Being grateful and accepting 12/2/12 Vrindavana

Dear devotees
Please receive my affection from Vrindavan.
The time has come, to think of what to do with our life, because this life is passing quickly, like water through a turbulent river that does not rest anywhere, runs and runs until it reaches the sea, the water flowing from our Life is a water of our emotions and relationships. We had so many relationships in this life, and so many relationships we will also have, but in an instance you cannot take your best friend, the most wonderful mother, the most beautiful wife, or your children, they will all stay. You are separated by the forces of great Mother Nature, like waves in the sea come together and separate to never meet again with the each other. The souls in the turbulent ocean of actions and reactions meet, become attach, they split and fall away.
There is a relationship that transcends this duality. Is there something that allows us to tie ourselves to an eternal reality and pleasantry? That question everyone asks themselves more than once in life. What is certain is what you do not have; however there is no certainty in what you have. Although you have a secure existence because you are realizing your existence both day and night, the great sage, pure devotee of Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, my beloved, respected teacher and Gurudeva explained with all his love, we are all children of the same Eternal Father. This eternal loving father is the one who can give the soul within His will and in His abode. He made it clear from the beginning, that not even the best friend you have, you can have it when you leave.
We are very tied by blood relationships that make us feel that here there is some permanent relationship but in fact your blood father is not even blood because in the sperm there is no blood. Our existence and our lineage is a lineage of consciousness interspersed with each other by karma, not by blood or sperm; they are only vehicles, like your diet. By eating a potato or cauliflower you don’t become potato or cauliflower.
There are many vehicles in this world: vehicles to receive images, vehicles to perceive touch, to look from one person to another, vehicles sensitized by vibrations. There grosser vehicles and others not so much, but in all cases they are material vehicles, but what really connects us to the cause of all causes is that we are part of the cause. And we are united with this consciousness by consciousness of this consciousness. We could say that we are born by the grace of our parents because they decided to have a child and so we were born as recipients of that will, and then they sacrificed so that we have diapers, socks, shoes, clothing, food, and much physical things but what linked me with my parents was their desire to have a child, which made the image and likeness to them...
So when we say that we are made in the image and likeness of God it is very reasonable.
One cannot beget lions or giraffes, but the Creator to produce elephants, lions and giraffes, is not difficult, he can do what he wants, and he felt like children should be born in the image of their parents. Our relationship with God and our parents is that we are individual units of consciousness, and these are very busily joining. Joining with the Lord who will never leave you abandoned because the experience of abandonment and separation hurts very much. It hurts and it hurts a lot, but being conditioned souls we have something big that gives us no relief in separation: we are very picky, we ask more of others than what we want to give. When we have a relationship we always exploit the other in one way or another, take advantage of the other person so when there is a forced separation people say one was equally treated this way, lazy, liar, and they left because they had to go. One conforms rather quickly with the departure of someone. Although at times there are crocodile tears or sorrow for the dead.
The former closes the eyes with envy and greed, and which makes us forget of who’s not there, and that he would not want us to fight. We are bad companions because we do not give Krishna what he deserves. As the husband doesn’t give his wife what she deserves, and the wife does not give him what he deserves, maybe they make a trade, or they agree on bartering. But what your husband or wife deserves is a great devotee,  someone dedicated, compassionate, and doesn’t ask what for something they do not deserve.
As the Isopanisad states, that the Supreme Lord is giving us and we should not take what we do not need, but it’s not that we ask for more than we need, but often we take it without asking. When we divide 100 by 200 it is difficult that only half that each person gets, and a half does not work, you have to accept. You have to accept that each functional unit is blessed unity. As is said, there is enough in this world for everyone's need, but not for their greed. Then you see that the rich do not get tired of wealth, and always want to increase and worst, when they have the most, they are more afraid of losing. Whoever does not have is not like that. He who has saved for 100 days of food, when they reach 40 days and have to work to replenish then his anxiety will start. Therefore, the more one has, accumulates, then the more anxious one becomes.
There is a very wise saying that I always remember when I think of Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Deva Goswami: "Take care of your own business, and surrender" My surrender is to surrender to your company, dear Vaishnava, that your bhajan keeps me safe, to be maintained by prasada and hari khata and that we always remain attached to the pleasant company of devotees ... Especially here in the Yamuna Kunja, where my heart is shaken by the beauty of being in front of Yamuna Devi. This is where many beggars were inspired by the entire planet without any attraction to the opulence of this world and the illusory pleasures.
One of them sang: I am a sinner, luxuriously full and nothing good in me ... Gopinath, that the presence of Your lotus feet descend to this soul. Maybe you play a trick or scold me if you see something in me that I do, that you don’t like, so this will be my last birth. I do not want to put conditions to My Lord ... what he decides then I will accept it.
The material world is very strong. I would love to meet His lotus feet to please Him entirely in an eternal relationship because I feel that in the material world there is too much fraudulent levels, not at all levels because there are very faithful souls, but fraud is exaggerated so I decide I do not want anything else around here, and it's something that I present to my Lord so that He may utilize as He wishes. All these years in Krishna Consciousness have been very merciful even the moments of suffering. All were moments were learning experiences and beautiful. And from now on I ask you, dear Vaishnavas, that you allow me to keep singing and reading the Srimad Bhagavatam in his campaign, pushing the sankirtan movement, as well as you do, as these great acharyas have done service for the world's salvation. Who knows how many times these saints passed through this door, at least Sripad Damodar Maharaja and  Srimati Mataji passed through here. So they did their Pushpa Samadhis here, because I knew them and knew they were very dear to Srimati Radharani. All this is but a mercy for us to learn to be grateful...
Thank you very much, dear sankirtaneers, for joining us on this beautiful journey. In the coming days we will be doing the farewell ceremonies for those who have left this world during the year. Those wishing that your loved one participate in this ceremony, send the photo to Vrinda Kunja mail with the name and details of relationship with you. ( With much love from here,  to all of you in marathon work, to participate in this marathon in December from India. 
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well wisher,
Swami BA Paramadvaiti

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