Distribution of SEVA. From Eco Truly Park. 6/30/13.

Topic: Distribution of SEVA. From Eco Truly Park. 30/06/13.


My very dear devotees, receive all my affection from Peru.
Jay Jagananth, Baladeva and Subhadra!.

Today I want to talk about the importance of Vaishnava literature distribution.
It is not a new subject, but as one of the most important aspects of our sampradaya tradition, then it is worth repeating and remembering. If we go back in time, we will remember that even back to the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan the beginning of not just compiling Gaudiya Vaishnava literature, but promoting and distributing as well so that people could know the nectar of the Lilas and instructions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu . Thus the distribution of Vaishnava literature is a tradition of our Parampara.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur was more emphatic about it. Rather revolutionary. So much so that in the Gaudiya Math logo you can see a picture of a printing press, directly alongside other devotional items . This is because Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta called the press the "brihat mrdanga" that would allow the message of Sri Chaitanya to resonate and be distributed worldwide.

My own Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada was an excellent representative of his Gurudeva and he too wrote many books, and distributed it  regardless of his advanced age. With His example He inspired His own disciples to distribute Vaishnava materials. Srila Prabhupada was the epitome of literature distribution. My Guru Maharaja, Srila Sridhar Maharaj told me that my service would be to print books ... so for my part I also received directly that instruction and that has become one of my main motivations. My insignificant persona has tried to print and distribute transcendental literature with the help of many dear Vaishnavas.

I request all the devotees to become part of this transcendental Vaishnava literature distribution celebration, wholeheartedly supporting the devotees who work in the SEVA offices and who are producing materials for distribution and are commited, take a  vow to have absolutely every SEVA material in the temples, restaurants, preaching centers etc. Remember that the materials that are out of sight, are also out of mind. We should always be equipped with the entire range of SEVA materials such as the latest productions, DVDs, Music, etc.. In a sankirtaneer's bag all these materials should be there, plus many OKIS and "Messages from heart to heart" with an invitation to the local temple programs. We want to offer this to everyone who crosses our path.

In addition to the sankirtaneers, the showcases and receptions of all the temples should be filled with all the variety of materials we have. In my trip to Colombia, I visited some temples that didn't have sufficient samples of these materials. And neither a showcase ... But like everything he does Krsna is perfect; He helped to manifest a new tool for sankirtan that is of  importance in distribution of transcendental literature. That's what I want to introduce today. It's called the Banner Man:

-The banner is a devout man who has built a showcase of SEVA, where there is a comprehensive selection of materials and conscious messages. The banner man has a speaker and a microphone, with which he invites people as follows: (banner man mantra).

"Welcome dear friend, we are on a path that needs solutions. We need answers, we need to solve problems. Here it is possible to find what you're looking for, you just need to come closer with full sincerity and the willingness to change what's necessary to be happy . Our service is to help. Come closer, we are your brethren who are in the same search, in the same situation of loneliness, pain, various shortcomings ... but we have experienced that there is something very big and beautiful and that is willing to intervene on your behalf. You just have to learn to call to it, to come close to the greatest love of your life.

My friend, I recommend that you read this literature, that you come to know the Vedic wisdom that solves all the problems; hear a lecture or meditation music, come to know Srila Prabhupada who gave us unimaginable knowledge about life and our responsibility for it; accept the invitation of God for all, where we are taught to approach Him. Dear friend, all this ancient knowledge that we received from Srila Prabhupada  is embodied in these dvds, cds, and books, where you will find a wonderful message that will allow you to progress on the path of life. Brother, sister, come to learn about the sanctuaries that are waiting for your visit. The beautiful sanctuaries where you can purify yourself and have fun with something called "Superior Taste".

Try the delicious vegetarian food that has been offered to God, experience the chant, meditation on the Divine Names which changes awareness and elevates us to a wonderful destination. Friend, come, do not be hesitant. Know all this, guided by your own inner guidance; and you will realize that here is the message that was sent for you, for your current specific situation. You will find something valuable, a treasure, just inquire with your heart in your hands and allow your inner void to be filled with love, universal love, love for humanity, love for animals and Mother Earth, unconditional love. Love for love. Love for those you love.

That is the science of yoga, we grow in our sanctuaries and Eco Yoga villages. You can take courses in the Science of Yoga, you can participate in Yoga retreats enjoying a full weekend or a longer period of purification and healing. All this we come to offer, we have many materials so you can deeply soak yourself into, take a little time to inquire about the purpose of life, about the reason why we are here, about where your life is headed, about how we should behave to be truly happy.

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of vegetarianism? Do you know what are the advantages of living a natural life? You will find all these answers here and much more. Please know what we bring to you is from the affection of our heart. Thank you very much "

That, my dear devotees, is the mantra of the banner man. It is a wonderful solution to Sankirtan. A banner man with an excellent disguise, very well done, with many materials from SEVA, good amplification and several sankirtaneers around. I ask this to be put into action. In Medellin, Gopy Priya will make a banner man design and Priya Vrata prabhu in Quito. (http://www.gurumaharaj.net/hombrepancarta) But if you are excited to put this into action, because you manage to feel the need for the distribution of Vaishnava materials, then make your own sketches. I did the disguise for the banner man.

So the brave artists can venture into producing it in their beautiful temples.
I ask you to help me in promoting these SEVA materials. It is our service to Srila Prabhupada. I bow down with devotion to the transcendental literature dealers and to those who strive to produce these materials such as books, DVDs, magazines and videos for the joy of all. I leave you with all my affection from Peru, feeling very connected to all of you, I wish you infinite blessings.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

always wisher

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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