A Reflection of Communications 3/11/12 from Mayapur

My dearest devotees, welcome to this special chat. As you well know, since the internet came out I have used this medium to communicate. It is natural for human beings to want to communicate in one way or another. The chat today is a reflection on our communications.

Today, modern transmissions have apparently facilitated communication but they also have consequences. When analyzed it is dangerous and harmful to the development of both individuals and real communication.

There are some interesting documentaries on the subject, on the aspect of using social networks like Facebook or current internet phenomenon. We do so many things at the same time, more and more in quantity but less quality, less depth in relationships. We are inundated in a lot of communications, however the quality and importance is often very doubtful. We saturated communications. The danger or risk here is we do not focus on the specific and do not grow any relationship of heart either ...

In addition; our participation in sadhana bhakti suffers like nothing else and often also affects our service both in quantity and quality. After analyzing this theme a lot I came to the conclusion that privatizing Facebook profiles especially for devotees who live within a community of Vaishnavas, are an undesirable distraction. There are some Facebook profiles who represent a service area that serves as a newsletter about what is happening in this service area fabulously. These can be managed and we do not want to stop them, but I am speaking about the communication exchanges that are not related to dedicated service.

This gets worse when you pick up speed and our communications with several people are being done simultaneously. This only makes the quality of our commitments to the same people you communicate with a decreasing quality. Therefore, if you're not preaching and bringing the revolutionary message of your spiritual ideals to facebook then close your Facebooks and supports those who utilize it in that way. You can leave this message as your last entry so that others know that higher ideal of reaching this decision. And on the other hand, if badly need communication via the Internet, take a service and coordinate with my office. There are many projects that need people who are good at communication or devotees who like internet and computers to serve the many projects initiated by the community. Also seek support for web projects.

Do not expect the office to look for someone to make your page and not with personal pictures or with the findings of others over your body. I know many good devotees have used their communications via Facebook to talk about Krsna, but there are other ways to do so directly and personally. The modern era has increased the methods of communication, but not the quality of them. I, personally, I have decided for me (and I recommend you to do so badly) to leave in between from one communication to another form of communication a minimum period of 7 days of reflection on the message before responding. Less if it is an urgent service. To me it is uncomfortable when I receive emails where the person expects an instant response. Before the mail took at least two weeks before arriving and internationally it took months. We are talking about mental health, my dear, and cyber ego can cause you to think you have to meet or have so many friends that you have not even any time to read the message of the spiritual master which is something specific to rescue. Please get excited and move towards the Supreme Goal of life.

If we minimize this or if it is of relative importance, as it were as important to read the Bhagavad Gita or the news media of a sensual prostitute then my dear everything is lost. Although people today read almost nothing but instead all the time are watching movies on Youtube or worse just look at your own photos and you cannot sit still to listen to a lecture with attention ... this is a process, the sadhana, a brahmacari or Vishnupriya this must be repeated twice a day to stay connected, busy and happy to share it with others, read.

Take these recommendations to heart please and make them known to all young people and friends of all ages. This modern technology has much to offer, but as cell phones, can also produce a brain tumor ... and as an expert advised on cell phone use: only use up to 5 minutes per day. The saturation of the material matter in this present age is severe, and only what is hyper sensational and of massive gossip is what gets attention. Dependence and the change of consciousness created by Facebook, etc., result in you behaving improperly and when you see visitors coming to the temples they are not given any attention. You are leaving the principal relationships of the world of real communication. Because you think your 500 Facebook friends are waiting to exchange platitudes ... and the person who came to the temple sent by Krsna, which were sent there to become closer to the Lord and His devotees, they do not receive any attention.

Our communication via the Internet is very important to have so devotees know of the important things done by other brothers and sisters elsewhere. But it is also remarkable that we have too many pages on the internet and of course, on the one hand each project and each item can be interesting on the internet, but in an organized manner so the important things are not lost that were done at a times. And they can still be used. But just distracting social networks that take away ones time to know what is really important and as our family is a family of several languages, I insist that all important and beautiful things that happen in the mission Vrinda should be reported in both English and Spanish on Vrinda news to keep abreast of what is important.

The Internet continues to offer many facilities, but it is not free of the three modes of material nature and it must be handled with prudence. This requires a great deal of personal discrimination, a great power that sadly many people do not have. I know of two cases, for example, families that have broken because the woman is unworthy seeing that her husband was looking at porn sites. We need to be simple, but not ignorant. So please pay attention ... because I'm paying attention to what suits you and what does not suit you as there are some things that are so new, we've had to see it first to confirm the effect. Do not forget, that if these tools are used to save time and give you time for sadhana, you should use them as Srila Rupa Goswami says: True renunciation is to use everything for Krsna.

The issue here is not to limit freedom of the individual. The theme is reflection for your spiritual life. Are you using Facebook to promote Krsna or to promote yourself? Do you want to do sankirtan, or have seva products online or do you desire to sell an image of you passed through Photoshop to make some new buddies or girlfriends? You might as well take to the streets and instead of taking people to the temple to preach to them, take them to your house for fun.

I am surprised to see how some members of our mission volunteer their time and energy in objects and in the end you are not filled with joy when I would rather ask them to give away their time and energy on projects for the joy of all.

I hope that you meditate on this chat and share it with all of those who love a life of dedication. Be happy in Krsna consciousness and happier still making others happy. From Sri Mayapur dhama with much love to all here present and who read this Sunday chat you can always ask me questions through my secretaries. Here I am working hard to encourage the devotees in India to support cleanup projects and restoration of sacred places.

It was possible and we have made significant progress in the channeling of the holy river Yamuna and its return to the ghats. Projects that I considered dream or long-term dreams came true very quickly by the enthusiasm and support of the devotees. Please do not forget to ask them to connect to Vrindavan and Mayapur. My wish is that all the temples of Vrinda send a monthly help to India and can help continue the service started here. Again: it is not a matter of quantity but of love, of wanting to do, to meet and talk about it with friends. Jay. Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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