Report on Gurudev's past few days 3/4/2012

Dear brothers and sisters, please accept my obeisances Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay, Srila Atulananda Acarya Ki Jay, Vrinda family chat ki jay!

A few hours ago, our beloved spiritual teacher came to India. From there he sent a message telling news of the day, a short message to the Sunday chat. Srila Gurudeva arrived safely with the incredible transcendental energy as always. He decided to come at once to Vrindavan. Now we are on track. Guru Maharaj will go to the Yamuna and Gopinath mandir. He spoke today with the Secretary of Vandana Shiva to arrange a meeting with her. Guru Maharaj said, let's meet where you are. Ati Kiwu, a fighter for the rights of land in Colombia and dignity of indigenous peoples, is soon to make an official visit to India.

Guru Maharaj invited her to India to experience the rich culture of Vaisnava and the work that is being done. Guru Maharaj's plan is to connect these two women fighting for the same ideals which are the protection of the seed, water protection, land rights and the recovery of the ancestral values. Guru Maharaj expectations are beyond our comprehension. It is the union of East and West forces to counter the environmental damage to mother earth caused by industry and commerce. Guru Maharaj commented that it is significant that two mothers are giving their life for a mother, mother earth.

Under the tentative itinerary of Ati’s visit to India, there is Gangotri’s visit to make an offering to the holy river and a meditation in the Himalayas. Guru Maharaj got a little tired of the journey; his health is good, somewhat cold, but always with great energy and kindness to all. On the way to India there was an unexpected schedule change, 8 hours of traffic in London. That was not in the plan and we weren’t informed in time.

Guru Maharaj was working on writing material for new materials to okis and awareness campaigns. He had a plan to spend all day in Vrindavan. The journey from Delhi to Vridnavan is rather long, about 3 hours. Guru Maharaj has another flight to Calcutta, almost at midnight. Ideally it would be stay in Delhi, but Guru Maharaj asked to visit Vridnavan even if it was for a few hours. There was like eight hours but with the change of flight, there was almost a cancellation to his visit to Vrindavan, yet Guru maharaj said that even if for one hour he wanted to be in Vrindavan and take darshan of the Yamuna. He personally wants to see his dream realized, the Yamuna flowing again against the Ghats of Vrindavan. He is in love with this project, now comes the second part, build a canal under the Yamuna to carry sewage to a treatment center, to prevent sewage discharges from the villages to the sacred river. The project magnanimous but what already has been accomplished is also magnanimous. This was possible due to the civil action because the local administration failed to service this request of the people. Unfortunately, the administration of the municipality is dedicated to other projects and is also subject to few assumptions, and political corruption, but the people of Vrindavan, the vrajabasis took this project on their hands under the guidance of a great personality that inspired virtually all the work ...

He is considered a hero in India for his role in reducing terrorism in Punjab. Mr. KPS Gill and his wife struggle to improve the environmental conditions of Vrindavan and its residents, including animals. Mother Chandi founded an animal hospital in Vrindavan with the professional support of many local doctors. They also develop together several prasadam distribution programs for children, elderly sadhus and animals.

Chandi personally distributed hundreds of puris to Vrindavan monkeys daily. Vrinda devotees witness the generosity of these devotees. They have always invited us to their home and they welcome everyone with joy and prasadam. They are great friends of our Guru Maharaj and receive Him with great reverence.

Now, with the completion of the first part of this project, all in Vrindavan have been happy to see their holy river flowing again nearby. To restore the Yamuna to its devotees for a Vrajavasi, the worship of Sri Yamuna Devi is part of your life, your culture, your day, everything. Everyday Vrajavasis adore Sri Yamuna devi and all suffered to see the Yamuna moved away more and more and instead of Yamuna there had only been sewage drains. Then Guru Maharaj is also super happy of this great achievement. And on this day, at the time of one hour, tolerating a journey of more than 6 hours after a long international trip, then get on another plane, Guru Maharaj visited the Yamuna. Then in Mayapur there comes an intensive program.

The Gaura Mandal parikrama, the annual meeting of the World Vaishnava Association, the review of the cleaning program in Mayapur, Gaura Purnima preparations, attention to inbound tourists and volunteers, planning projects in Mayapur dham of Vrinda, the visit to the Acharyas, etc..

Then we will try to report more news these days and expect their blessings to offer a good service to the devotees and mothers who came. It is always a challenge to serve all, Hare Krishna. That was the report we received, we appreciate the efforts made by the devotees in India among there being so much to do, a few lines on the activities of Guru Maharaj, India Yatra ki jay.

Now I want to share some news to report on Guru Maharaja’s visit to Ecuador Yatra. Guru Maharaj visited the majority of projects that were developed by the devotees. The schedule was intense, Guru Maharaj visited the program of Hara Sundar prabhu in Tulcan, a town bordering Colombia. Guru Maharaj worked there in the chaddar or meditation robe for Mother Earth. It is an adaptation of Guru Maharaj chaddar designed in India. It is a mantle with positive messages for meditation around the sacred temples of Vrindavan as the Yamuna, the devotees, the dhama, promoting vegetarianism, animal protection, etc. Now Guru Maharaj will present the version for the West.

