconnect and say ready, thanks. But here in India they do not appreciate when you say thanks, because that means thank you and goodbye. Of course in the West we use it differently, as a thank you indeed. But when you're really thankful there's no need to say thanks, but you say you're mine and I am yours. That's a real state of consciousness. We are looking for that love that we can not deny. But what to do to find it? And speaking of how all ages can approach, one should embrace the eternal existence ....

Ofcourse, between 12 and 30 years of age we did not think much of eternal existence, but after 30 one starts to think about it, and after 45 one has a kind of alarm about it and when approaching 60 and is aware of it is a kind of need.

Training. This is a complex concept How to entertain a man? Playing? Playing instruments? Do you have time to play? Do you think there is nothing to invest time into it and pursue it? This is very serious ... but if you want to be a kid again, just wait because soon you will have a body and get a real entertainment according to your wishes. It is not the time to play. It is time to understand that you're playing with the love of your heart. You should throw in the towel, give up and admit that you're not the driver. You try to control everything, wife, children, family ... but forget it.
You do not control anything. And we are not friends of others because we do not even know what is good for others. We do not even understand what is good for ourselves.

Then what to say about being generous. If you give something and you can develop a love that embraces others, you can feel inner satisfaction and freeing the concept of control and enjoy it's own divinity. You really have to convince the deity to come into your life and take possession of it. And when you become compassionate, Divinity will accept you as an instrument of His love. Because this is more valuable than all the opulence of the world combined. But you can see that the love we are looking for is of one nature only which can give you the best energy in your life and offer that at the altar with all joy and rejoice. There is nothing more beautiful than to be elevated in the experience of being used by the Divine love. This is what I understood intellectually, because to have this done one must be consumed by love. And not consumed by the consumer society, I want to be consumed in the fire of Yagna.

So when the Lord's pleasure becomes your pleasure then that is the feeling of I am yours and you are mine.This is what I want to share today. And so you can sing and dance forever like this. Jay Sri Radhe.And a big hug to all the devotees in the Chat.
Vrindavan Dham ki jay!

Sometimes we can feel tired of our own frustrations, but the desires are so intense that only when one desire comes and we are going for another. But we have all come from duality ... this is our conditioned existence. And this is because we have to move ourselves from the satisfaction of our desires to satisfy His desires.
You are eternal and love is eternal. Moving from conformist joy to joy produced by the service to divinity. All this can be understood by surrender. This is of transcendental possibility, it is not easy to understand.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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