Never lose enthusiasm & give the best you can - 10th June, 2012, from Brazil


Dear devotees, Greetings from Guaruja, Brazil. Today I want to share with you a message that has nothing to do with "taste" but with the quality of the love we deliver.

There are different degrees of love in the field of devotion, from the most basic to the most advanced and pure which is characterized by the spontaneous plenitude. I want to tell you about the great need to do things in life as an attempt to perfection. Of course, is anachievable; the perfection is love. There is no love without the desire and intention of doing things with perfection and God in the Bhagavad Gita speaks about the perfection of the spiritual life. That is our main subject, devotion is an artistic process... To sing, to glorify, and to cook for the Lord. So it is not a matter of taste, it is about the quality of the intention which things are done with. The Vedic culture is very refined culture, it is a culture of worshiping; everything is worship, the cult of poetry to God, cult of decorating everything for God, the cult of service, of preaching and publishing transcendental books, the cult of receiving all visitors at the temple with much love. Cult comes from culture, we must be cults, that means: worshiper, cult and responsible.

We do not imagine how important quality is in everything we do, the quality of service. We must apply the intention of perfection in everything we do; when we are negligents with the quality of what we do, things lose their importance; and it means that there is no love in what we do nor on the process we practice. Conclusion: We must take care of the smallest details, try to do things with perfection and with love... because by the perfection of devotional service we can reach the Supreme Goal, the Darshan of Krishna, the meeting with God himself. The process is to chant Hare Krishna with perfection and to execute the art of devotion with perfection.

And the art of devotional service we can apply to the different areas of the preaching we attend; for example, to open an Original Kingdom Ministry, a place to advertise and expand vegetarian awareness and the protection to all living creatures and the nature; this is tru art. To distribute everywhere the message of the compassionate and free from karma food, the food blessed by God himself in the form of prasadam, is complete art. And you all can learn the everyday art of the activists who are opening new ministries like Hari Sankirtan in Colombia and Madhu Mangal in Ecuador. And remember that the importance of spiritual food is 100 percent, that is why we spend energy to make new vegetarians with prasadam. Because prasadam is the strength of our life... we should offer to Krishna only the best, the best fruits that are not damaged by chemicals nor are transgenics, the best healthy and organic offering grown with love, the best classes and the best preaching to enchant the souls of Kali Yuga, the best Bhajan and the best Kirtan, for His satisfaction. The devotee must try to offer the best to Krishna.

We must share this conscious that human beings should offer all they have to Krsna and that offering should be the best ones, free of material contaminations. This is bhakti yoga, the perfection. And the proofs life brings us have the role of improving the quality of our offering. To be even more perfect. And we always have to learn to pass through new tests. We are under constant examination. And tomorrow's test will be harder than today's test... This way only we can be improving. That's the pedagogy of growth. God made everything perfect and for the benefit of all.

Therefore, in the service to God everything must be guided by that same intantion of perfection. We should be very willing to pass through all the proofs and tests that come to us. Even Srila Prabhupada had to pass through tests as a pure devotee at the age of 80. Srila Puri Maharaj, with over 100 years also had to pass through pure devotee's test. Of course, at that level, tests are pastimes of Krishna.

Prabhupada did his service with all the sacrifice of his soul and he is our role model. So during hard times we should remember all the sacrifice he made so that we might receive Krishna. We must pray to Srila Prabhupada for our service to be accepted by Sri Krishna. This is a real spiritual desire we should cultivate. To desire for Krishna to guide us with His love and allow us to serve Him as a tool and for the people to be happy with what we do, and for them to want to get closer to Krishna, and for the devotees to feel pleased with our attempt to reach the perfection of service.

We must not forget that everybody is suffering because they don't know Krishna, they are suffering for their lack of consciousness. That is why we must go every day to the streets to win the hearts of people and bring them to the Feet of the Lord. Everything we do has this basis, all the preaching of the Spoon Revolution seeks to make new vegetarians... for them to be more sensitive so they can accept Krishna in their heart.

The websites we maintain in the office, Cart Records musics, conscious art of the Art School, the Vaishnava's Academies, the Yoga Inbound we offer, the devotees' beautiful and sweet Harinam, the mass distribution of Oki messages in letter size, the prasadam we distribute in our restaurants, all, all, all this is directed to captivate the hearts of the people and bring them to the feet of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Krishna.

When we chant the holy name of Krishna and read the Bhagavad Gita then we will find the peace we are seeking, that is the message we give to people. God will allow us to be sad for all our life, if that is what we want... but that has no use, because the mission of human beings is to serve God with joy.

That is my message for today. Never lose the enthusiasm and always give your best to make things with perfection, as an offering of life to God. I leave you all my affection from Guaruja, where we had yesterday a wonderful Rasa Yatra with Lord Jagannath at the city streets and the at beach. Go on in the fight against Maya.

Jay Srila Prabhupada.

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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