Krsna Krsna Govinda! Life is Beautiful. From Chile, Ekachakra 5/13/12


Dear spiritual brothers and sisters. Please accept my obeisances.
Vrinda family’s Sunday Chat, ki jay, Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay, Srila Atulananda Acarya ki jay.

Srila Guru Maharaj is in good health. Yesterday we arrived at Ekachakra mandir in Chile Yatra. Sripad Damodara Maharaj arranged the transport of Gurudeva. The trip was quick, we arrived around 4 am. Guru Maharaj arrived and greeted the devotees who received him, then got ready to attend the mangal arati in the morning.

This morning Guru Maharaj began the day with a meeting of OidaTherapy.
Right now, the meeting is continuing. The local team present is confirmed: mother Radhika Kumari, mother Vayayanti, mother Prema Mohini, mother Sati and mother Dulali.

The main topics included: 
The development of Oida Therapy in Chile. Presentation of work or progress of each one of the team. The development of the Purges’ Project, a work connected with OidaTherapy. Comments on the new edition of the book. In briefly and in general, Guru Maharaj reinforced the links between the group and encouraged the projects in development. Now Guru Maharaj is going for morning class and from the class, will dictate the chat today.

From Eka-chakra: Welcome to the loving chaos of Vrinda family.

When something grows very much it is difficult to maintain discipline, it is difficult to keep it organized, with good vision. When something grows, what used to function in the beginning not necessarily functions now. Something that works on a small scale not necessarily works on a large scale. Indeed, I give you the example of the artists, I can also give the example of the art departments, there are so many contributions from the Vrinda family that it may not get noticed because there are so many that you do not have time to look at.

The Internet is a big space to get lost in. I remember when Rasa Manjari of Germany, was the first who made video clips, then we were all so proud because they were spectacular. Gurudeva Atulananda is similar to a volcano because from him always springs wonders, songs, books, lectures; I do not know how many there are already recorded. Because years pass, I listened to Damodar Maharaj 12 years ago and he was very dynamic.

Krishna Krishna Govinda, life is beautiful, we are always traveling, singing, admiring the wonders of the devotees. But there are two parts, one is the organization and another is the funding, because this does not happen so easily. Where there is notion of private property there is no notion of equality, of volunteering, it does not fit there, so it is practically about an ecological community, a project we do together, where we can say, "Krishna Krishna Govinda life is beautiful.” It is not that we say Krishna Krishna and that's the end of it, life is beautiful, it is boundary. Where the boundary begins the beauty ends, that was something revealed at this moment.

The spiritual community is where you do the spiritual; there rules only "Krishna Krishna Govinda, life is beautiful". The parameters, the statutes, the approaches of Srila Prabhupada are in such way that if there is no cause in common, if it is not like that, then there is nothing, then we are not attached to Eka Chakra, of course we love it with the heart because there is no notion of private property, this is something very beautiful and has great potential, more than all educational potential. Tirtha Maharaj is here representing an ideal, which is love for Krishna, love for the devotees, and this is work and cheerful work. The Christians said “pray a lot and work hard”, or as the Chileans say to God “in prayer and with the hammer” (orando y con el mazo dando). One must work for his ideals, one has to translate it and who wants to support, to participate, does it.

New Navadwip was 3,000 meters square, where the Vrinda mission started picking up forces. As soon as you want to do something for Krishna things move. For example, we come from Bolivia where Bhima Prabhu, where he purchased a building for his company and said he would provide a floor for the devotees. Now Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Ramanji are there already installed, this is the best place that La Paz has had so far. So this was possible thanks to the sacrifice and generosity of a devotee.

A devotee is recognized because he works for the happiness of others. If he own a house he invites the others, decorates it beautifully, has everything open, the opportunity for everyone to go, so that everybody may learn. Like Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur said, “Our mission is to build a temple, a mandir of love in the heart of each jiva.” In short, a temple in the heart of each one, that is our task. That is our mission and for that we have ministries, that is the ministry of love for animals that cannot get together to defend their interests and now we meet to decide how we do it for them ...

There must have protection laws, the best law is the growth of consciousness. This is ethics, understanding. Therefore, our spiritual life basically revolves around these concepts. The Spoon Revolution is to awaken love for the animals and for the mother earth. The more dedicated you are to the happiness of others, a higher level you are making, it is not a thing to say: I make others happy and then mistreat them, this is not propaganda, it must be real, this is not by birth.

The bankers system is like the system of the lenders, you are in need so for that reason I lend you, but if you do not return it to me I will take your house and not only that, but I will take it back with 80% or perhaps less, favorable interests, it’s how they call it, but in essence everybody who lends you money does it because want your money. So that's the idea of ​​the bankers. This I say because I met a lady who has this philosophy, when you see that this philosophy is the opposite, our philosophy is the most dedicated to the happiness of others. That is a great server, not the one saying I am a servant and you are not, the Brahmin is a very humble servant, he wants to achieve the purpose and the purpose is sacrifice. We are the proof of goodness of the joy you can give to others.

All regionalisms, fanaticism, all that has no solution, it has no medicine, no joy at long term, only at your ego’s moment you feel encouraged for a moment. The party of Krishna in this material world, is the party that loves everyone, here we do not want to discourage people, we don’t have this desire, all we want is for everyone to become more loving and devoted, because people who have many material attachments have many problems, in fact many get sick. Someone who thinks can do whatever wants to be happy, because for them karma law does not exists, this person motivates the justifications of his way of acting and being by a materialist.

