Ancestral Wisdom - From India, 1/6/13

Dear devotees,

In the spiritual path we have to defeat materialism scientifically. Whatever is harmful to our bodies in the form of disease is supposed to be treated by a doctor and if he is successful in doing so, or the mathematical system he uses, he will share this knowledge with others.

The modern world is suffering from the disease of materialism and there is an almost uncontainable amount of greed. We have ecosystems in jeopardy, the family in ruin and individuals in a well-known personal crisis. In the name of scientific progress, materialism has declared victory over ancient wisdom.

To scientifically defeat materialism, we are very happy to present you with OIDA Therapy, also known as a Perennial Psychology. Beyond defeating the blind faith in materialism and taking it to another blind faith, OIDA Therapy operates in the scientific basis for healing malodies.

OIDA Therapy presents favorable precepts for the healing of the conscious called the "healing circle", for mutable degrees of unfavorable levels of consciousness which increases different diseased conditions. OIDA Therapy comes from ancient wisdom, but it doesn't subscribe to any fanatical religion or to sectarianism, which has shown to increase the depth of the blind faith in materialism.

Due to the deception that has been created by the things created in the name of spirituality. Indifference for the suffering of others and selfishness can be identified as the root cause of unsocial behavior and of the unhealthy condition we are experiencing between man and nature, humans and animals, and between family members. OIDA Therapy opens the door to a deep and sincere evaluation of lifestyles, of our type of food, and of our need of help, which was traditionally provided to human beings through the ancient wisdom of the ancestors, who showed them how to preserve seeds, till the land, respect the lifeguard water, respect and love each other and to focus on the higher dimensions of life, also called transcendence.

In order to develop the desired character, necessary to accomplish peace, health and prosperity for themselves, their brothers and sisters, as a sustainable achievement. As the famous saying goes "The world is so abundant for everybody's needs, but not for everybody's greed". So whatever can help decrease our greed and increase our will to share becomes an urgent value that should be promoted for the urgent healing of our world and its necessities.

The concept in the statement "Simple life and high thinking" is easily supported by all those who feel some love for their fellow beings. OIDA Therapy is a door to open to appreciate those instructions of wisdom which help us discover a higher taste, a sublime happiness, which does not depend on the competition for resources and that should be shared on a large scale for individual advancement when it is told to the people in the educational systems, which nowadays is in the hands of the consumer society ignoring its own destructive impact. To counter this.

OIDA Therapy promotes the concept of non-sectarian faith education, a project which has been accepted by the UNESCO through its project, Innovate, which is a valuable new proposal to improve our educational system. Non-sectarian faith education means to share with the students the information of the good things that have been accomplished by humanity through the sacrifice made by those who were inspired by different kinds of faiths, to encourage them to search for values deep within themselves or to find inspiration from those who have accomplished positive things for mankind, even such simple things like being faithful to the wife and children, or by living saying no to drugs and avoiding inflicting unnecessary suffering to others for the food.

We humbly request you to give OIDA Therapy and faith education the chance to scientifically defeat materialism together with our own struggle against evil which has held us prisoners nowadays.
Scientific evidence needs to be able to present practical proof and it is up to all of us to produce such proof, helping the healing of the future generations through our ideals and accomplishments. Whatever different mystical traditions of this planet may have to offer for this same purpose must be seen through the accomplishments created by those who are inspired by these recommendations and we should welcome any such contributions regardless from which part of ancient wisdom they may come.

In connection with this, in South America, the Higher Institute for Learning Ancient Wisdom has set out to recover the healing methods and the environmental balance through the native tribes, through comparing and sharing with them the ancient wisdom of India, China or from wherever such wisdom is available.

We should not forget that we are talking about the wisdom of the people that we have not listened to previously, who have lived beautiful sustainable lives until today, they are the remnants of those civilizations who, have been persecuted, murdered and ridiculed by the advancement of colonization and materialism convened. According to human rights, they are the rightful owners of all the opulence which we see in Europe and America which resulted from the theft of the treasures and resources of these respected cultures.

An ancient prophecy of the Arruacos from northern Colombia says that the life of the white invaders and the self-destructive lifestyle will come to end through the wisdom of the true guardians of nature which will be one day respected and embraced. We pray that OIDA Therapy and our faith education research and teachings will greatly contribute to the enlightenment of the unfortunate people, whose only criteria of behavior is motivated by their greed and their absence of loving respect for other living creatures.

Faith is the only way to connect with higher spheres in higher dimensions, which obviously goes beyond the periods of birth and death, teaching us responsibility before the cosmic laws. And trough that faith, the practice of ancient healing systems can be inaugurated one more time, keeping careful consideration that also ancient wisdom is vulnerable to human corruption like everything else in this world. But the bad doctor has no reasons to close all the hospitals in the world.

So we should not adhere to ignoring ancient wisdom and getting lost in modern ignorance. For those who are actively interested in participating in our different institutes and feel the need to learn more about Oida-therapy or to start applying faith education in your educational institution, you are welcome to contact me directly or to connect with the people near you, who are also embracing our common effort.

Jay Srila Prabhupada

With these words I say goodby.

Your always well-wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti

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