The Spiritual Family. 5/20/12 from Santiago, Chile

 Taking Shelter on Asraya Tattva: Srimati Radharani & Guru

From New Navadwip, Chile Yatra.

Dear devotees,

We are fortunate to be in front of Asraya vigraha, which is Srimati Radharani. She is the greatest gift we have in this world. What perhaps may seem more strange to you is that Lord Krsna himself takes refuge in Asraya vigraha. This is something unprecedented. As this beautiful Lord of the eternal love, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, he takes refuge in His loving internal energy and at the same time His energy opens the doors to all living beings who desperately need it.

We form a beautiful family, if we are invited it is because we are all one family. They do not invite you to do business, to get something from you; they invite you to be part of this family forever. Entering the depth of the Vaishnava faith. What do you think? Do you really pray to God? Up to what point is it a part of your daily life, with your affection, your expectations? What are you doing? Where do you want to get to? We are all on a trip but where do we want to get to? Let us be specific, is a bit hard to be so concrete when traveling to an eternal destiny. Goloka Vrindavan is full of mysteries. Of course, Krsna’s book is full of mysteries. And Krsna reveals many of those mysteries in a very interesting and beautiful way. It is manifested as the land of love, Vaikuntha’s crown. There the supreme enjoyer and controller is with the person who owns Him. In divine love it is shown that Radharani is the main figure. She is the greatest personality of shelter and she expands Her refuge. Guru tattva is also Asraya tattva. It is our tattva...

We are all studying to become worthy to offer shelter to others. This is most wonderful, is what makes you feel that it is a spiritual family. It is not a sale of convenience, not a place of amusement, it is commitment. Look how far it expands. In a family you do not say thank you; ‘Thank you’ is considered a semi-abusive expression. It's something like ‘thank you, see you later’; by saying ‘thank you’ I rewarded you, and now I’m free of charge. So you say ‘thanks mommy’, and she says ‘no need’. The mom does not do service for the child to receive ‘thanks’. This is the western-spoken way. We do not think much on it. In the Vedic culture ‘thank you’ is not appreciated because the commitment is total within the family. If I am yours, I am yours forever. Not for a month. And then you say, I have to go and I don’t come back, that's the material world.

Today you're the star, the alleged person of the other’s life, and tomorrow you are one of the ex’s, expired, expelled. That is not exactly a family. Father and mother cannot be ex. There are ex sannyasis but there should not be. Ex love not, if it’s not, then it wasn’t love. Do not make ir less or give relative calculation of Asraya. In other words you are in the course of becoming a person worthy and able to provide permanent shelter to others. All I know is that I was initiated with my spiritual master, by His grace I received the order of monk, the holy name of Krsna and from there on my Guru has me with Him. He has not released from me in forty years and I feel He is happy. Although there is also the prodigal son, which is more important than the other.

Krsna Consciousness is the gateway to the maximmum in this life. Without it your existence will not be complete. If we get together here like a club, we hold each other’s hand, we share interesting informations, but if we keep on our destiny with no care for others that is not Krsna Consciousness. It is a training to become part of that commitment to the eternal spiritual family that transcends the material body. That is very rare. Fortunately, something can go beyond, because this body, this beloved flesh of meat, you may lose it any moment. It is vulnerable. We can lose it today. Perhaps not all is lost, who knows what is lost. Severe is this. If you invest all your life and hope in the material body, soon you’ll have nothing. You are investing your money in a bank account that does not exist. You deposited everything and the account is not yours. It is only based in physical vanity. And soon you're dying and wanting them to return you the money you invested. Only thing you'll take is a jar of ashes. Not even that you take, someone else has to carry it. I speak of an eternal family because it is the only shelter the soul has and for some atheists it does not exist, everything is finished in the tomb.

And for this reason I will enjoy the last days I have left. That is half precarious. It cannot be trusted. If something goes wrong they say goodbye to everything. I vain, enjoyer, the rest I do not know what they do. Each one looks for himself. Who is the single one in the world who is not like that? The mom. She is the only one that has us inextricably tied. My mommy, but I have no time for my mommy. The love we seek, overcomes the mother’s love for her child. If your identification with the Lord does not overcomes the love of a mother, you're still not at the level of evolucion you need. You’re mastered by carnal desire. It is the subject of attachment and thus the devotee becomes attached in two ways, first to Asraya tattva, the Guru and to Radharani. It should be a reinforced attachment to be so deep and powerful that it removes the jiva from the material world. If I'm not very attached to Guru and to the Supreme Lord I will not be successful in spiritual life.

The highest ecstasy is the ultimate horror, which is the loss of privacy. I have no private life, I am yours. I do not know if all of you realize that. I even have my mom. To have a good spiritual life one must be attached over all to the Guru. These are matters of the heart accompanied by true sacrifice, otherwise love is a joke. I renounced material life. I do not want to know anything other than Krsna. This is yours, No thank you, it is Krsna’s. I have no private accounts, properties in my name. I can be a front man for Krishna. But make it clear that it is all Krsna’s.

