The dangers of self absorption 2/19/2012

Dear devotees,
This morning I want to explain something about a particular phenomenon...

That is called "being absorbed". This phenomenon is a big problem for the cooperation of people in the world. One can take it with a joke, because it seems to be funny ... but in practice it is more sad than funny. Because, to be absorbed means that one becomes so important to themselves that one is unable to see the importance of others.

It is a symptom of some kind of "present illness" that makes you not realize what others perceive, but it's almost obvious. The absorbtion inward is almost a type of drug, because it makes one intoxicated. One who has a self-absorbed attitude closes himself so much that every time someone else does not share his same opinion, he devalues him and gets angry about it. You know, the levels of perception toward each other can become quite serious, to the point that there are materialistic people who only think about the profit they earn from harming others. Fully imperialist mentality. As the empires think that the protection of their interests gives them the right to kill, injure or mistreat others. This is very common among politicians and administrators in the world today. Sure, very secretly in many cases ... but this is how it manages the world of Kali Yuga.

All this is an abominable situation. Of course, if you look at the profile of each of these people is completely absorbed. They only move in the circle of their own benefit. But why talk of dirty politicians? They are far from us and not even care about what we are saying ... and if they knew it would be worse, he would take care of us and put us out of his way ... as we are not good for his false prestige.
(For the materialist who does what he wants even if it means hurting others also want to maintain a false appearance).

In that way we can prove that this consciousness only makes people materialistic. And all this only comes from becoming self-absorbed, self-absorbed as he is unable to see the deep end and sensitivity of others, you live practically exploiting:
The resources, knowledge, beauty of others, levers, etc.. And all exploitation is justified from the same "self-absorbed philosophy."

A self-absorbed person sometimes wants to have a teacher just to increase their prestige, but it holds only up to the time when the Guru directs him to someone more important than himself, Krishna. And of course, Guru insists that Krishna is the highest and it is he who must be served. This trend can also be called self-absorbed... which means that he does not give value to what happens to others ... and that creates a kind of wall that serves the same purpose as the Berlin Wall ....

A wall in the middle of the whole city, preventing the passage of people from one sector to another. Similarly, the wall of the absorbed person does not allow entry of others in their life. And it's not healthy at all for those of who make such a wall, much less who tolerates it being done. The wall of self-absorbed person's ego is almost impossible to be destroyed by others ... For it is the same self-absorbed person who thinks that wall is good and holds it with cheap philosophy and excuses to keep away from others.

The person thinks he or she has made a world apparently that is good ... and is located behind this wall to protect the alleged wrong that others can do. And that, my dear devotees is not unreal. It's not something that only happens between politicians or materialists ... This happens also within us. Among these church leaders ... even between a temple and a leader. It sometimes occurs among sannyasis ...

We can not say, oh, it's just among the people "rare" in the world that these things happen, they and their self-absorbed character ... No. We can not think that we are healthy that we are no longer affected by the bad influences. That's a real illusion. Well, that tendency to become absorbed occurs between the grhastas, between men and women, between husbands and wives, between parents and children ... spiritual sibling. And this is a disease so dangerous that can destroy the spiritual life. Generates only one end and that is on the floor after you have created an island, or rather, a prison for yourself, an engrossed product of this nature, where any instruction from Srila Prabhupada, or any message of Srila Sridhar Maharaj cannot go there .. The only thing that remains there is Paramatma, who is so merciful that He does not abandon the conditioned soul even in the most terrible circumstances. But what does Paramatma do? He says in your ear, you're alone ... How long will you remain so locked in your prison of fantasy? But, the person is so lost, that his mind just says, no, I'm just ...there are "bad" people that have created this, I am defending the attacks of others ... The others do not respect me and appreciate me ... But if we remember what Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, if we can not maintain this attitude

Trinad api sunicena taror api sahishnuna
amanina manadena sada kirtaniyah harih
The Lord said: One who thinks himself lower than the grass, who is more tolerant than a tree, and who does not expect personal honor yet is always prepared to give all respect to others can very easily always chant the holy name of the Lord." (Adi-lila 17.31)

Why would a blade of grass be more important than you? I will explain:
-A blade of grass is not opposed to the spiritual life, however your false ego is giving constant opposition to the spiritual life. It's like a joke: the best way to commit suicide is getting on the false ego and launching from there :). Or the other joke: That is the false ego: It's the little Argentine everyone carries within himself :) Or Venezuelan or etc.

