Advances in Sankirtan - 3rd June, 2012. Uruguay

Mini report

Dear spiritual brothers and sisters, please accept my obeisances.
Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay, Srila Atulananda Acarya ki jay, Sunday Meeting of Vrinda Family ki jay.

The economic miracle. So ws named by Srila Guru Maharaj a meditation after the false economic development the world has called growth or development.

GM: In the past people could keep some savings, today the system has taking care to steal from the people everything they need, not to take away their properties, but their freedom of choice. Today large corporations has taken away our will to decide, we are now customers. This is the proposal of materialism. This proposal of atheism, of secular education, the same ones that promotes abortion and intoxication. Do you still belive this is something dignified to you?

Conference from Punta Del Este

The sea was lovely. 4 meters high waves and a wind 40km per hour speed, which meant that the water was warmer inside than outside. The retreat is at a club facing a beautiful view of Punta Del Este. At night we had a nice kirtan, sang a cappella, the mantra on the same rhythm I heard the first time. We sang in a beautiful cave.

Here we see the development of an Yoga Inbound School well leaded by mother Om Shanti under the guidance of Goswami Maharaj. Most of the students are housewives and professionals, and due to the great spiritual association that has been given to them, they are ready to be initiated into the beautiful Vaisnava school. Therefore the House of Wisdom must exist. You cannot appear on a dothi singing at the street, the social pressure is different in a big city. For this reason, the organization with a good system in HOUSE (House of Wisdom) is an emergency that becomes clear each day. When Krishna consciousness grows, it becomes more part of society. You must offer activities that are consistent with the Vaisnava purity but also to be seen by society as a nice contribution. And we must preach at more and more sites. Even at many sites that do not have buses for Sankirtan. We must also improve the personalized sankirtan. This sankirtan reached a very good level of practicatily where each sankirtanner is basically an ecological messenger, a messenger of wisdom, a messenger of vegetarianism, a messenger of good health and responsibility.

And all this is done instantly by delivering a small awareness pamphlet of our campaign called "Seeding Consciousness". And soon you convince the person to accept this brochure that simultaneously contains an invitation to our temple-ministry of the "Spoon Revolution" with three different events to be held in each temple religiously without fail, which are:

1. One night a week: a vegetarian event organized by the Revolution which presents the ministries, the procedures, and where there obviously is prasadam. Also where there are vegetarian cooking courses and wherw all the material of the Revolution is presented... better said, a party atmosphere.

2. Another night a week: an event for the environmental awareness. Iintroduction the "Eco YogaVillages", the organic agriculture, the "Inbound Tours", voluntary work, etc.

3. And a third night: which presents a free introductory yoga class to "Yoga Inbound School", the "Vaishnava Academy", educational tours, etc. These three schedules must exist at all temples, because the OKis invite them by havig their address on it. This ensures a substantial increase in visits to the temple. And people who see the poster have three different options that can motivate them to visit a temple; apart from the visiting groups that come to the Sunday's party anyways.

In accordance with my traditional system, medium and large temples must have a simultaneous introductory conference on bhakti yoga for those seeking to understand the Vedic philosophy and another for more advanced students. Do not forget my dear Brahamanas "who does not preach atrophies". Water that does not move, rots. Thus, the distribution of posters of Seeding Consciousness must circulate in large amounts and varieties. They do not offend but are sympathetic to people. We try to be nice.
And right after the person has received the pamphlet, you can offer the "Yoga Eco Village" DVD, which coincides totally with the consistent of the pamphlet, or the new Hip Hop of Bhakti Rasa prabhu, an excellent production of "The Spoon Revolution” in Buenos Aires. You can also offer a magazine, book, a conference of your spiritual master or DVD on why being vegetarian. We have enough material.

Another thing, every person who donates a sum of two dollars for a cd, etc. should receive the one page Seva's catalog. In addition, you must get their email address and they must get your phone number and email address too. At the same time as that happens there will be born the personalized sankirtan. And so we leave the dark age, the indifference of the individuals, well, we leave some indifference other wise we would not be here but we would not know who they were, how to contact them because they may receive an invitation from the temple but we had no knowledge that you had a chance to connect with these people of Prabhupada, potential savior of humanity. How about getting to know a savior and not being able to contact him? Therefore, I, Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti declare that today is born the ecstasy of Sankirtan.

