How to inspire compassion and expand the Ideals of Krsna Consciousness, 6th June, 2012, from Brazil

From São Paulo.

Dear brothers and sisters please accept my obeisances, Srila Guru Maharaj Ki Jay, Srila Atulananda Acarya Ki Jay, Vrinda family's Dominical Chat Ki Jay. Srila Guru Maharaj will dictate the Chat today in the next couple of minutes, Gurudeva was in good health. Yesterday he returned to Sao Paulo.

Today is the Sunday Festival and Tuesday night Gurudeva goes to Miami. Gurudeva went for a walking class this morning. They just came back and now he will take prasadam. Then, in the next few minutes is the nectar.

Today we introduce a different format for the chat. Questions and answers. So now would be the appropriate time to send your questions. Guru Maharaja will answer the top 10 questions. It can be about subject but there is also a centralized topic. How to inspire compassion and expand the ideals of Krishna Consciousness. You can write your questions here in the group chat. The chat can begin when there is a good number of questions. Please make well elaborated questions and you can also send questions in English. So here we will wait for the questions.

1) Guru Maharaj Ki! Jay! My question is: Many cities are concerned about animal welfare and have programs for them, but inside those programs there is sterilization, which is recommended even by groups of animal defenders. What position take the Vaisnavas in such practice? Is it advisable? Thank you.

2) Jay Gurudeva, a few days ago in Argentina it has been putted on trial the declaration that makes the Jehovah's Witnesses not to receive blood in respect to accidents and so on, families let a loved one depart based upon this signed statement on the basis of religious authority. What is the Vaisnava’s position on the matter, and accurate explanation to those who question us on this subject? Dear Gurudeva thank you very much!

3) To what extent should we allow politics within the spiritual path when using policy which do not allow the progress of the devotee? Taking into account that the devotee is bound to have his own criteria, his personality, we see in the Gayatri Vani as you mention that the Brahmana has different qualities but mostly OWN CRITERIA. The Bhagavata of Bhaktivinoda Thakur also tells us to be authentic to go to the original source where other Acaryas have gone. Druvha Maharaja in the Srimad Bhagavatam, when he tells Narada, your instructions are very good, but do not satisfy my heart, Sato Vritteh we see how you had to decide and leave the politics as Srila Sridhar Maharaja recommended. Politics vs. Own Criteria. My obeisances, hari bol.

4) Obeisances to your lotus feet Srila Gurudeva... How can we help someone who is vegetarian but has no compassion for his entourage, especially with his family? His heart is very hard. Thank you.

5) Jay Gurudev my obeisance’s, why does the deity have little hands and feet in red color?

6) For many people it is difficult to understand Krishna Consciousness. The query is, what is the proper answer to those who are more interested in profit and want to know: What do I gain from being a Vaishnava?

Replies from Guru Maharaja:

1) About sterilization.
The problem is not that, but the lack of awareness in our relationship with the animals.
We have lost our natural bond with our younger siblings. The more natural is to protect them. Any man intervention in the natural development of an animal or what we must sterilized is man's tendency to think that there is no supreme controller benefactor of all living entities. There is room for everyone, there is food for everyone, there is an order for everything. It is man's greed and vices who created a mess in the animals lives. I recently saw a Peta's documentary and I was amazed of so many forms of animal cruelty that I had never seen or known. What to say about the food produced by the chemical industry. I recommend the trailer for a film being produced now.
They you can see how many birds are finished just because of plastic. It looks like a horror movie. But is the reality of every day and each one of us who are not aware of the use of plastic, you can feel part of the film. So all these disorders and possible options and consequences are products of the same man who has lost the love for animals. And this is produced because man has no love for God. Due to the influence of secular education and the promotion of enjoyment, man is further from God and makes so many mistakes.

2) On receiving blood.
Time, place and circumstance. My spiritual master gave his blood to save you, me and everyone. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta said:
I wish that in this mission, each one kindly and with soft-hearted, to be willing to sacrifice two hundred gallons of blood to nourish the spiritual body of each individual in this world. So with this meditation we understand that is the effort in preaching what saves us and what could save others. That is the blood we want to donate. In an emergency, many cases are known of Vaisnavas that have donated their blood for the welfare of others. But are individual things and there is no rule about it. There are many things one does with heart, like what moms does for her children, that is not spoken, it is not done more.

3) About the own criteria..
The own criteria arises from surrender and desire to serve. For example, what is my criterion for evaluating the resignation of a devotee? His rendered service done to the community. It can be a grihasta. Surrender is in the heart. It also stems from the inspiration to find new ways of establishing Krishna consciousness. A inspired devotee is a connected devotee, but connected to what? Connected with the instructions of his spiritual master. When we are connected, we know what to do at the right time. Even in moments of criticism, slander or defamation, we know we must be transcendental to it, for that the Bhagavad Gita says that we must transcend the fame and the infamy. IF Krishna says it, it is because that will come at some point in life.

- On the previous topic...
About sterilization, there is also an issue. Castrated oxen existed in Vedic culture; I think that this measure is accepted in the possession of domestic animals.

- About donating blood, the conclusion is that if it were necessary to help a loved one, I see no obstacle in it. In medicine you always have to take things with caution but if even the naturalists say that there is blood transfusion so we must do it. And if anyone needs my blood, please, let me know. I believe I have a little reserve extra. But anyway I'm not very friend of these processes because there is also contamination of diseases and I believe the blood with a good diet can be improved in a better way.

- About politics, politics is already very dirty. We have NOT seen so far a good devotee out of there.

