The chasquis of Mahaprabhu, 28th October, 2012, Vrindavan


Guru Maharaj decided to dictate this Sunday Chat from the Holy Dham of Sri Yamuna Kuñja. The embassy of the devotees of Chile in Vrindavan Dham, Center of the Vrinda community to all International Vaisnava community.

Yamuna Kunja is located in Parikram Marg, a place where thousands of pilgrims walk daily. Parikram Marg is the border of a circle that is around Vrindavan. It is a path that circles the Holy Dham and where all vaisnavas from the past have touched with their lotus feet. 

Yamuna Kunja is the office of the World Vaisnava Association which serves all devotees, principally the sannyasis. It is found right next to the mystic monument of Imilitala Mandir of Vrindavan. One of the magic spots of the Dham where we can meditate in the merciful appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. So, today the chat will be dictated from this center full of mysticism.

Guru Maharaj is in good health and todays program will be attended by approximately forty devotees who came to hear the Sunday Chat, all united here to share the happiness of Vrinda Family: the mercy of our spiritual master in the shape of his message of love to humanity.

Srila Guru Maharaja ki, jay!

Dear devotees,
Please receive my affection from Yamuna Kunja

Sri Vrindavan Dham ki jay!

We were remembering the importance of chanting the Holy Names in all levels. A few days ago, I was in "Sierra Nevada" in Colombia, in a wonderful and incredible meeting with native leaders of the four indigenous groups of Colombia. There we sang the Holy Names in different languages. The essence of everything is to see Krsna everywhere, and this concept means to see Krsna in the rivers, forests, waters, etc. That is a very powerful worship to mother nature and it is not impersonal, it is a conception  of being conscious of God's presence.

In Sierra Nevada, we noticed that indigenous people are constantly making offerings. The value of offering, they call it "payment". But it is just the same as we learnt it from Srila Prabhupada, that everything belongs to Krsna, so we must offer everything to Him. It means to give the correct appreciation to God's divine presence. In our Gaudiya Vaisnava Tradition, we are surrounded by a culture of offerings, even prasadam we offer and then we worship it. And that's is how we remember one more time that we must be together as brothers and sisters in order to celebrate everything that God has given us.

And with that in mind I want to encourage all of you to participate I want to in the "Chasqui Fest", which is a festival to celebrate the happiness of being  together in this process of waking up our consciousness. These festivals have the same essence that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave us in his message, the same message of Srila Prabhupada, and it is opened to everyone who is doing something for the development of consciousness.

"Chasqui" stands for a very happy and convinced person who spreads throughout the message of love and takes care of everything we have received. We must urgently begin to become responsible of everything and everyone. Mahatma Gandhi said, we must be the change that we really want to see. That is the ideal of this "Chasqui Fest", a festival of happiness, that makes us feel a lot of enthusiasm and happiness which comes from love. It is just as Srila Prabhupada used to say to the hippies: Chant Hare Krsna and you will always keep high. We don't need drugs to feel like that. The Maha Mantra will allow us to feel love when we see each other, and to worship nature and to discover all the wonderful things that are around us.

For instance, one of the most wonderful things of this creation is the feminine power of reproduction. It is a true miracle. And that miracle can also be seen within nature. It is in how mother Earth can produce seeds, the blooming of plants and trees-If we do not have respect for that then we will not be capable of appreciating what we have. We must be very careful not to offend such a divine creative power. Our society is dominated by that consciousness of exploitation, to not take care of anything nor protect any creative power and it is because we do not protect that feminine energy, we just exploit it.  

                            And that is what life is about: care
                                  Take Care of Mother Earth
                                  Take Care of our Rivers
                                  Take care of our Children,  
                                  Take care of our mothers. 

But the sickness of this age is that we do not want to recognize that feminine energy and we do not want to protect her, we want to enjoy as masculine energy, but the unique enjoyer is Krsna, the spiritual souls just exist as an offering to him.

That is why chasquis must spread this message of protection to everone in the form of conscious festivals. Chasqui means "the one who give what he receives", so our chasquis must spread the message. 

This is a new project that we are officially launching today. Apparently it is  different from a vaisnava festival, because a vaisnava festival is a festival in order to spread the Holy Names in a free way. A vaisnava festival is a festival without profit, but the chasqui fest, needs a very solid organization, and needs some money to pay the participation of musicians and conscious artists, publicity, etc.

So I ask you, in every city, to the people that will be in charge of these festivals, please do it in a very organized manner in order to have big and nice festivals. 

Some years ago, we performed a marriage within the Conscious School of Art  and within the program of the Spoon Revolution. That means that in every activity of the Conscious School of Art there must exist prasadam distribution and an active promotion of vegetarianism. The same with any events of the Spoon Revolution, there must be a space for the Conscious School of Art and prasadam distribution. 

So, consider these  three aspects:
- Good presentation of prasada
- Spread the truly love spirit
- Spread the wake up of consciousness

So, do the best you can to spread these festivals, and do it continuously to create the desired impact. We have many materials to support these messages. We must have the Original Kingdom passport, so people that come can feel closer to this program.

Today from Yamuna Kunja, a day before of Sarat Purnima, the sacred day of Kartik. I invite you to be part of the development of the universal love through these festivals. Just as Bv. Harijan Maharaj and Bv. Mangal Maharaj that are here, they are doing very nice programs in Hungary and Brazil too. Remember one thing, we are the chasquis of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu running from one place to another to spread His sacred message.

I hope you have a very auspicious beginning of kartik and realize a successful "chasqui fest".

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Sri Sri Guru Gouranga Radha Vraja Mohan, ki jay!
Sri Yamuna Devi, ki jay!
Sri Vrindavan Dham, ki jay!

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