Offering the best of us 3/17/13 From India

Dear devotees.
  I want to send a special greeting to all the devotees of South America participating in this chat on Sunday. I feel very connected to all of you.Here we are busy with much work, primarily for the WVA. Truly if we have any substantial development it is because of the regional office that is working on all this for many years and Pancatatwa prabhu who has supported me from the beginning. Today the office is working on many projects such as the "Gaudiya Directory". As technology has not yet reached the Gaudiya temples of India, then our office does a great service to connect them with the world. And I think that in two years or more we will see much result of all these efforts. In truth, not everyone understands that WVA because they don't know that it exists.People reject something when they do not understand or know how to use it, even that happens to me. Life forces us to learn new things every day.Even if you're young, you have to learn new things.What came to my meditation on this day is the next topic. We should be aware of Krishna even in the difficult times of life. Please do not give up. There is really no reason to give up.It was a great accomplishment to have this human birth and now you have to do something valuable. We will be judged by the things we do.We should consider offering the best of us, to make things right. Here from the Ganga, with many saints, big sannyasis and devotees, I bow to all and I ask: Please let me do some service. I pray from my heart with this request.The Guru disciple relationship is the most beautiful. Although the world may not understand. The guru is the doctor of the soul. He does not speculate. A good doctor, if he's not sure how to heal you, then sends you to a specialist, not that he says, " we will try this and perhaps it goes well." At initiation one receives the mantra.This mantra has power, you have to receive it from a reliable master, and the pupil must have a reliable attitude of surrender to the ideal of the spiritual master.A Vaisnava has nothing else in mind but to help humanity, this quality makes him a reliable representative. He will work hard to make others happy, such as the hard work to keep the holy Dhama clean, distribute books, etc. work hard for the service of others. The devotees of the Lord are happy to take care of anything for the service of others. I want to do something for you. This is my meditation and prayer.
and today the internet is not helping us a lot. A hug from my heart to all my readers.Now I will attend a meeting with a friend, the acharya of the Gopinath Gaudiya Math.I hope that everyone works together always supporting each other. An advanced leader, is one who transmits to everyone that he is a happy server. And that leadership encourages everyone. That is the art to maintain a lively spirit in a community.It is not about growing alone but growing and inspiring the voluntary support of others happiness too. A leader is one who creates leaders, and I hope for all of you to be like this.To help me keep all these projects inspired by Srila Prabhupada.

You always well wisher,
Srila BA Paramadvaiti

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