“The so called Progress”. 15th July, 2012. From Mallorca

Dear devotees,

Greetings from Palma, Mallorca

Today I want to tell you about a very important topic that may be called “The so called progress”.

This so called progress is developed in a society of depressed people, that has lost the ability of smile. This is the profile of the modern human being: is surrounded in anxiety, fights, crimes. The human being has sacrificed their values and human sensibilities for something called “progress”. You might say that this so called progress is the karma of the actual world. Because:

How is it possible that the human beings support this “progress” and at the same time harm the Earth in a unscrupulous way? The water is the truth treasure of Earth... Without water the Earth turns desert.

But nowadays, the human being is not capable of taking care of his own water. The same Earth and water are together, if I harm Earth I am also harming the water. This happens in the case of the agrochemical industries and mining. The human being is in the illusion believing that the resources we have renew itself automatically.

In the ocean there are islands of plastic and apparently it looks that this plastic is easelly burned and desintegratable, but it does not work this way. The people and the gases produced from burning plastic does not integrate with nature, but they mix with nature and contaminating it.

Also, the human being create forms to kill his brothers and sister trees. But, nowadays, who has this vision of seeing the trees as brothers and sisters? Imagine, entire woods destroyed by the harm of industries. How far can get the exploitative mindset of the mines that use cyanide, pure poison, to extract the mineral from the Earth? What does the modern human being in the name of progress is a huge impact on Earth that explores it with no regards. For this reason, who sees it all and does not agreed with it, must become a revolutionary by law! How? With the total boicot of all the companies or products that point to this harm of the Earth.

Sometime ago we transformed a cocaine laboratory in a beautiful sanctuary for Krsna called Goloka. From coca to Goloka. This place is in Santa Marta, hidden in between the nature. When the police found this place, set bombs everywhere and when we bought the place all equipments they used to use to refine coca leaves where still there. The cocaine is a very large business, because there are a lot of people in the world that want to consume cocaine because doesn't stand life. This way billions of dollars are produced to make the rich richer, the unhappy drug addict unhappier, and the poor Earth more destroyed. It is something so dirty and contaminating... And who suffers with that? The Earth. This is our world's reality.

I don't know if you are waiting now for me to talk about Universal Love and the Bhagavatam and about the beautiful pastimes, but are not waiting for me to open your eyes about how human being is turning Earth into a short term business, because tomorrow all this will cause very hard consequences. The materialistic people have no fear in destroying mountains, glaciers, entire rivers to get a bit of gold to pay the politicians that soon support the exploitative industries lies.

What is the stability of the human beings? To sell their conscience. We must take this into account for the developing of our conscience: our responsibility with Mother Earth, with the creation of Krsna. This is true love. The sell of your conscience shows the weakness of the human being. These days, everybody: men, women, kids, rich people, all their conscience is sold. This means that one sells his conscience to get something now, no matter what chaos is generated tomorrow. The only thing that matters to people is their momentary gain. Is a complete horror. For this reason, Srila Prabhupada said clearly that we should get out of here. This is the only thing we should do, prepare ourselves get out of here.

He also said: there are bosses everywhere. In every job there is a boss, in every city there is a mayor, in every country, a president, and also in every temple there is a leader. We ourselves would like to be bosses, but we don't want to have one. But the devotee said: I want to have a eternal boss. It is Krsna and His representatives is the Spiritual Master, and if the Guru say something I say: Kay Gurudeva. This is very hard, right? To accept a boss is not easy. But it is necessary, if you do not accept this you cannot enter the spiritual chain and submit to Krsna. So there is no progress.

To follow on Srila Prabhupada's way we must become revolutionaries against the abuse of Mother Earth, a revolutionary against animal killing... a revolutionary against the intoxication of the body that makes people without power of discrimination. Because nowadays everything was converted into a deal against the universal values. The deal is to intoxicate people based on they miseries to take their money and to make them go from their own misery to a worse misery. It is a sin. We don't know who is the worse sinner: if it is the one who intoxicates or the one who negotiates with all this. And on this context, are the Vaisnavas to save their life and give you the Holy Name, the Prasadam, give you the Dham of Krsna and get into your heart with the knowledge of the soul, and guarantee you a new positive and progressive life based on devotional service. In the selfless work to Krsna. Like said Caitanya Caritamrta:

Nitya-siddha Krsna-prema sadhya kabhu naya
sravanadi-suddha-citte karaye udaya

The love for Krsna is forever established in the heart of the living entities. It is not something that you get from any font. When the heart is purified by hearing and singing, this love awakes naturally. For this reason we must do something successful in life, something great with your devotion. To make art for Krsna, without a drop of intoxicants. And just by the devotional service that starts with hearing, that one can get closer to the Supreme Personality of God. So said Sril Prabhupada. The devotee of Krsna is liberated from all evil thanks to Krsna and the Maha Mantra.

I could go on talking about this and over more, is a constant theme, but more valuable than this problem is that we have a triple attack to conquer the souls: the Maha Mantra, the Hari Katha and the Prasadam. And this way we can turn into a genuine soul, into someone truly compassionate, someone that understand that we are here to serve and NOT to serve ourselves. We wish to turn into servants of the endless Lord of Mercy. This way we are always on the battle. Revolution or self-destruction? And only the love and heart revolution will allow us to access a new perspective full of enthusiasm.

Today I wanted to share these topic with you because by getting to know us better we can appreciate more and get more attached to the spiritual process. Let's fight to keep the solidarity. For this reason we cannot go far from the devotees, because they have the solidarity and they don't sell their conscience.

I let you all my affection from Spain. As I want to die on the battle I go forward with all those who also want it fight. The battle against the injustice with the Holy Name, the Harikatha and the devotees of the Lord. This way we convert this life into a glorious life. This is our philosophy. Remember that over solidarity it is love, and this is the goal of our life.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

With affection.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti

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