The development of faith is a fundamental element. From Germany 4/28/2013


Dear devotees, receive all my affection from Berlin.

Already in the final days of Europe to start a new adventure through the South American lands. I am very happy to know that I will meet you all very soon. On this journey through Europe and in India we have been able to advance our work in Oidatherapy enough ... to strengthen the presentation of  Faith at all levels. With this we defeat any atheistic position and re-establish the importance of faith in human life. We may wonder if atheism is something new or something that has always accompanied human beings. The answer is that atheism is related to the envy of God, which is older than humanity ... The envy of God is the reason why we are in this material world and it has taken very modern forms .. . But the Asuras of Vedic literature are a clear example of this atheism as they are anti-God in their behavior and are in the form of enemies is nothing else but atheism. Although, in one way or another they ended up worshiping God since they were so dependent upon Him. This is how we confirm that atheism is meaningless. And to understand this further we can ask:

Is there someone who hears my prayers when I'm in trouble? Is there someone who can satisfy my desires? Is there anyone who can show me my mistakes when I have misdirected my desires? Is there anyone who can guide me to the supreme destination? Are there disclosures of Divinity here on earth to know which path leads to transcendence? Is there a fixed law that ultimately protects every living entity? Is there a truth that we can understand? Is there someone that gives us the gift of the Sun and Earth? Is there someone who gave me my individual consciousness and my thirst for love? Is there anyone who really cares for my welfare? Were all the wonders of the world designed to make us happy? Are there tests that we have to go through to  understand the infinite? Is there a destination and use of my ability to have faith in something invisible? Is there a law that teaches us to become responsible for any action we take and do we experience the reaction of the good or bad that we do? Is there a light beyond the light of the sun or the suns? Is there a world dominated by love? Is there a world without anxiety? Is the perfect creation around us have a Supreme Intelligence behind it?

All of the above questions we have like these are knocking on the door of faith. If the conclusion after answering all these questions is that there is a divine reality beyond, then you have to change your way of life that is without meaning and adapt to the transcendental existence. It is very important that there are questions, because our nature is to be inquisitive, and by proper questioning by asking the right questions, we can approach this world where everything is music and dance, where no one forgets the brotherhood of all living beings, where we may fall in love with God and live without committing sin. There are many points of view and concerns and the interesting thing is that for all these questions science has no answer. All that science answers at this level is that it is not within their areas of research ... Even when science says that something does not exist, it's just lack of faith in it ...

So we ask the question: Having faith is good? And of course, it is good ... because the development of faith in others creates even more welfare. Humans are inclined to search for the truth. So there is a tendency to protect the values ​​and protect honesty. But, due to the influence of Kali Yuga, it has become something entirely superficial. Nowadays people only care about maintaining a semblance and appearance of honesty, but in their private life they have lost their values. The show one face in public, but privately they are degraded and carry all respect for themselves instead of others. You can see that is in  the practice politicians, celebrities, wealthy men, traders, etc.. In public they try  to promote protection for life and in private they intoxicate themselves or promote products which claim the lives of others or  harm the life of the planet.

That is pure atheism. That's envy towards God. That's lack of faith and consciousness. The detail that they forget is that no matter how private life may seem to them, God is always fully aware of all this ... You can not keep secrets from God. Therefore, the development of faith is a fundamental element in all levels to confront a crooked society, it enables the realization of their problems and constraints, as well as giving them an opportunity to return to a conscious healthy way of life. So the most important thing is sincerity. The sincere person makes their private life public, they seek transparency and do not wish to hide anything. Sure, it is public, but relatively, not just a publicity show for the world. That in Vaishnavism is called surrender. And then, the law is that if one is not sincere in goodness, you will learn to become sincere the hard way, because karma will take care of showing everything we want to hide for the sake of appearance.

Therefore, my dear ... continue to pray for a life of honesty and transparency.
To enter in connection to the highest faith and surrender in serving the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. We pray to convey the beauty of  faith to others and help them find meaning in their lives. With these words I say goodbye for today. I thank you all for joining me one more Sunday.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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