Our task is to make friends. To behave so specially that people that know us will become crazy about reading Prabhupada's books, crazy to hear a spiritual masters lecture, become crazy to know these friendly people. They will be happy to receive a newsletter via email and eager to be invited to attend a Mela. That's preaching, unlimited preaching. We are preaching by the lotus feet of Prabhupada. Sure, there are books or sheets of Srila Prabhupada's books that can be sold but while people have no desire on reading this nectar, we have not completed the entire task of the sankirtaneer. It is NOT enough for the sankirtaneer to take some money and the person does not know what it is about. While that is good as was done in the past, speaking inside the buses of internal powers that one discovers by reading a book or other karma kandicas meditations that people have when they buy an incense.

The brochures of the campaign "Seeding Consciousness" are far superior. Because at once they establish a relationship of solidarity with something nice such as Mother Earth, animals, wisdom, and foremost of all, it makes possible for you to launch friendship with people and friendship is the essential. People return to a restaurant because they were well treated. Also they return to a temple when they had good prasadam, ecstatics lessons, unforgettable kirtans or somethings like that. The meeting with the devotee should be equally enjoyable. I live for Sankirtan. They sent me to sankirtan the first day I lived in the temple.

We were all saved by this program of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur and Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. And today we have so many farms and temples, it is our duty to fill them with many devotees full with desire to go on sankirtan and not hide in the kitchen or in any other corner of the temple for being afraid to go out and to represent the monastic ideals. On behalf of mother earth anyone should be available to serve and to sacrifice themself for their spiritual homeland. Just like each country educates its children to go to war defend their homeland, which is called military service.

To no one is allowed the whim to doubt the goodness of this sacrifice to defend his mom. In the same spirit we must educate ourselves to know that for our mother any sacrifice we make, small or large, will be very little to pay the debt we owe her. Of course with love, is love that keeps us moving. So, let all your vanities go, excuses and apologies, and organize a massive campaign of personalized sankirtan, "Seeding Consciousness" whereever is possible.
The other day, in Montevideo, they told me to have the lecture in a basement, in the house of some young people but right over my head there was a rock band presenting their concert. I had to defend myself loudly by yelling so that they could hear me. After I finished the conference the rock festival began and of course there was more audience upstairs than downstairs. Many young people were there, and many will of them go to their youth events of enjoyment. Immediately came to my mind that a devotee should be in every event like this one distributing to each one of the youngs, a letter sized sheet of “Seeding Consciousness" campain, which are actually invitations to our programs, to give away, not to sell. So on Sankirtan, you will not never have again that unpleasant experience because people take the free invitation, so whether they buy something or not, they take the poster anyway.

***Thus, a temple can, why not, distribute 1000 invitations as brochures of Consciousness to thousands of young people at a music festival, impressing each of them with with the message and may be they might want other items. But already by distributing these papers and collecting the email address of the boys and girls, it becomes a successfull event. NEVER forget: our task is to make friends for Krishna and his devotees. That is the purpose of sankirtan, of course, spreading true conscious. And Krishna Consciousness will receive them when they see the Seva's products catalog where they advertise so many things like the Bhagavad Gita and all the other products we offer. Om Tat Sat must be published, announced and read. Everywhere and at all times. Or at least until a better idea shows up.

This is not a chat, it is a hug of mine to your heart. For people in the world so that they can realize what are the Vaisnavas... they are people of pure heart and pure concern for the welfare of others. Let this message to be translated to all languages, specially to Sweden, Bulgaria and India. Because for this reason Srila Prabhupada left Vrindavan to come to the Western world, to spread awareness, to give love for Krishna. And everyone is invited to report your success on the sankirtan page to aware us of how to plant further consciousness in the entire world.

A further point. Also this program allows every devotee to engage people who already are vegetarian and invite them instantly to become ambassadors or ministers of the Revolution, and instantly give them the materials to become one. So has done Madhumangal Prabhu and Hari Sankirtan prabhu. When someone is vegetarian they are already an ambassador and with the materials they turn they home into a ministry of the Revolution.

Srila Prabhupada ki Jay. I say goodby now to attend here the devotees in Uruguay. I hope my words have reached your heart. If you have any questions to better understand this message you can easily contact a sannyasi or a leader of my mission, although from my understanding, everybody, everyone must become leaders and with these same words to create a revolution, the same of my spiritual master.

Hari bol.

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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