Meditation includes the sacred mountains, the various mystical traditions, the various uses of Vedic wisdom as examples of eco villages and banks to protect the seed, promoting healthy eating vegetarian and animal rights. Well, the chaddar was originally designed by Guru Maharaj and technically assisted by mother Gandharvika. The new design is also on the desk of mother Gandharvika and only missing the final review for release after Tulcán.

We visited a program devoted to Ibarra. Here Guru Maharaj shared with a family the Vaisnava work of so many devotees who have worked for the mission in Ecuador. He recalled much of the dear Srimati Gayatri Devi, an Ecuadorian vaisnavi now in the spiritual world. Then in Quito, Guru Maharaj worked a lot with his legal team in the development of demand for the rights of nature, along with Dharmananda Prabhu, Mother Gargi and other partners worked to polish the demand and began a campaign to collect signatures. Guru Maharaj also visited the farm Vrindavan in Rio Negro. There a leadership seminar and training was conducted in promoting the campaigns of the spoon revolution. Guru Maharaj is encouraging the systematic distribution of okis, the establishment of ministries, the promotion of the passport of the revolution and the whole strategy to promote vegetarianism as the main activity of Sankirtan. This is an important issue now to Guru Maharja and his mission.

Gurumaharaj says: If someone is inspired by my mission he has to understand that this is my mission now. Justifiably by understanding the spiritual master and expanding of this mission and being part of this revolution of love, revolution of consciousness. If you know something better to do, or have found something better than this: do not be stingy, tell us. Meanwhile, here's what I do best and I hope all I hear or read, be inspired in this also.

Then we received the order of Guru Maharaj to carry this message of revolution in all directions. There is a group of devotees, of whom we spoke last Sunday, the CBA group will travel by the temples carrying the message and materials.

One objective is to bring the materials of the spoon revolution, the okis, confirming that all temples are well equipped with all materials, a selection was made of 100 okis. Guru maharaj wants there to be 200, but right now a package of 100 has been manifested.

Guru Maharaj said:

Today, a temple that does not offer these materials simply does not understand what is my mission and does not know what his spiritual master is working and for me, it is simply a temple that has lost connection with me.

Even Guru Maharaj said temples that have no okis envelopes and all the arsenal of the temple I'll least consider them when planning my next journey. Before I was determined to start this campaign, now reconfirmed we must do this with vigor, putting all our efforts. In fact now the only sankirtan I want is this. In opening the contact this sankirtan will be personalized with Oki. Of course we want to distribute books and all the hundreds of materials of SEVA. But oki is our business card. The Oki is our main article. With okis we can flourish. You do not know but every day the consciousness of people is changing in an incredible way. Today when you ask someone if you eat meat, they respond as: Yes, but less but more salads or say yes but with a sense of guilt. That's thanks to the promotion of vegetarianism and that's a great service to the planet. It's the most practical and real service you can do for Mother Earth, perhaps more practical than the major proposals of NGOs or environmental plan of the government, relieving it is right where it hurts most. Meditate before introducing something to your body, meditate before you eat when and where your garbage or waste from the body is going to produce, you have to be devoted to the dry bath, devotee of compost, devoted not to contaminate the water. Guru Maharaj is inviting a great meditation for the day March 22, 2012 celebrating the World Water Day. Guru Maharaj invites the community to a great festival of song by the water!

Here is the invitation.

Guru Maharaj invites the entire community of Vrinda to join this project. The famous artist Aterciopelados, Hector Buitrago of Colombia is working on this project and enthusiastically inviting more artists to join this meditation. Task: to convene artists to sing mainly for water on this day. Hopefully we get to many famous musicians. There is a group of devotees who are working on promoting the event as was done in the previous day of meditation or world kirtan. Please contact the office Lima.

Then, continuing with the report of Ecuador. Guru Maharaj visited the farm of Prabhu Bhagavatamrita, Ahimsa Vam. There he met with a large group of volunteers, Gurudev gave much encouragement in working the land and for taking the profession in service to the ideals of the revolution. He also greatly appreciated the work done by Bhagavatamrita Prabhu. Prabhu provides the hot water in bathrooms of compost product. Incredible technology based off of the kitchen waste combined with hoses. Apparently it is something material but is a pilot example to raise awareness, to prevent wasteful energy and recycle waste. We all have problems. Who does not produce garbage every day? What do you do with your trash? This meditation has been repeated in several meetings with Guru Maharaj. It is repeated often because some devotees have not heard the message yet and other times because although it has been said before, there is still a needed reinforcement of the concept.

Do not be surprised that Guru Maharaj is a pedagogy, that is who the spiritual master is, an educator, trainer of our lives, our future, building the educational foundation for the future of a better society. A teacher knows how to teach their students, sometimes with apples or beans to learn addition, subtraction but they are learning tools. Sometimes repeat the lesson, for example: How much time does a professor spend with the child so they can learn to read or write? How many pages of writing the same sentence we need to rewrite to learn some basics? It is not the criterion that the student says: teacher, you are now repeating many times the same class. It is the teacher's discretion to decide and confirm when the student actually learned the class.