The world laws are different, before issues were solved with words. Now everything is governed by the laws. The Mapuche passed their legacy by speech. And so was the story. The ancestors had no concept of running the survival of the species like today. They were smarter, now we have notaries and problems. You must become a Guru so you do not forget. We are all Siksa Guru in varying proportions. Those who listen well and soon speak what have heard are a Guru. What comes out of the key must be pure water from the fountain, it should not be adulterated. The water must not come out brown. You want pure water from the fountain. You want tattva, Krishna, the truth. He teaches you something and now it's yours, you must share it. We must share it with everyone, the service and its results. It must be distributed and you are on the course and when you’re on the course Guru is yours and the Guru is watching over you until He’s able to. The Guru is no longer the Guru but Krsna, and when He is in your heart as paramatma, who is the original Guru. The Guru never leaves you. My diksa Guru is not gone, he is manifested in other Vaishnavas and is now in my heart. It is always like that the true union with the Tattva Guru. Krsna doesn’t leave you, He does not let you go, and He does not abandon you. He does not say 'I'm going to Goloka, you stay here alone’. Paramatma never says goodbye to a soul. Krsna is the most tolerant of all, to put up with many people’s Paramatma who have done evil to this world. He is most tolerant. It's the way He manifests. Ravana also had Paramatma. In the Lord’s lila demons also manifest against spirituality and spiritual family...

What makes the spiritual life strong  is you getting attached to the people which you are nursing, in such way that you belong to them. You must stick to the people you are taking care. You have no right for yourself. I want you to occupy me in the service of Krsna from morning until night. And when I’m separate from this body I hope that the vaisnavas receive me on the other side to give me more service, with no time for leisure and separation from the devotees. This is the philosophy of the spiritual family, going far beyond from what we see here in the room. The spiritual family potentially includes everyone. If you know how hard the Gurus include you, you will not want to get away. A spiritual family does not move away from someone. And you do not move away from the family. I will serve like this well until we see what God makes with us. It is a commitment of fidelity, very high awareness, and commitment. I am yours. It must be like this. If you want something less than this then you are not complying with the invitation. Prabhupada's invitation is to go back home, back to God. We do not get lost in this material world. And now we go to the mountain. And we go to the river. To be embraced of our Mother Nature to foster this relationship of this family to learn how to be a representative (delegate). I'm leaving on Monday and I am not sure I will return to Chile. Do not get me wrong, I'm taking notes of realities. I have a material body, any time one will have to leave it.

I have been saying this for twenty years now and they still have me around here. I will probably be back here sharing many beautiful things. I would love to come back here because I love you so intensely. I belong to you. Then someone tells me, stay. But I also belong to the devotees of Florianópolis, Buenos Aires, Cordoba. I have to say "I want to obey and stay but I cannot because where the captain orders the sailor doesn’t". And the disciple is the Guru’s owner, but does not order because he has a command from a superior. It's like the commitment of a father with many children. A child cannot say “dad you are my dad only” and put all the others aside. The son, the deciple may feel that he is the dearest of his guru, if you behave well it is not so hard to feel so. But in the relativity of divinity there are some contradictions, the paradox of love is I love each one of you more than any other. To each and every one I love solely and exclusively. In India when there is a conference and there is a gathering of many disciples of Gurus, all children of  Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, they all say they were the dearest disciple of their Guru. It seems illogical in the Western system. But it is not so in the spiritual life, there is such potency in spiritual love that supersedes it all. Paramatma loves us in such an intense way, just like we do. My Paramtma stands me and for standing me this much it is because he loves me exclusively. Because if not, why is He there. It's a miracle. "I give knowledge, I give forgetfulness and I give the memory. And I'm all for you. "I'm in the heart of all beings related to my world”. Thanks to Krsna, that gave us another beautiful sunny day.

Now I wanted to say a little things, my time is very measured. I'll talk alone with several devotees. The flight of birds forms an arrow. The ones in the front are protect. The one at the tip is the hardest. And that’s why the one at the ones at the tip are always changing. If I have a wish it would be to have a flying carpet. :) Airplanes have me here and airports there. An extending carpet, as many people as I want to bring up. It seems that in this life I will not have it. A large Harinam sankirtan in group. There's a mystique there. In spiritual life the individual personal contact is very important. This love that we want to give us is the love we have to give people, the love that God sends to our way. It's how it works. Asraya vigraha. You have to give your love to people who need it the most, with all your commitment, and encourage them by giving them the same treasure you have received. Asraya tattva is Radharani expanded in all her devotees. Krsna is the one who attends to each of the devotees.
The way to subjugate the Supreme Lord is to take shelter on Asraya tattva, in Radharani. There is an ongoing competition between Krsna and His devotee to see who serves whom. That is love. It's not like in the material world where I want to exploit and calculate. I want you to be tied to the real commitment. If you want to be linked, this is the only way I know and it's worth it. That's the only thing I offer you. I do not offer you eternal health, mystical powers, passports, nor a beautiful wife or a good husband. Sometimes it happens. He has plenty. To each one it comes when it’s needed. That is the way of karma. What I can offer you is the family Prabhupada offered me. And if I had found something better I would have already gone and I would have told you all so we can all go together. The best I found is Srila Prabhupada and his love.

We are trying to continue with this family that is sometimes very heavy to carry but it is also the most beautiful thing one can imagine. Family is not pure nectar. Anything can happen, surprises which are not necessarily the greatest joy, but in love, sorrow or joy they are good. For the one who loves everything that happens is perfect. He knows where he is at and goes with the flow. One thing comes with the other. It is better to accept it as it is, because it seems that is the desire of the material world that we cannot change it. For some reason it will be that way, if God planned it that way. You have to accept things as they are even if sometimes we do not like them.

Thank you very much for listening and accompanying me. And allowing me to serve you. This way you shall never be alone or helpless. I am a slave for you. One shows that he appreciates what the slave is doing by becoming a slave of the slave. Krsna is the servant of the servant of the servant. It is mystical but it is demonstrated in reality. The tree is searched for the fruits. Jay Srila Prabhupada.

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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