What you don't give is what you will lose 8/12/12 Colombia

Dear devotees, this morning we meditate on the great saints of modern Vaishnavism. And we meditate more on those that were very close to us like Sripad Madhumangal Maharaj and Pisima. Pisima has his samadhi in Yamuna Kunja.
A few years ago there were some administrative changes in Imlitala Mandir, the temple of her Guru and asked permission to stay in our temple of Yamuna Kunja. We are all beneficiaries of Sri Vrindavan. So I encourage devotees to donate to connect with this nectar. And also invite devotees to go and serve Vrindavan to lose their heart there.
This day we have a great fest here with many devotees and guests. This morning we begin our class remembering our dear Madhava Prakash Maharaj. We sing a favorite song of his. Appreciate this, it’s a meditation to thank God for all that He has given us. You can see the song in written form here:
This song we wrote with Madhava Prakash. Every time I went to Miami I was doing a new song and Madhava Prakash would film it. This is one song that really represents the life of Janmastami and the vyasa puja of Srila Prabhupada, in attachment, the presence of Mamu Lorenzo and all of you, the presence of Paramahamsa Maharaj, the spirit of wanting to serve. We have nothing to attribute to ourselves. None of us can say that they are of himself or for himself.
In India the teacher asked: How do we know if God exists? What is God? The Master said, God is there for himself and of himself, but as He exists for himself, then we are all his children and as we are all His children, He is giving to us through His mercy. If we think something is ours as if someone had a debt to us that is a wrong mentality.
Not that God owes you. We owe everything to Him. That is logical. To whom do we owe anything? We owe something to someone who did something for us. That's reasonable is it not? Have you done something for anyone? You did something for God?
It is so wonderful but since you were born and since you were a little baby, God has given everything to you. He has even given you the breast of a mother to drink milk. And He gave water to cleanse your body.
Already in the womb all was managed Unbelievable right? A manifestation so miraculous, it is really a wonderful gift. Look, there is past and future, what else is there? The present. This is a present, you have to use the present you have received. This is the greatest gift.
God gives us this food, this prasadam. He gave us the facility of breathing. He gave us the present of this song. The Song of David Jaramillo: we are children of the sun, that's another present. Sorry to say, but it is nothing new that the people who arrived on American soil were not religious. Europeans who arrived were insensitive, religious people do not cause damage rather they are mystical people, spiritual,  they respect everyone else, but they had a vocabulary as if they were religious.
You may know who is religious by the way they treat others. If someone does not treat others good then their spirituality is pure farce. I just realized, after learning about a study that ancient cultures had vegetarianism. The Germans were almost vegetarian but lived in northern Europe. Sure, there were still hunters, but many cultivated the soil.
There were not primitive as modern man says. The great error of modern man is that he thinks that the ancestors were primitive because they had no car, phone, etc... He who has the most modernized life  is the most advanced? Not so. That's a big mistake.
Then we are from the Sun, we are from the land, we are of the cosmic energy. That's the mystique of India that was Germanic mysticism that is original, that's the mystique of our Latin American countries and all people. And we must be in great union and become great friends with all human beings. That's what our meditation is. The planet needs a loving union of all its children. We are all held by the universal spirit. We are all children and all are equal. That's also very important.
Sometimes a child gets sick. Just as there are children who do not have all their power to reason, we call them children of the stars. That in one way or another they have an impediment in their body such as Down syndrome. They are innocent children; they can not commit sin because they have no mind of sinful man. These children of the stars teach us something that we are all equal. Our false intellectualism does not help in our growth, and what to say of our weapons or our money. Money does not make one a good person. If so, then all the mafia worldwide would be the best people. The mobsters have lots of money; people who work honestly do not have much money. They have enough, God gives everyone enough to live.
In India there is a saying: behind every fortune there is a huge sin. So that is why there is wealth if not there would be no fortunes.
So the most important issue is to be grateful, as the song says. Appreciate and be compassionate. Appreciate and be compassionate. Appreciate and be compassionate. Appreciate and be compassionate. What else? Nothing is more important than this issue. Appreciate and have compassion.
Appreciation is the fee and compassion is when God gives us love again. What makes a leader? The leader is the one doing the offering and then distributing to everyone. That is called in India Dana. The word Dana is very important From Dana comes the word donation. Dana means giving away freely. God is the embodiment of Dana vira, Dana vidya, the wisdom of giving the heart. Maha vadanyaya is the largest distributor of Dana, of support and of mercy. How much does a sunray have to pay? Here if you have to plug something to power it then the bill arrives shortly after. So you get your bill and Who Pays the Light? Is it the Sun? How much does a ray of sun cost? Do you know that when there is sun rays nothing will grow. You need sun's rays to make something grow.
I visited a temple of the Sun that is 7000 years old. Dionysus is identified as the God of joy. They were devotees of Dionysus in the culture of pre Pythagoras. They worshiped this form of God with the name of Dionysus or also Balarama. Orpheus was a great devotee of Díonysus. Orpheus was a vegetarian and spent much time with a harp singing the names of God.
He was renounced, walking and had a temple of eternal light and eternal light is the sun. As in Bulgaria they worshipped Vivasvan at the famous temple of Konarak. In the Vedas it is said that Krishna himself went to visit Konarak to pay respects to the Sun. Therefore the worship of the Sun and Moon are the most ancient worship. And then came those Europeans and said: All who do not worship as we are primitive and are idolatrous. Imagine, how do I change the whole thing right? Even the insult of calling people: Indians. Indians in Latin language means people without God. That is an insult. Of course, nowadays people do not understand it well, but today when discussing something with the prefix in means without. Imagine someone calls you: Hey you, without God, I am with God killing people with my sword.
And industrialization was the biggest lie, because people now run after more useless things but what has it done? Industrialization has made man become dependent on machines. Purely computers.  Sick of the head, sick in the blood. When man had not lived naturally there were no hospitals. And when they got sick, the grandmother came and gave him/her aloe vera juice. Man has created the illness and medicine to heal. The ancient medicines are beautiful. They are all very good, fantastic it is natural medicine.
In Bolivia, in Sorata, we are building an ancestral Aymara hospital. In Bonda, we have a clinic: the Vedas. There is also the new farm Goloka. Originally it was a coke farm, now a farm of Goloka. The police put a bomb, then a friend bought it and donated it to the devotees and thus it went from coke to Goloka. Goloka means land of maximum love. It's a very nice property there. You must see it; one is struck at every glance with so many bathing holes. Therefore you should be thankful for what you receive. An important issue: chemical fertilizers are killing the earth. Where they throw chemical fertilizers, for example in water, it kills the oxygen and when there is no oxygen all is dying.
The man thought: oh now we have large crops, but that is where neglect of the land begins. Many monocultures damage the land, such as coffee. We think about this because we want to return to nature, and that's when we appreciate and are grateful for all that we have received. Everything you do not give away is what you're going to lose. The offering means profit. When you offer something, you get. The principle of Bhakti yoga is the joy of giving. So we are the richest in the land, for all we receive, we give it. And this is not to say...
How many people did not come to a Vrinda center and has not received so much? All life should be dedicated to giving, to appreciating. Krishna Himself showed us this. He even went to school and offered His respect for His teacher. In giving there is life. In taking there is death. If you want to take some, you lose this wealth of wanting to care. So a mother just wants to give to her child, she gives and gives. It is also hoped for that the son offers something to the mother and without being ungrateful. Now kali yuga where children only cause parents to mourn, so we are very grateful to Prabhupada as he gave us so many ways to celebrate and sing and do service. This is my request and message today.
And now to attend Sunday festival today.
Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay
Your always well wisher,
Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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