4) About compassion for the family.
It is a special case you present me, the animals are too part of the family and to be vegetarian is a sign of love for them. A vegetarian who loves animals but does not have much love for his family might be a case for Oida Therapy.

5) About the little red hands and feet of the deity.
I've heard that to have pink hands and feet is very auspicious, and if it is painted red it is because they have no pink, there is no other reason I know.

6) On the question "Many people find it difficult to understand Krishna Consciousness, the query is how to respond to those who are more interested in profit and want to know: the benefit they get for being a Vaisnava"
It is a very good question. Just these days I have been working on this topic, on the fortune a devotee has. In all a devotee attains in Krishna Consciousness and all that a materialist can achieve in the material world. So mother Prema Mohini can give a report of this work. She can tell you everything we have been worked on with this issue. Thank you for your questions. Hari bol. Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

Prema Mohini:

Jay, my obeisances dear devotees, we are now in Sao Paulo and on this trip Guru Maharaj has reveled a new stage of the OIDA Therapy work that I am editing and organizing to soon release to you all.

Centered on the mystical traditions and going back closer to the Vedic, as for a long time, the focus General OIDA Therapy had, that does not incorporates the vedic, but pushes the whole vedic truth behind, with the purpose of achieve the acceptation of the whole world. To go straight to the point of the question, Guru Maharaj elaborated a material where he talks about what reaches a materialist and a devotee. It is called "Scale of values and achievements of the successful OIDA Therapy's life".

This work is directer to analyze the most wonderful one can get in human life, give by the quality, the effort and by the individuals life destiny. Different mystical traditions or materialistic attitudes may make easier or impossible to get some of these achievements, like for example, we set what a materialistic cannot, and what he could, achieve.
There is a scale that shows what each one obtains. The scale also allows us to rethink a few things on life one can reorient himself to obtain more thinks he would like to achieve. Here what you obtain by being a Vaisnava:
First the table.

Table of Answers
PM: Possible Materialistic. What a materialistic may achieve.
NM: What a materialist cannot achieve.
YV: Yes Vaisnava. What a Vaisnava achieves.
PV: What a Vaisnava might achieve.

- There are the initials of each answer, for us to understand what each one can achieve.

1. To have optimism to bear with the tribulations of life.
You understand me? This answer means that a possible materialistic may achieve, and a yes Vaisnava. I'll go on.

2. To get to different places and to find people that welcomes you with the heart.

3. To live in a place where you area appreciated and have all you need to live.

4. To know people that one would be able to sacrifice himself for.

5. To know people that would be able to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of someone.

6. To consider that the place we live is sacred.

7. To believe we have found a message from God to ourselves.

8. To find our life mission.

9. To have friendship with people that share our ideals and to appreciate the mission one does and even participate on it.

10. To know people in your life that are pure in their purpose.

11. Being able to sing and dance happily and full of thankfulness for what we have received.

12. To feel love for others.

13. To feel love for compassion for the animals, avoiding all violence against it (To be vegetarian).

14. To be activist to protect the victims that cannot speak or to protect themselves.

15. To enjoy sharing your belongings, overall when others need it more than you do.

16. Being able to do uninterested service for the welfare of others and to feel happiness in doing it.

17. To deeply enjoy when touch the Mother Earth like clear water, to see the beautiful sky, the sunrise, the sunset, a beautiful landscape and to feel committed to the next future generations can see the same.

18. To feel disgusted from seeing garbage disposed everywhere and to be disposed to collect it, within your possibilities.

19. To believe in feeling the divinity in all other beings.

20. To feel happy about being born.

21. Being able to feel happy with what you have and what you are.

22. To realize one is responsible for all he does.

23. Being to say sorry when you have made a mistake.

24. To feel small but wish to achieve something big.

25. Getting to pray to be an instrument of God's love.

26. Being able to laugh with compassion to the others and to laugh a lot.

27. Being able to unite yourself in a prayer with the infinite.

28. Knowing how to be dear.

29. To feel affection ad compassion for those who has less fortune than we.

30. Do not feel envy for others that are or have more than us.

31. Always to be anxious to learn more specially from the more advanced ones.

32. To feel fortunate that exits the truth, the universal laws and the love wich is the most sublime in the creation of the deity.

33. Being able to keep your acute intelligence to discriminate between what is appropriate to you and what is not.

34. To have a strong desire to serve God eternally in the eternal world.

35. Being able to ask your inner guide and to follow its advices.

36. Being able to maintain yourself with a job that does not contradicts your ideals.

37. Feeling satisfied and thankful for the healthy that blesses your life.

38. Becoming a very admired person.

39. Living in a palace is to live in the beautiful nature.

40. Being able to heal your body with very auspicious things.

41. Being able to wear clothes without restrictions or impositions like the uniforms, made with natural and organic materials.

42. Having enough clear water available.

43. To achieve not to be afraid of death.

44. Living life with no anxiety for what is material.

45. Enjoying to make your things pretty around you.

46. Living happily and satisfied without intoxicate your body with psychotropic drugs and alcohol.

47. Being able to know medicinal plants and to heal most of your discomfort.

48. Not fooling no one and living without being cheated.

49. Deserving to receive mercy or to receive mercy with for no reason.

50. Having a body with very good health.

51. Finding a loyal partner to whole life.

52. To have healthy and auspicious children.

53. Having a great joy for knowledge without becoming proud.

54. To sleep and awake happy.

- Each individual can be assessed by his reality. Interestingly to know the philosophy or the faith that points bad influences in your life because it can be favorable or unfavorable to your achievements or situations.

I hope this so valuable material answers what you get by trying to be a Vaisnava. Jay thank you very much, my obeisances. If you have any doubts on this or other material from OIDA, I'm at your service.

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