Whatever you really want to have, you will really have but with much sacrifice. 12/9/12

Dear devotees.
Today we are in the Chat from the office of Sri Vrinda Kunja.

This office brings back many memories. The first room where you could live after the room of the Pujari. This room received his Divine Grace Srila B. P. Puri Maharaj and Srila Nayananada Babaji Maharaj, two presidents of the WVA, two pure devotees near to my sannyasa Guru Srila Sridhar Maharaja. They gave their mercy to Vrinda Kunja and stayed for about 4-5 days here.

At that time Vrinda Kunja became a pilgrimage site for having the presence of these two pure devotees in this office. I still preserve his bed here, although I have not been on the mattress he used. The years are surprising because Srila Puri Maharaj was 96 then and now it has been 20 years that he left this world at the age of 101 years. So we are already veterans. We have already been here a good amount of time around these sacred lands and each year we brought different souls fortunate to know the holy Dham and hopefully lose their heart in Vrindavan.

Reaching Vrindavan eternally is undoubtedly the goal because we do not want to stay in Colombia forever, nor Frankfurt, nor Buenos Aires or in the jungles of Ecuador although in this material world there are some very nice places. You can imagine then the beauty of Goloka Vrindavan. You can imagine how nice it must be a place without perversion.

I remember when we were cleaning Prabhupada waterfalls in Mexico, the most beautiful I've ever seen near a temple, the waterfall that is close to the Vedas in Santa Marta is far superior. But remember that in Mexico we are dedicated to clean these waterfalls and we take out a lot of garbage. That reminded me that this world is not the soul's eternal place under any circumstances. You could say that the curse of modernization has put us in a life so artificial and that despite the facilities that are offer such as: the Internet, this chat, we cannot ignore taking precautions and counter many of the horrific elements of our supposed civilization. The theme of the Chat is a conference that I give these days in which I wanted to explain now, is that for good experiences and understandings where you need to go when our spiritual authority is absent in the world...

Just today I went to see Sriji Maharaj, a venerable saint, Nimbarka Sampradaya Acarya of which was surrounded by a large crowd of devotees and his face reflected the giant number of years he lived in this world already. I gave him the shawl of environmental awareness in Vrindavan. I began to think that he would neither remain forever in this world and that his disciples will have to live at some point in his physical absence. Our life is like lightning. And if we can accumulate a little something to fulfill in serving our Guru that would be wonderful because just celebrating years since birth it is not fulfill anything.

I hope that this document will serve you in many ways, because in a way you cannot be too close to the spiritual master for many times in life and how we are producing at this time a magazine in honor of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada and we are also producing a virtual and physical museum to better present our grandfather to the world. We realize that the presence of a Vaishnava, more than having the desire to have their company, as many disciples as there are, that even despite being initiated, do not take the time to read the weekly update of his spiritual master nor dependent of performing a service. Rather they are not very anxious to be with one, even if one is on the planet at that time. Those who accepted the guru at some point because they thought it was a fad or enthusiasm for the prasadam and not for the four regulative principles. Nor for the ideal of serving with personal sacrifice. Sure, we are already very happy when a soul becomes vegetarian or accepts responsibility or accept liability for their activities or to say how ecstatic it is when a disciple is dedicated to spreading the message of Lord Caitanya and His holy names.

As I said, it all depends on personal nostalgia one feels individually, but I do hope to carry all of you to Vrindavan, so that your souls take refuge in eternal love and not have to go wandering around the world sick, but if our Lord wants us here to preach, all he wants is always auspicious. In essence, the message of this chat is that: whatever you really want to have, you will really have but with much sacrifice.

A big hug to all the sankirtaneers special this December. From Vrindavan with love for those warriors who go to preach every day. One important note, do not forget the 21 day event. They have to have a big party with many drums. It’s a day of kirtan, and report the kirtan. This part is very important, as much as the kirtan and reports can go on the page with a video of the kirtan. Arrange with your kirtan devotees to film and report it to the page.

Srila Prabhupada ki jay

Your always well wisher,
Swami BA Paramadvaiti

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