Many people think that seeing you suffering makes them happy. An example for this is bullfighting, how can they be there with their suits supposedly civilized, and are watching how to torture a bull, while the animal is just looking for grass. While the bullfighter is coming with a flag and if the bull does not want to fight, people with little flags go and stick it into its back. So, why are all these people there? To see the dead flesh of a bull? No, that is not what they want to see, otherwise they would go to a slaughterhouse in the city filled of bulls dead flesh, but people want to see blood from a bullfighter.

Man no longer touches the earth, no longer respects it. They don’t know that if they have a wound mud can help them, most people think that if they do this it will cause them infections, but that's not true. The land is not infected, it heals, since land cannot be sold at high prices it is not good business. Then the naturalist, the holistic, the healer, the ones seeking something to sane the world, the ones seeking God in all this, does not agree with materialism.

Secular education is crazy, although originally, the education was a salvation before the fascist dictatorship. But the inquisition is not over, still exists, it just changed its face.

To sing "Krishna Krishna Govinda, life is beautiful" is a miracle of yoga maya. We have things to say and to contribute that are of maximum importance, but let's say in legislation, in the power of the world, we did not exist yet. This is a question one should ask, what is Sri Chaitanya’s plan?

We have the plan to conquer and reach every ones heart. What is happening to secularism is that it was hijacked by the consumer society, and it used to belong to those who previously had fundamentalism. So the people were subdued by this theist fear. When secular education reached the world, then that was not secular, secular is something that is supposedly impartial and that does not favor anyone over another, and gives no right to abuse of one and other. It has a very positive connotation but after it was kidnapped by materialism the opposite occurred, anyone who talks about values ​​was already seen as someone who diverts the purposes of society.

Even in India you can see this, people saying that religion doesn’t matter but economic developments of the country does. They no longer pay attention to the environment, thus, the world has a terrible materialism fighting against the health of the people themselves, fighting against spiritual values. We are all brothers and we must make others happy. We must continue with this song throughout our life, "Krishna Krishna Govinda, life is beautiful". You may this way, accept life.

We must understand that there is a difference, a karmic thing, we must accept the mind as it is, the pocket as it is, this doesn’t mean we're not going to work, what it means is that we must be aware that we should not be afraid of anything. If you are afraid of what might happen to you in the future, behave better every day. Spirituality is whenever you sing Hare Krishna you are appealing for spiritual amnesty.

The eternal soul is not happy in a temporal world, so Krishna said accept it, you're here to learn, to suffer, to offer your respects, you are here to be intelligent and to ask for the spiritual amnesty to be conceded, this is the first thing, the devotees have no shame. Our approach is to love everyone, to love, to care, to change the setting, to start based on our potential, transcendental, sat cit ananda vigraha.

If I'm with sat then I am happy, if I am with cit then I’m grateful, if I am with ananda I’m in ecstasy and vigraha the personification of sat cit ananda is the everlasting father, the source of all existence. This is something I wanted to say to you this morning. Something very beautiful is happening, I am very happy here with Gurudeva Atulananda and with you all. A brahmana is not necessarily a great organizer, like the style of a large company; the brahmana is always sincere and is wprking on injecting this purity into his family, in his surroundings. The brahmanas use to give their hope to the world, without a culture of Brahmins there is nothing.

Srila Prabhupada said he established a school for "Brahmins". That is the success of our mission the formation of brahmanas, support each other with training materials, with web pages. As it is all based on volunteering, sometimes mandatory it is messy, I see that despite the disorder everything grows, and that is something amazing, because our heart is set on the feet of Prabhupada, and the lotus feet of Srila Prabhuapda are like Krishna and Arjuna and where they are there is victory.

Of course I always want to organize everything better, in fact tomorrow we’ll have a national meeting here in Chile, to see how there can be more vegetarians, so there are more success in relationships. The development of Eco Yoga Village is also very important, there are many important things and we will continue to grow with your help. So I invite you to help me make this contribution to humanity, more beautiful and loving, with less chaos, with your help and listen to the advanced devotees who live to make others happy. Pay attention to them because they will be the ones to realize something and have a criterion, so we ask that Gurdueva Atulananda speak more on these aspects.

Gurudeva Atulananda:
The brahmanas are the head of society. Helping is the result of love, and that already sounds revolutionary. That love becomes revolutionary and that it becomes a danger to society. But that is, Jesus himself was saw him as a danger to society.

As Gurudeva Paramadvaiti said, we all have within us a materialist, for some reason we are in this world, but we ask Krishna to remove it, because that materialistic is too powerful. We alone cannot eliminate it. So through constant prayer we ask Krishna to establish in us the divine nature, to attract us to the higher realm. We need attraction to the transcendent and so we will give our back to the material. That is what our walk in this world and our walk out of this world.

When you're in a dungeon you must get out of it, and we remain in the dungeon when we are more interested in ourselves than in universal goodness, is a mystical prison, the bars are our own selfishness, envy, our low ability to bend toward was to what was pure and good. What is pure is what pleases the Supreme, the impure is what pleases the senses, to my ego. The impure is averything that makes me suffer and keeps me conditioned. That is very easy to spot, so the most intelligent people realize these things, they see it clearly. They see that the entire problem is our own anarthas, defects, Krishna is right here, in our hearts. Krishna is with us, but we do not want to listen to Him. It's like a child living in his father's house but still doing it on his own accord. Krsna said in the Bhagavad Gita, this takes many births, but soon you will surrender to Me.

I forgot that today is Mother's Day in Chile. We pay our respects and love to all women who have children, to those living in the Visnu Priyas, to the Maharanis. It's a great phenomenon of revelation in this world, thanks to the original mothers who have our world on track towards the goal, Srimati Radharani ki jay! Bhumi Devi ki jay! Sraddha Devi ki jay!

We cannot compete with the mothers, how they work for the good of all.

All glories to the women in Krishna consciousness and all the mothers in the world!

Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.


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