The Female Energy & Regulative Principles 4/22/12 (Germany)

Dear devotees
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

            Today is the appearance day of Srila Paramahamsa Maharaj, a disciple beloved by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada. He has a beautiful ashram right next to our Jahnavi Kunja Gaudiya Math in Mayapur. There is a very special devotee who is in charge, a pure devotee called Pratima. She is a disciple of Srila Paramahamsa Maharaj and is a good preacher. She is a great example of Vaishnavi. She was very close Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Mahraj. He asked her about being brahmacarini for life. So she is there, surrendered to her Gurudeva doing a very good service.
            Today I want to share with you about the wonderful names of Srimati Radharani. Each name gives me a stimulating and special feeling. It is a feeling of fullness because they are connected to different pastimes of Radha and Krishna. She is behind everything even behind our Vishnupriya ashrams. She wants women to be happy and that they give this happiness to others...
            When you spend time with a woman or give problems to a woman, you'll be in trouble and how? Chances are that you will be born in the same position and then suffer the same thing in which you gave suffering but no matter how it comes, really does not matter. Male or female are good if they are close to God and that is what we are supposed to become. And most seriously, under no circumstances can we deny the feminine power. She is the beginning of Bhakti, Gayatri, Vrindavan, she is everything. Laksmi is provided under this principle, so do not mess with Lakshmi and these different potencies, potencies of Srimati Radharani.
            In a house where a woman is crying, the fortune disappears from there, because she is not just a woman, she is the representative of Radharani, the goddess of fortune. This is the biggest test in where you have to behave well. You have to make this successful life with the fact of making your wife and your children happy. And in the great spiritual family they are all our children and our wives. This means you really have to be a good example. I say again, do not play with the opposite sex. Be nice to them, friendly. Not even a married man is the master of his own wife. He has to be kindly towards her. A surrendered person tries doing the best for their family. What can I say? I can only inspire. Inspire you to preach, to sing, to be kind to one another. I can only be nice for you to say: Ok it is true, let me try to do the same.
            It is difficult to have a responsibility; a commitment to a woman, in the Vedic system having sex means marriage. At the moment you touch a woman, you are responsible for her.  Women always have to be protected: By parents, siblings, adult children or spouses. This is a dangerous world. Who's protecting who? Radharani has a good word for everybody and cares for all. She is behind the matajis, the Maharanis. And a woman also must protect women. They help each other in terms of flirtatious mentality. We try to follow the Vedic recommendations. It says that a man should not be alone with a woman in a room  unless if they are married. Otherwise it becomes dangerous. Better not be alone with anyone anywhere. The desire to feel gratification comes from the same sex, so you have to pay the bill later.
            In every female energy there is a connection with Radharani and if you make mistakes you will be far from Krishna and you'll be segregated from the world of love, and this is a very sad situation, and would be the biggest disaster of your life. As soon as you make problems to a Gopi of Krishna, you are penalized. Sure, women may be naive and innocent at times, but if they are in the field of their own protection, they are safe. We must be aware that Radharani is happy with everything we do for her. She is the all inspiring principle of pleasure and love; she makes Krishna happy, satisfied. There is much to learn from Krishna and his life. They are the best example of renunciation for married people; our only hope is his goodness, his favor, his consideration.

There is another topic that I wish to share this morning.

            Some devotees, despite having promised not to play, there are not strict about the principles of loss of time and money. They waste their time playing, we even have a long list of names from Europe and South America where the devotees are part of a pyramid speculated business idea where you give your money and they promise you get 3 times more after some time. They forget through their greed that only by hard work is that you can win. If you want to get something easy without work or sacrifice, you will be deceived and lost. In the end it is only by hard work and making sacrifices for Krsna Consciousness can one succeed.
            You assume that you get money when someone sells something. This is good only for the company. They cause people to do this, telling other people to work for them and they just sit back and receive money without doing anything, just sitting on an island, drinking orange juice and the world working for you. In this way they inspire you to see each person as a client and servant of your purpose. This principle is so sick and off in the real sense of life, but it is a modern way of tricking people. The product might be interesting, but that system simply is not working and does defile the mind and relationships. Devotees are also trying to find the easiest way to collect and sometimes support themselves. But the easiest way is very dangerous and tricky.
            The disease is very strong game. Even banks invest money in the same system and lose everything. Humans are like idiots when they make easy money at the expense of others, because the easy money has to be at the expense of others, and when the others are devotees it is an offensive front, directly!
            The stock market is also considered gambling by saying that some experts can help you make more money, they never give you any guarantee at the end if something goes wrong you say you lost because the financial world is in crisis, and there are even more stupid things.
            There are gaming machines in small restaurants or casinos where you can put some money and see many colors, loud noises and symbols. And so you get the applause idiot because you lost your money, and then every now and then, after you lose $ 10, you win $ 5, and now this is the right  track that is what you are thinking. And now you think you will get your money back but in the end all the money is in the machine and you go home with nothing in your pocket.
            I cannot believe that the devotees can do this, but I hear that sometimes happens ... so much illusion here in this world, how terrible is that we are addicted to become fools. This embarrasses me. All types of gambling are based on the greed of easy game. You just put a coin and got back 20 coins, Sound good? And sometimes you see people winning and think "oh if that were mine." It is the same lottery system making people greedy to show that jackpot and then collect millions and millions, and then provide another type of mechanism to return people in becoming increasingly greedy.
            We must cut this right now. If someone comes to you and offers an easy ideal let it go and help your friends in the Vaishnava communities. Go and humbly collect with our products. This should be our joy and our income. Keep your feet on the ground, especially with our compassionate programs to help Mother Earth and animals. This is what we are, this is what we have and this is what we do. Otherwise I prefer not to have a comfortable life and in return not give up my ideals. This is the basis of our progress. Look what Krishna has given you, what He has given us. Look at the beautiful farms, music, Krishna is very kind to us and we must work with what He has delivered into our hands. We are not rushing to Alaska to find gold, because gold is not our heart to heart relationship with others. That is our joy given by the Acharyas that protect us from greed and envy of the world. We are singing and dancing, all that Krishna gives us we want to share with everyone, not ours,  it belongs to Krsna, and if you need something for you work hard, take what you need and gives the rest to Krishna. All the great privileges we get never will be obtained in the material world.
            Please share this information with all members of the temple and warn them of these activities. We thank Srila Prabhupada for giving us the four regulative principles.
This is my message for today, with all my love from Berlin. Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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