Conscious Global Pact from Colombia 10/21/12


                                               Conference from Colombia.

Dear devotees
We have designed a logo for Ancestral Wisdom University. The University of Ancestral Wisdom is is notably a university of ancestral wisdom and love, we also include other symbols of the center of Mother Earth, as well as the swastika, the sun, serankua and seynekum are represented here. Plus the four principles of dharma, the four regulative principles, the four ashrams: brahmacari, grhasta, vanaprastha and sannyasi. The wisdom of attachment, the divine feminine, the divine masculine, represented twice by the Serankua that represents the divine feminine in the faith and in the spiral is also represented.
Therefore, we practically were able to put in this logo the joyous oriental wisdom and ancestral andean especially the Sierra Nevada and the Apus, the sacred mountains, as well as the rivers of the cosmic system to bless the world. We defend the animals and do not usually defend the oppressed, but they have a lot of wisdom, if we do not give special recognition to them, we would be in a category of settlers, who are invaders, not to mention insensitive thugs, a word that has no positive connotation, and who pays the bill is Christopher Columbus.
In America the indigenous names were lost, the names of the continent changed so why is America called America? It was named by Americo Vespucci, who was the first to cross in a boat on the southern point. But in Mexico, everywhere there are indigenous names and what to say of Paraguay, which has survived the Guarani language as the official language.
Everywhere in the world, Krishna sends me some good bodyguards and to increase the relationship with all the devotees of the Colombian coast, Gambhira is gaining importance. Sierra Nevada also makes this area of ​​the world a very auspicious pilgrimage shrine, and that's very important to protect. For example, in Gambhira the basin is extremely dry and must be protected, in fact, the Sierra Nevada calls the attention of the capitalist predators that want to reach in and are very noticeable in their desire to exploit it and in that sense our service here is very important...
Our work of the Conscious Global Pact with the chasquis comes at a very lively moment, and with the 8000 drums event, is also an ongoing process. The commitment of all members is to continue to convey this message of universal love; we must record this in at least two languages, so it is not a thing of Latinos only. This is to help the world realize that something is happening here, that there is a positive development, great and to be distributed to the entire world.
Now I'm going to India, preparing for the presence of the Kumba Mela in the conscious world in Alabad and we will take the logo, the emblem of the Conscious Global Pact to ask for the mercy of the Ganges so this movement can protect the land. We can also take some extra themes to the Holy River against predatory mining, agricultural pollution with toxins and document it and accompanied by drums. There will be a presentation with yu Nagar who are the most notorious in the Kumba Mela. They are renounced, they do not wear clothes but are covered with ashes from the crematorium and their leader is a close friend of mine and we agreed to work together, to carry the flag. This would be something spectacular, we will have posters that will be displayed in the camp, to intensify awareness, to end discriminatory sectarianism, that purifies television from violence and sex, also against the abuse of animals and 10 banners to combat lies and selfishness, we have to plan the campaign.
Today people read very little. Let's discuss it, it will be fun, this should be in Hindi and English, with good images to represent them. This will be the most mentioned Kumba Mela, and if we make a good presentation, it will be an advertising impact.
 November 14, which is the Govardhan puja it had been proposed to Om Shanti Mela to do an installation. This is very important and there are some rules to observe, in the corner where there is  kirtan or bhajans for 24 hours it must be done in a soft voice, sweet and melodious and not passing passions with 5 simultaneous mrdangas. You can hear sounds that heal; where on can invite different people from different mystical traditions to explain what should be the music or meditation of a person when they leave this world.
The installation of Govardhan Puja is to make a hill of prasadam and this can be disguised as Govardhan hill and underneath the prasadam, a large hill decorated, and in the end all can eat, a great sacrifice in Vedic yajna, where there is celebration and dancing, and others sitting around, so to see the art. Since Indra comes on a white elephant, there can be a paper mache elephant, and a cow. There should also be a play that lasts about 2 hours where there will be an exhibition of the elements of different traditions exposing their visions of how to heal with sound. In the scenario there may be different special music, a tent called Q & A of Om Santi Mela and another of the Conscious Global Pact to remove conflicts with peace and love.
In combination with the Chasqui Fest which is another festival that we are taking forward, which is an event to launch the music of CART records.
Thank you very much for being here in this Chat.
Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay
Your always wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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