Love is the most precious gift. 2/5/2012 Bogota

Dear devotees.

Let me share with you a meditation. The spiritual master is very sad when he sees that the devotees doubt that Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, and they are attracted to worldly things, how to enjoy things or accumulate things, when devotion is the most beautiful and the largest and the nostalgia that one feels in this world is the lack of love of God and lack of love one can give to others in God's name.

When devotees are not happy in Krishna Consciousness or not communicated with the messages of his spiritual master, there is always sadness. Perhaps this sadness helps us realize that this world, here, is not the world where we want to be. When a parent is concerned about the welfare of his son, or husband does not know where the wife goes, when the bonds of affection are put into question ... When Maya grabs us and makes us compare the association of devotees with the association of those who want to be the enjoyer, with no room for Lord Krishna in their priorities, when life does not have a course ... one becomes vulnerable to any speculation.

One can understand why so many people in the world is poisoned foolishly against the good of their own family or their health, simply because they do not know where to allocate the huge potential of affection in their heart. Maya can grab one at any time and when one becomes attached to Krishna and service to it, one can turn away from Maya too. Therefore, never put your back to Krishna or to the spiritual master because there will be defeat again.

Love is the finest, the most precious to reach. But if you want to enjoy excluding Krishna, you get only a mirage that always stays elusive and can never be reached. And this illusion is so tremendous that it may accompany you life after life after life ... and also in different species such as penguins in love :), that after having an egg, one has to stay warm by keeping the little egg between their legs, while the other is 4 months away eating.The other penguin has stopped everything to protect the little egg ... and if the other penguin has not perished it will newly returned after 4 months to see the baby peguin. They sacrifice, fasting and fasting ... All this for the love that they have, because obviously they feel this love ... if not then what is the purpose of returining. All this is an example of the anxieties of love in this world. But when you love Krishna you can love everyone. And that's a feeling so intense that one can live when you give your heart to Him. And that love is born in Krishna and Krishna is satisfied. Krishna, the lover of all souls forever ...

That is our simple preaching and simple invitation to all people ... so they can find true happiness and meaning in life. And sharing the faith, sharing the gifts one has received from his spiritual master is the highest gift one can receive, that's what makes life a joy, not to accumulate money and compete for a status quo, to enjoy the inconsiderate senses.

I wish you all, dear spiritual children and spiritual friends of my soul, to be highly absorbed in preaching and to care for the people Krsna has sent you to protect. If I could take care of you all more, I would ... but God also cares for those who care for themselves. Sure, the devotees have to care for one another, but sometimes others cannot take care of you all the time, then you have to take care of yourself from Maya always singing:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna Krishna hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare.

This is my short Message for you from Bogota.

Sometimes we are sad because someone falls in Maya or happy because someone came out of maya
And when we are more concerned about caring for others that’s when we are able to leave our Maya. I wish you a very happy day of Sri Nityananda, the original Guru. He came to break the dam of divine love to let it overflow which Mahaprabhu came to give. And that love is what we should be preaching everywhere, the love that Sri Nityananda is giving us. Take care of that love forever and share it with all those around. I send you a hug from the heart. Sri Nityananda Prabhu ki jay!
Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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