Krsna Consciousness is a Matter of Love From India 12/23/12

From Vrinda Kunj, 

Dear devotees,
The love of the devotees is so great and so special that it shows one that Sri Krsna is pure love. He has created everything from love. Everything devotees do is based on love.
If one is not centered in love then it means that he or she is just distracted. That's the message I want to share with you today: that everything in Krishna consciousness is a matter of love.

One only has to control the senses. Because love does not mean you have to stop controlling the mind. For this reason, Srila Prabhupada, being a grand saint, could attract us so young, even at times of slight rebelliousness and lack of authority. Thus, many sannyasis, acaryas, have endeavored to continue the mission of Srila Prabhupada; and there is a rare thing, and very terrible ... that even while one gets older, one is still interested in the opposite sex, in the fame, and in the money . We know this; those are dangers that trap us life after life after life after life.

How many lives have we already been born to? I had this impression in my personal life and in a past life I was a monk, but to be born again I surely made a mistake ... or good, mercy of Srila Prabhupada. One does not know. I remember as a child, I saw a picture of a monk who walked the mountains and when I looked, I thought that I was walking down the same mountains. And I always thought of the mountains. I was born in a place where everything was plain, no mountain, but I always thought of mountains.

Now I think of the Andes, where we preached so hard from the peaks of Bolivar up to the highlands of Cuzco, Puno, and Juliaca. Thus, the Andes have given us much service. We are very fortunate to preach the glories of Sri Caitanya there and we are always trying to produce more materials to increase the preaching.

Now, since we are distributing and preaching with the OKIs and OMIS in order to share vegetarianism, let's start with another material called "heart to heart messages" which are purely devotional. These messages are arrows at hearts, to try to lead people to the temple, to live in the association of devotees. I become very happy when someone tells me they want to come and stay in India, but the truth, the opportunity is in South America and also the preaching opportunity.

For devotees there is no situation so bad that they cannot endure, because whatever happens, a devotee will continue preaching. He will still print books for distribution, because the devotees do not need anything. There is always some way to be of service. Devotees are extremely flexible for everything.
To all the devotees who are struggling in the December marathon and who are giving many divine gifts to people, to all of them, I send my regards and hugs, my joy. And I tell them that we are fighting here and trying to do something to please the devotees with intent of the best possible service.

Love each other a lot, because from here, we love you all very much :). 

Jay Srila Prabhupada, Marathon in December, Ki Jay! Sri Vrindavan Dhama, ki Jay!, Goura Haribol!
Your always well wisher,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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