How to Become a True Disciple From Vrindavan Ecological Gardens Ecuador 6/23/13

    From Ecuador.

 Accept my affection from Vrindavan in Ecuador. A paradise of Mahaprabhu in the jungle. I send my prayers for you welfare in every sense of the word.

We had very nice days with the devotees of Ecuador. Good leadership seminars and a super seminar for families in Krishna Consciousness, organized by Mriganath prabhu.

Today I want to talk about a recurring theme in spiritual life. Especially when the preaching starts to grow and new members arrive at the temple. The issue is about how to become a teacher of others, but without ceasing to be a disciple. That is an essential secret of spiritual life. Here we test the true understanding of the practitioner. The condition of the preacher is rather delicate, even more delicate than that of a surgeon who has the lives of many in his hands. A preacher does not "become one" with his preaching alone, but rather by their actions. A preacher speaks not only of philosophy, but practical application; A preacher must become a living example, someone exemplary 24 hours a day, for preaching means caring for people with sincerity ... not just learning a few verses of scripture. A disciple becomes a master, when he shares with others what he has learned and takes responsibility to become a serious practitioner and strives to give an example of what he is preaching.

Srila Prabhupada teaches us to love all beings and bring them to Krishna Consciousness, therefore becoming a teacher means to follow the example of Srila Prabhupada. The preachers of Mahaprabhu's sankirtan movement are the true revolutionaries of this Age. Sri Caitanya himself started this revolution. A clear example of this is the pastime of Mahaprabhu with Chand Kasi, who wanted to end the Harinam-sankirtan of devotees and ended becoming a bhakta himself. Imagine thousands of devotees with torches chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, heading towards Kasi, led by the Lord Himself ... a moving image. Imagine something like that in South America ... a revolution of the Holy Name. That is what the preachers who go out every day do, carrying the sankirtan SEVA materials to all the suffering souls ... they really take one of the flaming torches of Sri Caitanya, to free others from the darkness.

So, then why not say that they are true masters? Of course as long as they fight and act accordingly to what they are preaching. It is useless to be a preacher who in their private life is lazy, sleepy or just pleases his senses. So back to the beginning question of the chat: how do you become a teacher while being a disciple?

-As a disciple one should always remember his Gurudeva. In the role of teacher, the devotee must be a brave representative, but in the role of disciple one always feels like a fool in front of his Guru. If the preacher is not really surrendered to his Guru, then all his preaching becomes a farce. That test of sincerity is presented each time. You feel incapable to take up the service of guiding others, but only by being following the instructions of the spiritual master, he manifests and one becomes capable of such service. For me it's very special to keep in touch with all of you always, when we meet on my visits to the temples, when I write an email, when you read my messages of the Sunday Chats. Do you know why? Because even though you may not know, you are the representatives of Srila Prabhupada. You make me feel the living presence of my spiritual master.

Srila Prabhupada invited us to this family. It is thanks to him that each of us are here. And thanks to each of you that I can remember and serve Srila Prabhupada every day. Srila Prabhupada left us a very high goal, but it was very demanding for our own benefit. Also, you help me be consistent. In this way I feel compelled by your love in representing my teacher in the best way possible to all of you, even if it is very difficult.

I do not know how. All I know is I'm longing to serve my Gurudeva wholeheartedly. The material energy puts difficulties before us, but the love of Srila Prabhupada and every one of you continues to maintain my life air and allows Hari-katha to remain as my only reason to exist. So, I can confess that the only thing of Guru in me is the infinite grace of Prabhupada who took over my life and put me in touch with all of you who thirst to serve the Truth. They are my saviors and my true friends. So my dear, we turn back to ask: How to become a disciple of truth? Just by following the Guru and being freely available.

- Free disposal means available to others at any time, without reward, without enjoying the benefits, no private life ... As an emergency physician ... they are always available for any emergency. We aspire to become doctors of the soul ... emergency doctors of souls waiting for the medicine of the Holy Name.

Sadhana, daily practice, the chanting of the Holy Name and preaching are the tools that allow us to develop this desire to serve unconditionally, to serve with determination. Remember remunerated service is not service, the devotee does their service without expecting any reward ... and if something comes, use it for the service of Krishna. Many souls are looking to bargain with God, but the true disciple does not seek this, only seeks to serve humbly. Charitable suicide: die from material life, but live to serve all the time ... day and night. That is our aspiration. That is consciousness of Vrindavan.

We're part of the squad of Mahaprabhu. People think that acting this way one will lose some, of course ... Material sense gratification is lost ... worldly fun is lost, but people do not know that if they do not change the direction of their life soon, they will also lose the human lifestyle. So instead of sticking to service they are born life after life ... and again chewing the chewed. What lamentation! Therefore, a devotee should be very compassionate to the suffering souls, because they understand that the root of suffering is ignorance, and armed with the torchlight of the revolutionary movement of Mahaprabhu's sankirtan, bring the knowledge that will remove the darkness .

Learning to preach is a training course in learning to truly love. Learn to have true compassion.Dedicate yourself to the right agent. Having wonderful programs that people come to know about the science of the soul. Keep the temples transparent, welcoming and very well organized, where each of the members feel they can give the best of themselves for the development of the community ...

Just as our Gurudeva has been compassionate and caring and made each of his disciples feel as the dearest and most important to him, in the same way we must act and show compassion to those around us. So the preacher should make everyone feel very welcome, and we must learn to listen to people and convey that which Srila Prabhupada taught us.

The preacher's work is sometimes a bit hard and bothersome ... clearly, bothersome to our false ego and our laziness, because we are so conditioned that we have come to see with indifference the suffering of others. However, in preaching, one realizes the true state of human suffering, the suffering of the soul. Just becoming a true disciple, a true preacher, you become a teacher. Just preaching, preaching and preaching ... and practicing, practicing, practicing. One who craves more devotion must remember that you will find it in the preaching and practice. The more you preach and the more you practice the more precise you are, the cleaner you become, a better worker ... you come closer to the nature of devotion.

There in daily practice, is the real ecstasy. Sustainable spiritual life is a life of compassion and dedication. In this way it is impossible to get discouraged. Without compassion enthusiasm will leave quickly ... Without compassion we do not even have the capacity to be lifted up. But if in your mind lives the 5, 10, 100 or whatever the number may be of people that is in your care, then there is no reason to get discouraged or bored at any moment. He who does not feel anything for another does not understand their Guru ... what to say about understanding Srila Prabhupada or all of our preceptors.

If you do not understand this much less understand the reason why you are in the process of Krishna Consciousness,,, The Supreme Lord is called Dina bandhu, the friend of the Fallen, the afflicted ... well, the devotees of Lord Krishna should also become friends of the afflicted ... Helping others and do not take advantage of them. Who wants to take advantage of others is not a preacher at heart. However he who wants to open his heart to others 100 percent, who wants to give his heart for the love of the truth, that's a perfect preacher. Give the best of each of you ... that's the secret. And that's what I want for each of you: to be able to give the best of yourselves. Therefore I speak so directly, so you feel my heart and so that way you can share your heart when you preach or teach classes.

Beloved, we must preach to the end. Die in the Battle of preaching the Holy Names of Krishna on our lips, and we remain with Krishna, no doubt.

 Thank you very much for sharing this fight and for helping to serve Srila Prabhupada
 I hope we can stay together like this forever.
 With all my affection,
 Jay Srila Prabhupada

Your always wisher

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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