Universal Love Activists 9/30/12 Lima, Peru

Dear devotees.
Being a conscious activist means having a burning desire to change bad situations of this world. And to change the world means to seek a higher taste. The Higher Taste is within each of us; it is there in our heart and manifests itself in different ways.

Appreciating the value of family, healthy food, art and beauty in nature, and living a healthy life in harmony with the environment these are clear examples of superior taste or appreciation of everything wonderful around us. To "change the world" we need strength and enthusiasm, determination, patience, capacity for forgiveness and above all, free from prejudice and fanatic mentality. This requires us to grow internally and become real human beings who cultivate universal values ​​, as well as working constantly to raise our consciousness. That is the potential that God gave rational beings like us. The first and most basic step to join this platform is to stop harming others for personal gain. And for that, it is essential to become compassionate towards animals and seize harming them just for sense gratification. It is then that we enter the area of ​​universal respect and love between people.

A characteristic of those who want to change the world is that they constantly feel that life is a gift; this is another practical example of having a superior taste. And those of whom possess this ability, should shared it with others and educate them in such good values. When higher consciousness is shared with others and together one begins to understand the philosophy of love, life becomes an endless bliss. At the time that a person purifies his vision and connects with their potential, that person understands that they are a part of a universal family where we are all brothers and children of the same Creator. That, without a doubt, is certainly a great joy that fills the heart with bliss. There are so many things everyday that we can analyze and conclude that they can be improved upon. For example:

We go down every day by the same elevator or stairs, but we do not greet anyone ... We do not know the name of our neighbors. We have forgotten how to communicate well with the environment, because the language we use has adapted to what television and Hollywood movies offer us in their stories full of intrigue and profanity. We can say that we practically speak meaningless, without depth and without awareness of what is going on around us. Changing the world means first to start with an intense internal change and we must become conscious, responsible, caring and committed to the existence of others. Every action has a reaction is a law that we must always remember, because we are subject to the law at all times. What you get is simply the result of what you have given to others at some point. So everything we do that causes suffering to others, only serves to reduce and blind humans that they become so cruel and insensitive covered by the mantle of oblivion. They end up leaving values aside which initially belonged to the very nature of being rational. Thus, it is in the most crass manner that people begin to turn in favor of the suffering of their own children and abort them, harm animals, pollute the earth and live in complete absorption of the trend of this era: the "no matter"= I do not care ...

One has to take a few minutes to stop and reflect on all these facts to realize that we are walking down the wrong path. We must leave it behind and join all those who want to change the world. Every revolution requires a resolute attitude. So we should abandon once and for all those habits that the system has imposed on us and that only hurt our progress. No excuses, we start today and take action on the matter. Immediately we will feel a deep joy because we will be acting in connection and benefit the world. Thus, we must also educate our children in being responsible for the integrity of the planet and to protect the heritage of future generations.

In this way we share the joy and gratitude, so that together we can develop a higher consciousness and fight to protect Mother Earth. This is my message today. Do not miss a minute, because we have nothing guaranteed in the future. The only sure thing is the effort that we can put in now to become real activists, activists of heart and consciousness. Activist means acting in a consistent manner with the common ideals in every aspect of life.

With this post I bid farewell, never give up this battle; do not take a step back, even to gain momentum.

Jay Srila Prabhupada.
Your always wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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