The love that we give others... 12/4/2011 India

Conference from India.

Dear devotees
It is a great joy to dedicate these words from Sri Vrindavan Dham.

Today I want to pray.
My dear Lord, I would like to understand what you want me to do in life. You have been very merciful to me by giving me the opportunity to meet your pure devotees.
As Srila Prabhupada and Srila Sridhar Maharaj, who have transformed our lives to teach us that spiritual life has no equal.

We can call it: the incredible spirituality, which is saving us from the world of paradoxes and allows us to go to the transcendental world. We are always looking to be comfortable, be rich and successful. But when we're rich, we become proud, when we are comfortable we become lazy and when you are proud, we become arrogant.
So we are always looking for something, but when we do find that, we realize that just hurts us as well. Then it is better not to get anything that could harm you. If you want to be free from the identification of the material body and you start to feel superior to those who identify with the body, you are committing an error. When you think you have conquered the material senses and feel superior to those who do not, you get into trouble. The ego comes up again and again in many different ways. For example:

We should be happy to have a spiritual family, like ours ...
With nice programs, good organization ... but it begins to grow and grow and can become a kind of institution. Sure, many people do not want that, preferring the heart to heart relationships beyond the institutions. But some people promote the progress of the institutions and before you know it, you're stuck in a spiritual bureaucracy. It is undeniable, some percentage of growth. It's like when you want to use Laksmi for Krsna, but do not know the the best way to use it.

There is a Bengali proverb that says: Too much devotion is a sign of a thief. And so, one finds many "very devotional” but that does not mean everybody is coming closer with real feelings. And all that is within the paradoxes of this world. And the product of these paradoxes is nothing more nor less than people eager to live a spiritual realization. In other words, a path of suffering:

Learning through the experiences of this world also means much suffering, suffering only because one can achieve a state of "awakening of ignorance"

So like this we remember someone special, Srila Sridhar Maharaj. Once some devotees went to visit Srila Sridhar Maharaj to ask some questions about an institution.He said that he was not part of an institution, that he was not a supporter of form, He was a destroyer of forms. And the devotees could not understand that. Srila Sridhar Maharaj said he did not like external things and only formalities without content. And then he continued: Krishna himself is a destroyer of forms. The first says we should follow the dharma. But then he says: If you surrender to Me, you must leave all dharma. So Krishna Himself is set by the forms and the bankruptcy. Srila Sridhar Maharaj also said: If you expect an ignorant person to act wisely, you are also acting as an ignoramus. You always feel better than others because they speak another language or have more money, and so on. Also one applies that within the temples, thinking that a mission is better than another or a more efficient administration than another.

Many people say that if you cooperate with your interests, then you will be forced to be exploited by them, that's a selfish mentality. Therefore, we must pay attention to the love that we give to others ...

We forget that we die and we only focus on doing the show to be successful, and internally we are depressed and sad and do nothing sensible for the Lord's heart. God is always constantly trying to please, but we only care about improving the circumstances for the gratification of our senses. Still, that Krishna is making all the arrangements for our spiritual life, and we are not able to recognize His favors. We do not remember what we call "good luck" in this world is nothing but divine intervention of the Lord in our lives.
He's not after your money or trying to take advantage of something in particular. Sri Krishna wants nothing more than your heart, so he is teaching us. And so one must question if you are doing things correctly or not .. But we are so fallen that we are not able to realize if we are doing things right or not. We are running without looking ahead. Bhakti is not produced by imitating the actions of a servant.
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur says:
That as soon as a person surrenders completely to the service of Sri Krishna, all the good qualities of religiosity, etc ... Appear in him.

And all that is automatically displayed by the fact of serving Mukunda. The 50 virtuous qualities of the demigods are manifested in the heart of a devotee filled with Hari Bhakti, not the envious. He always kept free of mental speculation and fruitive activities.

Worldly people who are attached to material activities are kept always hanging on their own karma and get different births according to those attachments. In contrast, the devotees who are engaged in performing service in association with other devotees are immersed in the ocean of transcendence.

Dear devotees, Vrindavan Dham ki jay. When I'm here I’m really excited. Every corner of this site is full of Rasa, confidential mellows of Divine Love. Generally we cannot see, but, thankfully, Krishna always sees us. And if you see the other devotees and see the service you have to do, Krishna is watching too, and with that statement one can hold unto it until you reach spiritual perfection. So we're focusing on our service to Radha Gopinath Mandir and all the services we have to do.

The most important thing is when you clean the heart of a person, Krishna simultaneously is cleaning your heart. That also goes for the Sankirtan. If you give someone a good thing, over a pure heart ... Krishna will give you inner realizations. This is the reason that the Sankirtan is a cleansing experience. In other words, everything you do on the order of the spiritual master, has the ability to connect you more with Krishna. So I wish you a great marathon and enthusiasm to have beautiful temples.

Enthusiasm help us to make things beautiful in Vrindavan. Jay Srila Prabhupada. I say goodbye, because it is a little late here.
A hug from the heart.

Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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