In Guayaquil along with his friend Javier of ECUAVISA, the first television conscious program was materialized and founded IntiTV, 24 hours of service to humanity. Also in Ecuador the first market, Oki Eco was established at the temple premises.

There was also a full day of work in Ecuador SEVA reviewing all of the project’s mission. Different important lists were analyzed such as the list of all upcoming publications, where they will be printed, how they will be distributed, both printed books and dvds. Also the list of all collaborators in areas of translation of materials was discussed. As well as materials that require translation and editing, the list of all relevant materials must-haves in the temples and those who provide them, and so on. Also there was mention of the list of materials that support the preaching awareness like the best documents for the revolution. Reconfirmation was give to the 200 main okis principles. Hari Sankirtan Prabhu, one of the main commanders of the revolution, shares the link where you can see this:

Another important work in Ecuador were the istagostis in the community. Guru maharaj always supporting community work, the distribution of duties, delegating among more devotees, give them space and support in their projects. All in one word: solidarity. It was also the launch in Yaruqui, the first test version of the book Oida Therapy.

The result was due to many months work with the help of many devotees including mother Prabhupada, a psychologist at Bogota. Guru Maharaj is very happy with this pre launch.It is an edition of 200 copies for review primarily aimed for comment, pointing errors, and give suggestions. Guru Maharaj gave a month apart from these day for all to review and make suggestions, after a month, to include the suggestions received and then make the final print.

Guru Maharaj also worked plenty of hours on sounds of meditation for the House of Wisdom project. The SEVA Team Ecuador, Vidya Tirtha primarily is working on it now. Thus, there is a long list of projects in this visit and some possibly forgotten that are important details such as something that influenced me a lot was the dedication of GM leaders. GM said: I like very much to have meetings with leaders rarely I have this opportunity and I prefer to devote myself more to them. In the words of GM, "My lieutenants."

Guru Maharaj said, I prefer now to meet more with the leaders, because on them depends the future of the mission. At the same time I have to train them to deliver this message, otherwise I would not be doing my job well. But working together, caring is the essence of all, nobody can do it alone, to say continue the mission. So I myself depend on you, their enthusiasm, and their commitment, be aware of all the gifts sent to us Krishna. Working together, without competition, without conflict, there is room for everyone, every day more farms, more destinations, more places and that means more leaders qualify, well, I apologize to the devotees of Ecuador for this report as incomplete but I think from GM's perspective they are the highlights and of course you can always report more details ... the love of the devotees, each one brings an important offering, each with many needs and challenges, new family members, new projects for example:

The new program of Jajya and mother Vaikuntha in Tumbaco, the beautiful program of Bharata prabhu in half of the world, the meeting of the famous singer author Richard Williams, known on this visit by devotees as the George Harrison of Ecuador. The prabhu has recorded over 40 albums in a long musical career and 10 discs of conscious music and lyrics against abortion, violence against children, against alcohol, against the mistreatment of women , etc. lullaby music for children. He composed a song, an offering to water that can also be asked for from the office file.

Gurudev also accepted the invitation of Minister of Tourism, his friend Freddy Ehlers painfully he was not in good health but wanted to see Guru Maharaj.

Well, thanks for connecting to the chat today, my obeisances to all Ekadasi ki jay
Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay. There will be a following report of Guru Maharaj’s visit to Miami Mandir.

Report from Miami.

Please accept my dandavat pranams,

We had almost 3 days with the presence of Guru Maharaja in Miami, it was a true intense visit as Guru Maharaj was preparing details for the trip to India. At the same time Guru Maharaja took time to serve the community of Miami. One of the important events was the marriage of Prabhu GourNitai Das and Janavi Devi, both are active members and partners in the preaching of Miami. The ceremony was held in the temple, attended by the parents of both devotees and friends. Guru Maharaj gave a beautiful talk about marriage. Guru Maharaja said that married life is a commitment to the highest ideals in which to live in and in this manner the couple can pass the tests to come.

Guru Maharaj was also devoted to sharing with the recent publication of the book Oida Therapy. He also requested that the new center of North Miami to use more the identity of the house of wisdom. This cultural center is relatively new, has potential and Guru Maharaj wants that we all give our support in its development. He named as a Center Manager Janavi Devi, wife of Prabhu Gournitai.

The last day in Miami, Guru Maharaj was invited by a pioneer in organic farming in Miami, her name is Gabriella and she has a beautiful farm south of Miami

Here you can see the farm's website:

There were a group of devotees with Guru Maharaj and they shared a nice day. This farm is virtually self-sustaining. Something that was very good was that Guru Maharaj could rest from the long tour that he took in South America and also to continue to re-energize for India.

Well dear devotees and mothers, that was the visit by GM, as always Guru Maharaja with his embracing heart is always inspiring us to become servants of truth aside selfishness and pride that keep us from the divine.

Srila Guru Maharaj Ki Jay!

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