Making our life useful so that service becomes a reality 4/7/13 From Spain

Dear devotees
Receive all my love today ...

Today I want to talk about the reality of life. In our practical life we experience how the sankirtan movement takes effect, as the chanting of the Holy Names is a reality in itself ... and the presence of each of you today in this chat is a reality. You are all part of this reality. The special service that each of you perform so beautifully is a reality and going to another level, we sing a bhajan today remembering Narada Muni singing the glories of Sri Radha and Krishna and all those around such as Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, are also a reality ... of course it is a reality that we fail to perceive completely, but still, those are very elevated entities, jivas are also living their reality.

We are all jivas living a reality. Nothing is impossible, any of you can become a Brahma or Shiva in one of your lives ... Anything can happen. But the essence behind it all is to know what we are really doing in the reality of our own lives. And to link others in serving Krishna and the devotees is another reality, an artful reality :) So call us beggars of love, because we want to beg people to make Krishna Consciousness the reality of their own lives . I really love this and I love working with people who are really convinced of what they are doing or have deep feelings for the service they do. Unlike large enterprises, which have thousands of workers who do what they have to do because they get paid for it, but none of them dance with joy in their daily reality, because they only remain there for money ...

Devotees live a different reality apart from any other.A most beautiful reality. Happiness and devotion of the devotees can not be bought even with the highest bid ... We are not looking to get paid for what we do, the devotees are paid much higher ... They are in the business of mercy. And the payment they receive is even more mercy, because mercy is manifested only when there is a sincere desire for it. And as Narada Muni is dancing in ecstasy while singing the glories of Radha Raman, the creator of the world, Brahmaji also joins this dance and the destroyer of the world, Sri Shiva, also joins this ecstatic dance ... Ananta Sesa even joins this wonderful dance.

So we too can be part of this dance, because if we are connected to Krishna life completely becomes a dance of ecstasy. Without Krishna life has no ecstasy. Without spiritual idealism or service rendered, there is no real taste in life. So our life has to become the reality of intense dedication that will make us feel great pleasure and ecstasy. How to identify this ecstasy? For it is a pleasure to be here with all of you, to know with the heart, each of these wonderful people, and serving Krishna together, with you ... the ecstasy to make a magazine offering to Srila Bahktisiddhanta Sarasvati with the help of Damodarastaka dd.

Ecstasy to make and maintain Web pages for Krishna, as do members of our offices in different countries. So selflessness and full devotion in service should become the reality of  our every day.

Appreciate our brothers and sisters, making them feel part of the family of Srila Prabhupada and serve alongside them, must become our reality. Caring for our Ishtadev offerings, protecting them, the organic quality and the conscious use of them and products free of animal abuse, it must become a reality. Protecting Mother Earth which is a manifestation of the Mother Supreme, reality must be active in each of us. We must prepare our lives so that, in one way or another, it becomes a tool that allows others to adhere more attachment for Krishna. That is the greatest gift we can give. That is the reality we must share with others. So, today we pray to Narada Muni, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Ananta Sesa who have faith in the holy name of the Lord to inspire our own existence.

Remember that we are in a position of constant danger that can make us forget the holy name of Krishna, as there is a natural tendency (due to illusion) to feel no attraction for him. And if we set aside chanting the holy names of Krsna our lives become miserable once again. Some might say "my life is miserable even in Krishna Consciousness." Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur wrote about it and said that sometimes it appears that life with the devotees becomes something unbearable, but the material life is even worse. Sometimes it seems as if to live with the same people in the same place would be unbearable and you want to have your own space ... But what do you do? It's these experiences that we have to go through to learn to be tolerant.Either way, apparently that which is intolerable in any detail of our spiritual life is actual nectar compared to materialistic life. In life, sometimes you may feel you cannot stand someone in particular for some half stupid reason, but that person is with you all the time, you eat and live in the same place ... There is nothing to do but endure.

Life is full of half stupid situations that disturb our happiness and our devotional practice. However so many seemingly unbearable situations that  are there to help us advance spiritually. And if you have a strong position, remember it is just a service that should be offered to the feet of Srila Prabhupada, because anyone can become a temple president under any circumstances. Services are all very difficult, but no one is indispensable ... anyone can do it and  become qualified. I ask you all of you who live in temple a question: Do you feel that like is worse now that what you experienced before? Someone can risk saying, what is the worst that I have lived? Or Is it indeed much better than many of the things that have happened before? In actuality, nothing is so terrible. Rather we have to concentrate and meditate on the essence of this chat:
In making our life useful so that service becomes a reality in our life.

When I was a brahmacari and I first traveled to India I did not have any outstanding service to attend to during that time of parikrama, it was a full month, during Kartik, of just parikrama and I was beginning to become desperate not having fixed services. So after parikrama ended, I quickly returned to my service area and I felt so useful. Well, being in a place and not having much to do is not a fufilling life. We can not be lazy. Laziness is boring and it is the opposite of becoming responsible. We do not want to be the cause of the problem, rather we want to contribute to the solution of a problem and often times one can not give a complete solution, but at least we try not to be part of the problem in one way or another.
With these words I leave the chat today.

I deeply appreciate all of you who, week after week, still connect through this window to receive the message that keeps us encouraged in serving Srila Prabhupada. We pray for the protection of Sri Nrsimha Dev on our path to the service of the lotus feet of Sri Radha-Krishna and the Vaishnavas.
Sri Harinam sankirtan yagna, ki jay
All glories to the assembled devotees.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Your always well wisher, 
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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