But in reality, it is very serious ... If I tear this blade of grass in two it is not going to complain will not put conditions and says I no longer want to serve. This is very useful and very submissive, but not false ego. To be more insignificant than a blade of grass is very significant. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu did not say it in vain. He was very clear, very supportive. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the solidarity in a person ... He teaches us to work together with others for a higher cause, he teaches us to work selflessly and sacrifice, because if there isn't selflessness and sacrifice, then there is nothing. And that is where the false ego says, careful, careful with that ... Keep your distance ...And that means keeping distance away from the Godhead, the spiritual master of Sadhusanga ... It becomes a trench that encloses us and takes us back to pool of the material world.

And those who have sought Vaishnavas to save us from the material ocean ... we fall back on our own. But when one is absorbed, even one comes to think that he does not like many devotees visiting their temple ... because a lot of work ... And I wonder ... Your temple? Is it really your temple? Or they say, going to meetings is boring, because no one pays attention to my advice ... being preoccupied since i'm not recognized or glorified or something. In other words, living together is a great purification, coexistence because one has to see the limitations that one has in appreciating spiritually consecrated persons.

The scriptures confirm 'sadhu-sanga', 'sadhu-sanga' -- sarva-sastre kaya lava-matra sadhu-sange sarva-siddhi haya (CC.Madhya,22.54). Even a moment's association with a pure devotee can bestow upon a perfection in devotional service ... Imagine, just a moment, a second in partnership with a pure devotee.

That is the teaching that Srila Prabhupada gave us ... that we associate with the Sadhus, for a single second of their company solves everything. Because when we are in the association of devotees utsaha is there and it is a great, great enthusiasm that allows one to be determined to leave the material world and one is then determined to sacrifice and become qualified to go to the spiritual world.

So we start the day like this. Everyone has discretion and intelligence, we all have to protect our service areas, etc ... It is very necessary. We must not become zombies without judgment. We must actively participate and take into account the difficulties that arise, but at the same time, we need submission and obedience to tolerate that we are not alone in the world ... that we share with many people. One does not learn in isolation from others. One truly learns when he prays, begs, is humble, and collaborator.

Rich people look to alienate themselves away from it all with the excuse of protecting themselves from alleged thieves. But they lose any connection to the outside world. Lost in thought is the greatest poison, because one begins to think that one is the most important. Sure, there's something real that you are the most important for yourself because you depend on the process of self-realization. That's why you have to take care of yourself, of course not turn inward ... Rather than sharing, learning, giving the whole others.

For example, Why does marriage exist? So you don't become completely self-absorbed ... In the words of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura: To learn you have to share and realize that you are not alone. But it seems that this does not happen very often in modern marriages. Srila Sridhar Maharaj said something beautiful, when you see things from a negative view of oneself that attracts a lot of good things. But when you only think about the good things you've done or that you have it only attracts bad. You even become insensitive to others. You have to become humble, because humility and austerity are the qualities of a Brahmana.

It is said that there are three things in life that one should never give up:
-Tapas, dana and Yajna. You can leave all the family and take sannyas, leave the work to devote to study, give up your desire for something higher. But one should never give up: Tapas: austerity, Dana: Generosity, Yajna: The sacrifices.

Because this is what keeps human culture moving. That is why the problem of the self-absorbed just look for those who appreciate what they do, not those who have any criticism or comment differently then theirs. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur said that those who only tell us good things about oursleves are not really your friends, however those who are showing you all the things left to overcome and fix, those are your true friends. They will even risk losing your smile. Everytime one heara something that they do not want to hear you immediately change your face ... and it hurts others, they are looks that can kill. And ultimately, if we don't change our absorbtion and attitude we can lose the association of devotees ... and who loses the association of devotees, loses all.

In Krishna consciousness we have the concept that everything belongs to Krishna and therefore we must protect and enthuse all to bond and participate in devotional service which purifies everything. And to the extent that devotees care that of which belongs to Krishna, Krishna himself becomes very happy. Well, my dears, that's my message for today. To those who still remain skeptical of everything said here, I recommend you read it all many times until you understand that we are only an infinitesimal portion of all. As such, we appreciate everything and everyone around us. Today I am going to Vrindavan, our paradise in the jungle of Ecuador, where we continue to expand the glories of Srila Prabhupada. Gopinath Gauranga Radhika ki jay! I leave all my affection and organize a nice Sunday festival for all the souls that are thirsty for Krishna Bhakti. Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. Aloka Paramadvaiti.

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