The Worship. 1st, July, 2012. From Europe

Receiving my affection from Europe: All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Today's meditation is an essential part of our spiritual life, it is about worship.

The question is:
What is really adorable in the world?
Adoration is a lovely word; something is defined as worshipful because it leads us to the Absolute Good.

Not having a focus of worship means that we think that only we should be worshiped. And this happens constantly in the material world: The best singer wants to be worshiped, the best politician wants to be worshiped, inside their selfishness they are all looking for personal worship. We cannot say we do not like worship... because in one way or another, we all appreciate being worshiped.

Worship is natural thing. But we must ask ourselves in an impartial way, who must be worshiped. Worship is a very very relevant expression. I am so grateful to someone that I offer my worship. We must worship one who deserves to be worshiped. This is a fundamental aspect within the spiritual life. If we worship what is not worthy of worship, we are walking in a wrong direction. We need to worship. And who is the center of worship? It is God, Krishna.

When we feel grateful for everything we have received from God, automatically we recognize and pray to please him. That is worship. That's why we sing:

Govinda, I adore you... Oh Supreme Lord.

Worship is the highest form of culture: adoration of the most adorable, Krishna. And so, everything that comes from God is adorable. Everything we receive from His mercy, through Mother Earth, is also adorable. Worship is part of human culture; if we do not worship the sacred we will continue to suffer from the heart. That's what happens with youth today, they manage to substitute the worship of God for worship of products of the material world. They adore a musical band, an television artist, but the only worship which is really wonderful when you surrender with love to God. This is worship that keeps us spiritually. It is only with and by God that we can continue. Someone who cannot worship God in His personal form, must at least worship His creation, thank Mother Nature for all that she provides us, thank the Sun... Worry wisely in taking care of the planet.

When we begin to analyze our environment with common sense, we find many topics related to the protection and worship of Mother Earth.

Nowadays many injustices are being committed against indigenous cultures. That issue is closely linked to the destruction of forests, land drilling for oil. Thus, all the native communities that once lived quietly in connection with the Earth, are now affected by the materialistic mentality of draw only without considering the devastation that is taking place.

We must stop participating in the destruction of our own planet and stop damaging the future of our children... It is absolutely necessary to approach all these issues and to take action on the matter. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and Srila Prabhupada in their writings explained that the spiritual man must give his good orientation to the society on how to behave properly. Including to the politicians, farmers, educators, etc. and this way convey to everyone how to do things correctly. It is, therefore, very important that we are willing to take responsibilities upon the various circumstances in the world. That is worship.

After these weeks in Brazil, where we intensely studied the reality of the Amazonas state, we could see that a large area of ​​the site has been cleared and devastated, only to fatten animals for the production of livestock or to produce genetically modified food. So we realized we are doing terrible damage to the Planet and until we do something against it, we are part of the problem. The brahmana must take responsibility for the planet. That was always emphasized by Srila Prabhupada, in the brahminical culture we must learn to take responsibilities. To take responsibilities for the society can be surprising to some devotees, as they say “we are the ones who sing Hare Krishna and we do not identify ourselves much with the world’s karma”... But here we must not forget that to not become involved makes us responsible as well. We must act do counter the reactions of bad actions. Therefore, dear devotees, at this is the moment when we must realize that we should form a supporting network to illuminate the planet, saving it them from ignorance of self-destruction.

Within our means we must give our support so that things in the world go forward, with more compassion, tolerance, animal protection, to set the world in the right direction. This way we must become qualified to bring everyone to the Eternal Truth. And what is this Truth? Is the constitutional truth of our being, of becoming clearly aware that we are naturally servants of God. We must become experts of the facts to help others with authority with the solutions of Vaishnavism.

With these words I say goodbye for today. Prayer is the way we communicate our gratitude for all we have received from God. I leave you all my affection.
Jay Srila Prabhupada.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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